This little story popped up on my facebook memories and it made me laugh again, so I thought I would share this story here.  It may not make you laugh, but it did me so I am sharing.  Just as a side note, when I reminded Shelby of it, we both were tickled, so here goes.

Also, I started this blog so that the children could look back and find out things that they may have forgotten or not been interested in while we were alive.  Therefore, it seems a good idea to post it.

The facebook posts is following.  The items in the quotations are what appeared on facebook.  The rest is my interjections.

“That hysterically funny/awkward moment . . . Shelby is in the back of the house and I am in the front.  I yell to Shelby, Hey!  Its Cody!  Cody comes in the door saying who else would it be?  Hahaha!”  (He was totally clueless as he often is.)

“Shelby says well she was warning me so we would quit talking about you.  They both laugh and mom says well we were!” (Shelby acted like it was a joke and of course, Cody was sure it was.  Shelby thought she had done a great job of covering up the fact that that is exactly what we were doing.  Then I told the truth, to Shelby’s dismay and shock! Haha!) I forget what all was said when Cody found out we were, in fact, talking about him.  I do not even remember what we were saying about him.  I know that no one was really mad at the other or anything like that, so that is good.

“Even funnier, Cody leaves and comes back a few hours later and when he unlocks the door he comes in and yells, Hey!  It’s Cody!  Haha.  Cracks me up!”  (You have to know Cody and his little bit of a sarcastic humor that he has, but it was really, really funny to all of us! Shelby and I were laughing really hard at this one.  Cody was just smiling and snickering over how funny he thinks he is. )

Then, Shelby commented . . . “Lol.  You had to rat me out!”  I responded  . . . “Ratted us both out!  You were trying to cover up.  I saw no reason to not just lay it out there!  Lol.”

Well, it was funny to me and still is.  I hope you enjoyed it.  I am sure all of you have been caught more than once in a situation where you were talking about someone and tried to cover it up.  Perhaps you could share your memory here.  I feel like it is best just to admit it and take the consequences.  I think some would say it is best to not talk about others.  How hard is that though?


The Hallway . . .

So, Thanksgiving.  I have posted about the past Thanksgivings before and how they have changed since the children grew up and moved out.  So, what to talk about on this Thanksgiving?

I usually like to post happy, fun things that make people smile or even laugh.  However, sometimes that is not always possible.  This will not be sad, sad though.  It is just a reflection.

Thanksgiving was over and as I said, they are different as people have passed away, but they will grow again as babies are born.  The children left and my husband and I were alone for the rest of the week.  I was walking down the hallway and a realization hit me.  It was how the hallway appeared so small now compared to how it was.

I recalled the memories of the children running side by side down the hallway.  At one time, the children could run down the hallway with me alongside them!  The hallway however, being much smaller, would not allow that now.  It sort of made me cry.  Well, who am I kidding, I outright cried.  I miss those little feet running down the hall so terribly much.  I can see them in their various outfits, in their pajamas and carrying their toys.  I can hear their giggles.

Yes, I cried hard.  But !!! . . . I am so thankful for the memories and the blessings of having them to begin with.

Thanks For The Help, But NO THANKS!!!

Remember the blog I had called,  “It Is Not as Easy As It seems?”  That is another story of our “help”.   My little brother was always coming up with these ideas to “help” mom and dad.  He somehow always talked me in to going along with these projects.  That blog was about how we totally wasted the flooring they had purchased and messed up the floor.  This “help” did not ruin anything.  At least I can say that I bet mom and dad were not as upset at this “help.”

This particular story is about the time that he decided we should organize and clean her kitchen cabinets out . . .  Top, bottom and extra high top cabinets.  After all, as he said, the tops were so messy and he was right, but I do not think it would be a good idea to say that in front of mom. They had a large kitchen and so, so many cabinets.

His idea of how to best do this project was to first empty out all of the bottom cabinets, then we proceeded on to the row that we called the regular row.  That is the row that most people could easily reach where the glasses, plates, etc. were stored.  Then there was the way high up row!  That was where everything that was never used was kept.  It was never too tidy.  We had to stand on the counters to reach these cabinets and even then we had to stretch.  We had every single cabinet emptied at last. My idea was to do a row at a time, but he thought it best to get everything out where we could see it and perhaps organize it better that way.

There was stuff everywhere!  All of the counters were full, the table was totally full and the floor! This seemed like it took the entire morning.  We were worn out and truth of the matter, probably bored with this project. We were children still, you know.  This could not be expected to keep our attention very long. What a big job!  So, we decided it would be best to go outside and play for awhile. This idea I wholeheartedly went along with.  He did not have to ask me twice.

Mom and dad returned from their errands.  We smiled and hollered hello to them and kept on playing.  Let me just say that we were certainly able to hear my mother clear outside when she discovered our “help!”  As we approached our mother, my little brother was all smiles and told my mother that we were helping her clean the house and that we got this started for her.  He informed her how messy those top cabinets were.  He went on to tell her that she would not have much to do since we began it and she needed to go finish it now.  I was cringing as he was telling her all of this.  Her face was beginning to look more angry with each sentence that came out of his mouth.  He just kept smiling at her and talking and talking.  He did have the cutest little smile, but his charms were not going to work this time! Even I knew that was NOT the best way to handle this.

He just kept smiling, but not for long.  My mother was not having any part of this!  She informed us that we started it and we would most certainly get right back in there and finish it!  What a chore that was!!!  I do not recall what all my little brother said while we were finishing our project, but I know that he was back tracking on the things he said and pleading for help.  Nothing doing, my mother was “kind” enough to let us finish our good deed all by ourselves.

I think we learned right then and there that if we were ever going to clean again, it would be a little bit at a time.  What a mess we made!  Hopefully I learned not to go along with my brother’s ideas again.  I imagine I did not, though.  I am sure some other “projects” will come to mind eventually.

I was talking to my husband about this and saying that you would think we would not have wanted to “help” anymore but that I was sure there were more stories.  He just laughed and said he KNEW there were more stories and started listing them.  He said he was sure there were more stories than he knew about because we two were mischievous.  I reminded him that I was talking about the times we tried to help them.  He laughed even more and said that we may have called it help but we were mischievous.  Hmmmm…. surely not us!!



My sister, Honey Lee Hutton.

In a span of a little less than three years, I lost first my sister, then my brother and then my other brother.  They were all three older than me and they passed away in reverse order, Honey, the youngest of the three first.  I miss them all so terribly much and think of them daily.

When I think of them, I may tear up a bit, I may smile, I may downright laugh out loud at a memory.  I am a person who will try not to dwell on it.  I do not want to hole up and be super depressed.  If a song comes on that is too great of a memory and bothers me, I switch it off.  I try to divert my attention.

When a person that knew my sister would think of her, I am sure The Beatles would come to mind as well.  The Beatles! Well, of course dancing would come to mind.  One time I could not remember who sang a song and she was sort of disappointed in me.  She was like, “DEBBIE! You KNOW it is The Beatles!” Boy did I feel sheepish.  Haha.

Anyway, as a ringtone for my sister, I had the song Ob La Di, Ob La Da.  To this date, if I hear that song I immediately shut it off.  It hurts too much to hear it and not be able to see or talk to Honey.  However, today, it came on and I went to turn it off.  Something inside of me told me to smile and to listen to it and remember her . . . think of her.

I did just that!  Shortly into the song the lyrics say:

Ob la di, ob-la-da, life goes on, bra
La-la, how the life goes on
Ob-la di, ob-la-da, life goes on, bra
La-la, how the life goes on

Life does go on.  Honey would want all of us to go and to have the best life we can.  So would my brothers.  We are doing that Honey, Pete and Jerry, but we sure do wish you were here with us.

The last line says . . .

And if you want some fun, sing ob-la-di, la-da.

Honey, Jerry and Pete always had fun and we will too, but we miss you so much. They loved to laugh!  They LOVED music.  So, let’s all have some fun in remembrance.  Sing Ob La Di La Da!  Love you all.

Shouldn’t “Onebody” Be A Word . . .

Think about this . . .  Give it a fair chance . . .  You have these words: Nobody, Somebody, Anybody.  Nobody means no one.  Somebody means some person.  Somebody could be anyone, it is sort of non-descript.   Anybody could be anyone.  Anybody is no one in particular either.

These are not actually the best words, are they?  They do not really refer to a person at all.  Maybe to accurately describe, onebody would be a perfect word.  (Body here is pronounced the same way as in nobody, somebody and anybody.) Onebody would mean one person.  This is saying that you know of one person who did or said whatever. This gives the person sort of a meaning, an existence.  It is onebody.  That means you are referring to a particular person.  An example of the use in a sentences would be,  “So the other day I was walking to the store and onebody said to me…”  See, it works doesn’t it?  Now I feel like there is actually a person.  It was that one person.  I forgot a word up there, there is everybody too!  So, onebody means it is not the whole entire group, it is one in particular.  This sort of makes that onebody someone special doesn’t it?

Why am I bringing this up?  I do not get into a habit of making up words, but…. this has suddenly and for no reason popped out of my mouth more than once.  Well not suddenly, it has been happening for awhile  I have no idea why I use this word or where it came from.  For the life of me, I cannot seem to help it just popping up in conversation.  I know, all of you that know me are saying right now that a lot of stuff suddenly pops out of my mouth for no reason!  Haha! You would be correct.  Most of what pops out of my mouth gets me in to trouble and most of it is totally unexpected.  As they say, I am just as surprised as you are of what comes out of my mouth.

I have noticed lately, though, that my new word, onebody, keeps surfacing.  At the office the other day I even said it to a patient.  I felt so dumb and apologized and went through my speech about wondering how things come out of my mouth, etc.  They were laughing and I, of course, kept rambling on as is my style.  As you can read in the other blogs, or hopefully have already read, when I embarrass myself, I just keep right on going.  There is no stopping me, sad to say. It is okay, really, it does make other people laugh.

Anyway, after great thought, I have come to the conclusion that onebody IS a word.  If not, it should be.  I may possibly get that started because I say it so often now it could catch on.  When it does, remember that it was me!  Debbie Webster!  The use of it makes more and more sense to me.

Here is another example, If nobody likes your blog, that is sad.  If anybody likes it, that is good, but anybody is no one that you know.  If somebody likes it that is better than none, but still no one you particularly know.  However, if onebody likes it….you know of one person!  See, makes sense doesn’t it?  Okay, in a weird way it makes sense.

It sort of has to make sense because onebody keeps coming out of my mouth and I cannot stop myself.  If it did not make sense, that would mean I was senseless.  Haha.  Sorry, I could not help that one.

Okay, so anyway, if onebody would admit that they understand me and the use of this word, I would feel a lot better.  Haha!

Is MLB and NFL Dying? Will People Watch In 32 Years From Now?

I never watched sports on television.  I only liked to watch sports in person and I was not that interested in it really, but games were fun to go to with friends.

Then I met and married Wessie.  He always wanted to watch sports, but I never did.  Then, I had children and Space Jam was released.  I cried through that movie and asked if that Michael Jordan was as good as those clips.  The response, of course, was yes.   My sister and her family were crazy about the Chicago Bulls and mainly MJ!  She was always telling me to come watch a game with her and I was never interested.  That abruptly changed after the movie!  I never missed a game or a newscast about them. To this day, I am still a Michael Jordan fan.

My family on my mother’s side were all die hard Cubs fans as well as were my brothers. They had the games on all of the time, I would take the charter buses and go to the games when they played the Cardinals and it was quite fun.  Later, I got to go to Chicago White Sox games and Chicago Blackhawk games.  I really got hooked on the Blackhawk games and would listen to those games on the radio if I could not get them on the television.  I certainly would NOT watch football on television though!  Then, the Bears were doing great and ended up doing the Superbowl Shuffle and winning.  Those games were fun to watch on television.  So I sort of liked football then but stopped after that.  I, however, have since started back up and have several favorite football teams.

So, I now watch sports on television. I am usually home alone and no one watches them with me.  I get all excited and call them and tell them about a great play and they politely listen, but now they do not seem interested.  Go figure!  How does that happen?!!  So, I sit here and yell at the television by myself.  I cheer alone too!

Okay, I probably like football and hockey the best.  I totally LOVED watching the Cubs win the world series!  That was the most exciting ever.  I was so sad that most of my family had passed on and did not get to see it when they were ever so faithful, but what total enjoyment!  I was thrilled that my nephew went to see them in person in the final games and was there supporting the team and our family. I still watch the Cubbies play.

I have not really found a team to like or even watch in the NBA.  They are no longer fun so that is one sport that I do without.  During March Madness, however,  it is fun to watch the last quarter of any game.

Ok, so, my nephew texted me and asked if I was watching the World Series last night.  I responded that I was not as I did not have a team I was interested in.  I said if I picked one it would be Washington. I then checked on the game and found that this could be the last one if Houston won.  I then had to watch the game.  I LOVED when Washington hit the home run after that horrid call.  How fun was that?!!  Anyway, now, of course, I have to watch it again tonight.  Go Washington, please!

The point of this long lead in was to say the following.  Haha.  I was talking to a lot of friends/people about the fact that I never liked sports and now I am the big fan and am sitting at home watching everything all alone.  What the heck??!!  Where are they now?  Some of the responses were that when the generation of my children were 60 years old no one would be watching these sports anyway.  Some said that golf was rapidly dying out.  I did not agree with that, but I certainly do not watch golf either.  I know several who do and totally love it though.  One friend has a daughter who was fabulous and now has a team she coaches.  Several went on to say that the NFL and the MLB would be dead as well.

I had mentioned some of my baseball card collections.  A lot of them said those will be the first to go and who still collects them anyway?  They asked if I knew of any.  I responded that I had not really thought about that or looked for any.

I reacted to all of this rather emotionally and totally disagreed.  How could this even be thoughts in people’s heads.  Baseball is so American!!  I am still upset about these comments even though I wholeheartedly think they are all crazy.  However, then I get to thinking about what the children do today.  Most are on their video games turned into online games.  Who will be playing the sports for people to watch?  Who will watch the sports if all of the audience is online playing videos? People even watch videos of people playing online games.

It seems crazy to me and I cannot even fathom that sports would die out. They have been around forever.  What about the Sandlot????!!!!  You rarely see a group of children out playing unorganized ball these days.  We always were outside playing and people would randomly stop as they were driving by and ask if they could play.  That is in a prior blog of mine from our childhood days. I totally disagree with these thoughts of friends, but what do I know? What a sad time it would be without baseball.  What a sad world.  Those times of outside play were the best!  I would hate to think that children would have no knowledge of outside play and no memories.  Could things actually change that much?

What are your thoughts?

Mysterious Disappearances . . .

Years ago, I saw Seinfeld do a bit about missing socks.  He says that the dryer is their only chance to escape and they all know it.  He says, “They do escape from the dryer.  They plan it the night before in the hamper. Tomorrow.  The Dryer.  I am going.”  He goes on to say how the dryer door swings open and the sock is leaning up against the side wall.  Then he makes a series of faces and movements pretending he is the sock and is hiding.  His facial expressions, especially the eyes just kill me.   That always makes me laugh.  I can actually picture a sock come to life doing just that.  Where do they go anyway??!! Some have said they actually get stuck somewhere in the insides of the dryer.  I have no idea, but I am CERTAIN that it is not me losing them.  There were always unmatched pairs and it drove me nuts.  Check Seinfeld out on you tube, it is a funny bit.  I think of him every time I have a sock come up missing and I can see his face.  I do not really care for Seinfeld like everyone seems to, but I do laugh a lot at that skit.

We have actually had our dryer apart for repairs over the years.  We have been through about three dryers over the years and I am here to tell you that no socks have ever been found by us on the insides of the dryer!  So, maybe Seinfeld is right.  They escape and end up having little faces sewn on them and are worn on hands as puppets.  Who knows!  Yes, it is a comedy and yes, it is funny, but it is a true conundrum.  I thought perhaps the children lost them or something, but now that it is just us two grownups . . . adults…. where are the socks??  I mean, we are responsible, right?

The second issue I have are the tupperware/rubermaid lids to the storage containers. Where in the world do they go?  I attributed that to the younger ones in the house too.  Perhaps when they unloaded the dishwasher as their chores, they were put in the wrong places?  Perhaps they inadvertently tossed them in the garbage can after dinner.  Who knows the answer to that.  However, once again, it is just us two grownups now and I have cleaned and downsized my cabinet contents.  All containers had lids to begin with.  Note that I said to begin with.  They are once again missing in action. I know this is perhaps something that all people joke about but again, the struggle is real.  I know for a fact that they are returned to the proper storage place and I know that we have not accidentally thrown any of the lids away.  It drives me nutty as well.  I will have to see if there is a skit on the lid disappearances later on.

We know for a fact that we have lost several a pizza cutter and/or knife by leaving it in the pizza box.  Someone will then come up and carry the box out to the garbage and the cutter is forever gone.  We purchase a new one and try to remember to catch the box before it leaves the building.  (Of course, the box does not actually leave the building, one of us takes the box out of the building.  Haha. I just pictured the box running out the door and us trying to catch it!  Haha!) We are not always diligent enough, though. We know the answer to their disappearance without a doubt.  However, we do not throw away any lids, there is nothing I can think of that we would throw them away in.  They are not used for transporting, so they are not left behind any place.

I am sorry if this has already been mentioned, but I am down three lids now and I have resorted to still using the container and then putting the container in a gallon baggie to close the container up.  I would rather have a lid to wash and reuse.  I refuse to buy more containers with lids, though.  Just saying.  I guess it may depend on how many baggies I use and the cost.

Has anyone heard any theories on these lids and their disappearance?





The Names Have Been Changed To Protect The Innocent . . .(Actually, the names have been left out.)

Yes, you probably have most often heard this on Dragnet.  I am using it in a different way, but yet the same, to protect the innocent.  I am sure that all of you know that feeling when all that your family has to do is to mention a phrase and you instantly die inside hoping beyond all hope that the embarrassing story about you will not be told.  Everyone that knows about it in the room bursts out laughing and the poor victim is sweating bullets.  They try to laugh so as not to give it away that it is about them while at the same time shooting you looks that could kill.

So, following here, I will post a few that you will just have to use your imagination with and I hope that the “victims” get a smile out of it.  Keep in mind, that I have tons of nieces and nephews so these stories are not particularly about Shelby and Cody although I am sure that I will remember some about them.  There will probably be several installments to this story as items come to mind.  Not many have come to mind right now, but I thought I would start with a few.

You all know how terrible the stomach flu can be.  You may remember things such as sitting on the toilet with a trash can in front of you and various other bad, bad memories.  Well with one relative, all we have to say is “why me?”.  We usually say this as pathetically as possible with great expression.  A lot of people in the room get a great laugh…. all but one.

A person one time had an injury that we will not mention how it happened in a place that we could not get a bandage to stick to.  Someone came up with the idea of placing a feminine napkin there.  It was a great idea because it would just stick to the underwear in that particular place.  It was working great and the victim was so happy about how well it was working.  They were happy until they realized that if something happened like a wreck or what have you, how in the world would a napkin in their pants be explained.  That part is funny, but the injury is actually what is funny.  All we have to do is mention a related phrase and a lot of people in the the room get a great laugh … all but one.

There was a person in their young age that would run around telling everyone they almost had a girlfriend.  Most people would respond and ask, “almost?”  That person would smile and say yes.  They would then tell the story as follows, “I said hi and they said hi back!” No one could help their response of insane fits of laughter.  This has been several years ago, but yet someone brought it up to me recently and said they would never, ever forget that and it still made them laugh.  We only have to say the words she said hi back and a lot of people in the room get a great laugh … all but one.

Now, the story on the person who remembered that story above.  You know those little plastic swimming pools for children?  Well, we had one for a little person.  We had just filled it and by the time it was filled, the sun had moved and we needed to move it into the sun to warm it up.  My sister and I were struggling to lift and carry this heavy pool to move it.  We were sweating and grunting and having a terrible time moving it.  My sister told me we should move it over to that bare spot in the yard.  We are attempting to do this and are quite frustrated as it is so heavy and bulky.  A little person is grabbing my leg and calling my name and was adamant to get my attention.  Finally I dropped my end of the pool and asked what.  Such a cute little face with a sobbing, somewhat fearful voice asked so sweetly, “what did that bear do there??”  Awwww, the precious, precious little person.  My sister and I broke out in laughter, but of course, comforted the little person.  How sweet is this story?? We only have to ask what the bear did there and a lot of people in the room have a great laugh …all but one.

One person would sit around and complain about being hungry in between meals.  We offered a candy bar or peanut butter cups and the such.  They would tell us they did not like chocolate.  We offered potato chips, but they said they only liked a certain type.  It seemed that we mostly had chocolate to offer since the chips were a no go.  They vehemently repeated that they hated chocolate.  Suddenly their face lit up and they said,  “hey let’s make some brownies.”  We all burst out in laughter.  Haha, duh, what are brownies made from?? So, all we have to say is lets make some brownies and a lot of people in the room have a great laugh … all but one.

There was a person who had their bath and suddenly came running out of the bathroom and ran all through the house.  Their family was concerned and was trying to catch the person to see what was wrong and they were all yelling things like what is wrong, are you okay, what is the matter.   Can you just picture everyone running through the house behind a small naked person? As the victim was running past the frantic people, they breathlessly replied without stopping, “drying off!”  Haha.  What a great story.  As this became a pattern for the victim, when others happened to be visiting the house at this time, when the victim would come running by the other children laughingly informed everyone that they were drying off.  If anyone says “drying off”, a lot of people in the room get a great laugh … all but one.

One more story for this post.  Sometimes reactions people have to things embarrass them.  There is one person who does not like their reaction to a movie.  It really embarrasses them but I think it was the cutest thing ever.  The movie was Boys Town.  Pee Wee was hit by a car.  The victim here, frantically and sobbing heavily yelled, “PEE WEE!!”  They were crying and were so cute looking.  Comfort was immediately given to the victim but the victim was so angry that the others were smiling and laughing at the cute, caring outburst of this little person.  For some reason, this person hates to have this brought up.  I have no idea why, because how sweet is that reaction?!! All one has to say is “Pee Wee!” and a lot of people in the room get a laugh … all but one.

I am pretty sure the victims find it just as funny, they just have a slight feeling of embarrassment.  All families do this and have many stories, I am sure!  Feel free to share some “nameless” stories if you would like.  If you share them, we can all laugh … all but one!



Food Made From Scratch . . .

My daughter, Shelby, is such a cutie!  We were friends with a wonderful woman from church and she happened to be the “BEST” cook.  (That was her last name, as well.)  I have posted here about her before.  We live in the house that we purchased from her and she moved only a few blocks away.

She often invited us over to her home for dinner.  That was always such a treat as she was always so happy (it was a bonus that she was a great cook).  She had a dog named Nipper that the children were always so happy to see, as well.  So . . . this one time we were there, Shelby came home and asked if I would please, please buy the kind of mashed potatoes that she made because they were the best that she had ever had.

I laughed so hard at this and called my friend right away and we both laughed.  You see, the potatoes were not a brand at all. They were real potatoes that were boiled and then peeled and mashed.  I was raised to cook this way, too, and used to when the children were smaller.  As time went on, my husband was awarded custody of his three children, one at a time,  so the family was large!  I did not have time nor did I feel like peeling that many potatoes to make enough for seven people.  Consequently, Shelby was used to having instant mashed potatoes.  Haha.  My poor deprived children missing out on that.  There were only three children at home when this happened, so I started cooking the way I was raised again and stopped using so much instant food.  My friend and I never forgot that and any time potatoes were mentioned around us we would laugh and ask each other what brand!  We laughed a lot together.

What brings this story to mind is Shelby.  She was at her Grandmother’s house (Grandmother by marriage).  Since Shelby cannot eat a lot right now due to stomach issues, her Grandmother decided to make her some rice pudding.  Shelby had never had that.  (She thought she had not, but we used to make that a lot, too.  Her Aunt Honey made it very often.) Her Grandmother asked Shelby if she knew how to make pudding from scratch.  (Keep in mind, that I used to make chocolate pudding, my mother’s recipe, all of the time.)  Shelby’s response to Grandma was, “Oh yes, you just open the box and follow the instructions!!!” (Just so no one thinks Shelby is lame, she does know what cooking from scratch is, she just was not thinking and answered too quickly.)

Shelby did have instant pudding when her father made it.  He is diabetic and always made the sugar free and just put it in a jar with the milk and shook it up.   This was quick and very easy, so it was served a lot. I asked Shelby if she remembered me making the chocolate pudding.  She said she thought she remembered me making something like that with corn starch.  Haha.  I never liked cakes when I was a child so for my birthday, my mother made me a chocolate pie.  I have that recipe and would always just make the filling.  Shelby should remember it as it made enough filling for seven pies!!  I never cut it down, I made it just that way.  We never seemed to have a problem eating it all up.  My husband always commented that he loved that type of pudding because it formed sort of a skim of pudding on top.  It is funny how people remember different things.

Shelby said she thought making it from scratch was opening the box and making it.  She said otherwise, she would have just bought those little containers of Jello pudding, the snack packs.  Haha!

My goal . . . show Shelby what homemade food really tastes like!  Just kidding, she does know.

Stranger!!! Stranger!!!

This story is about a little boy, he must have been around 9 or 10 at the time, perhaps 7 or 8.  I do know that this story happened in the mid 1990’s.  He will be 38 years old very soon!!!  So, first things first, Happy Birthday!  I will not mention his name here, but if he would like to come forward and comment (or any of his relatives), it will be fine with me.  Haha!

There was a grocery store in town here called Wilb Walker’s.  I had just walked in and I saw this little guy come walking in to the store but he did not see me.  I know for sure that I had my little boy with me, but I am not certain that my little girl was around yet.  I made certain that they were quiet and I came up behind him and threw my arms around him and gave him a huge hug!

To my surprise, he started yelling at the top of his lungs, “STRANGER!! STRANGER!!!”  He started kicking his little legs and he was flailing his arms trying to break loose. Actually, I do not know why this surprised me at all.  He could not see who grabbed him so this is exactly what he should have done!  He was a student of  Tae Kwon Do and as far as I know, he was for a very long time and he was very proud of it.  Perhaps that training is what taught him this reaction.  No offense here to anyone, but he seemed to be such a small little guy and he was so cute in his Tae Kwon Do … I will say apparel … because I do not know what it is called.  **Google Results — Taekwondo uniforms (typically called a dobok; also commonly known as a gi, but that is the Japanese word for them) are common for practitioners to wear. They are usually a plain, white, v-neck heavy cotton top with pants that have an elastic waist.**

Anyway, I immediately let go of him.  I felt so stupid for not thinking about him having that reaction and I felt terrible for scaring him.  I was embarrassed as everyone was looking at me. However, at the same time, I was looking around for authorities to come and take me!  Haha.  His mother appeared within seconds as she was just a bit behind him.  (I cannot remember if both of his sisters were with them or not.) We were laughing.  His mother thought it was very funny.  You would think when he found out who I was and when his mother arrived, that that would be the end of it.  But, no!

This little fellow proceeded to tell me off for doing that.  Then, he went on to lecture me how it was totally the wrong thing to do to children.  I wish I could remember his exacting wording, but it has been so long ago.  He instructed me on the ways of the world and how there were evil people who would take children.  He spoke much more eloquently than I am about the situation.  Like I said, I cannot remember his wording.  I hate to admit it, and his sister’s probably will hate that I said it, but he sounded brilliant.  His mother tried to end his lecture but he would have no part of it.  He HAD to let me know.  As a matter of fact, he seemed downright angry!  I can still see his face and his eyes.  Yes, I think angry would be the appropriate description.  Haha.  As he was telling me off, he kept turning to walk away and then he would come back as he remembered more to say to me and the entire time he was pointing his little finger at me.  You just had to be there to appreciate it.  So cute and so funny while so appropriate.

I was thinking about the world and how dangerous it is for children today and this story of my little friend came to mind so I had to share it.  It was not nearly as bad back then, but he knew to be careful.  Good job little guy! Do you remember this?



Why Is It That Bugs Want To Be My Friends???

Following is an actual  post that appeared in my “Memories” on Facebook.  You all have seen A Christmas Carol?  Alastair Sim, otherwise known as Ebenezer Scrooge,  has the three spirits appear to him, Christmas Past, Present and Future. I feel like this Facebook memory appeared to me as “The Ghost of Fall Future” as it seems to be reminding me of what is about to happen since it is Fall again. This post was from September 2, 2016.  I have added to the “memory” from how it appeared on Facebook in order to complete the sentences and so the story would be easier to understand.   Here you go:

“Apparently I have discovered a new group of friends.  They are unacceptable to me and I do not feel the same about them.

The night before last, I had a moth become attached to me and it seemed that he just could not leave me alone.  It may have been a female, but since it was annoying me, I assumed it was a male.   That thing followed me everywhere. Try as I might, I could not kill it and I could not get away from it.  It ended up actually flying  between my eye and my glasses.  That is the point where you do the fastest dance in the world! Guess what??!!! To make matters worse, he got stuck there!   Oh my gosh!!! What a battle!!! Ewwww!

The following night, I was sitting peacefully  watching television.  I guess I was watching it with a buddy.  A moth was just sitting right there beside.  I would think it was the same one, but I am pretty positive that the prior one did not live through the ordeal I put it through getting it out of my glasses.  Also, I did dispose of the little fellow.  Who knows, he could have just had the wind knocked out of him.  The fight to capture that one began!

Today, however, was the worst experience ever!  I  drink from glasses that have lids.  I feel this keeps the drink cooler. Also, I use that type  so that no flies or anything will land on them. try to share a drink with me,  or perhaps decide to take a swim.  I had poured a nice cold, delicious glass of tea and went about my business.  Some time later, I opened the lid to have a taste of tea.   It was so good and smooth tasting. I just love iced tea!  I closed up the glass and noticed something on my lip!  It was one of those little hard shelled bugs!!!  He must have been right inside of the lid and when I took my drink, he crawled over to my lip!!!  That incident made me lose my tea!

I am beginning to not like fall . . . And to think I used to love camping. I am now reconsidering that thought! Hmmmmm??”

There you go!  There is my post from this day in 2016!  Just a note, I have had a very good day without incident!!!  I hope I did not speak too soon and that nothing visits me tonight!  Haha!!

5/8″ Or 1/2″ And 2 Little Marks?

The challenge is real here!!

My husband and my brother are/were carpenters.  It always frustrated them so when I tried to measure by “the little marks”.  One person even found a tape measure that actually labeled every measurement and gave it to me.  It actually said 1/16″, 1/8″, 1/4″, 1/2″ and so on.  That was great when I needed a tape measure., but not so great for paper crafts.  My husband and I just had a lengthy phone discussion including a partial video call while he was trying to help me with a measurement.

I have made 5 attempts and wasted so much paper trying to accomplish this project.  I said that it hurt my head and I was almost in tears.  I did actually end up with some tears. I switched to using computer paper so as not to destroy any more of my card stock until I had it down.

Turns out that I have three different measuring devices with three different ways to measure, one shows the 16th increments, one only shows the 8th and the other only shows the 1/4th.  In order to accomplish this project, I have to use all three of these instruments. My husband was frustrated when he found this out and said I had to use the same throughout and that I could not switch back and forth.  That is not possible as all three are needed in a different way.  Anyway . . .

We are working and working on it and then I tear up like I said earlier.  (I think things become harder the older you get, things like . . . thinking!) I said I am sorry, it is really frustrating.  We add everything up again for the second time (I have tried three times without him) and I draw, measure and cut.  Nope!  It does not work.  We start trying again . . . I start out with the, “Okay, I need 1/2 plus 1/8 plus a tiny little mark.”  Ha ha. My husband says immediately, “Now I am crying!”.  Haha.  That was a laugh I needed.  He said your brother would have already hung up the phone!  He said no man should have to go through this.  Just so you know, he is not actually mad at me.  He is very patient in some areas and this is one of them.  (Other areas, not so good.  Ha.Ha.)

He went on to say that it should be taught in school.  I told him that perhaps it was. (We, of course, know that it was.) He said it is so basic that it probably was in Kindergarten and I missed it.  He was correct, I did miss it.  I was too young to go to Kindergarten.  Side note here, I started first grade in August and turned 5 in November.  That was the way the dates were set up back then.  My parents thought I was too young, but I had to go.  So, I did in fact miss that class!  Haha.  Another side note here, we did home school our children.  I wonder if I taught them?  Ha.

He went on to say that this was basic math.  Another slight disagreement here … measuring is measuring and math is math.  I explain what I believe to be the difference and go on to inform him how much better I am at math than he is.  So, now I go back to asking, “Just tell me, what is 1/2 plus 1/8 plus a tiny mark?”  A sort of swear word, a very mild one, pops out of his mouth.  I immediately tell him I am so sorry, I am hanging up for now and that I love him.  He told me to wait, he was not swearing at me.  He switched back to a video call and showed me an entire jar of peanuts spilled all over the bunk and floor of his truck!  Haha.  I go on to apologize and tell him it is all my fault and he so sweetly says it is not.  Just to let you know, we did not fight over this project at all, we were both just frustrated.  He remained calm and nice throughout and I did what I do best, I cried in frustration.

We start to try one more time and he says how about we wait until I get home to teach help you in person?  I, however, come up with a better idea!  I say how about I find a new project!!!!



Shop Towels vs. Dish Rags

When the children were smaller, I always had an issue with finding the dish rag in the sink all wadded up into a ball and smelling so very soured!  No matter how many times I would ask them not to do this, it was an everyday occurrence.  I think my husband was probably guilty as well! (In fact, I am sure he was!!)

We had a very hectic schedule with so many living in the house (as most people do).  What with scheduling basketball games, fundraising, driving to the games, homeschooling, music lessons, youth group, etc., at times the rinsed, dirty dishes were left in the sink. (GASP!)  They were awaiting placement in the dishwasher and the dishwasher was probably awaiting emptying.  Haha.  Invariably, at the bottom of the dishes was a wadded up and smelly dish rag!

I tried the rags called Handi Wipes, but they were a bit on the costly side and I did not like the larger size of them.  It was much cheaper to use a cloth dish rag and wash it out.  But, oh, that smell!  I was just absolutely fed up with using them and most of them were stained. Scott Shop Towels to the rescue!  They are those blue shop towels that are usually in the automotive department!  I started using them.  They were so cheap back then.  Of course, it was a little difficult to find them at first because most contained oil, now most do not! In fact, I do not remember seeing any that do now.  I do not know what they cost then, but now they come to about $.30 a towel.  This was, I thought, a fantastic idea of mine!  Just toss them after you use it and no towel left in the sink!  No nasty smells! You never had to worry about stains on your dish rags and trying to wash those stains out.  I was so proud of myself!!

My son, Cody, however was not so proud of me.  We had been using them for quite some time and I never had any idea that he was actually embarrassed by this.  Our house was always open to the youth and Cody and Shelby’s friends.  We were always feeding a group of people and having game nights, etc.  It was great to have everyone at our house and know where they were than to have them running around town looking for something to do.  My husband and I loved this . . .  All of the people popping in and out and feeling welcome, never having to be invited,  all of the laughter in the house, we loved all of it!  We miss all of this now that the children are grown.

I was serving snacks and cleaning the kitchen.  The children were at the table playing games.  I do not know what came over Cody this night, but he came up to me and stood beside me at the sink.  He very softly whispered to me, “Mom, are you embarrassed that we cannot afford dish rags like other people?”

I immediately laughed and continued to laugh.  I do not know what he was thinking about my outburst of laughter, but you should have seen his face.  Haha!  I leaned over to his ear and said that of course we could afford dish rags!  It was my choice to NOT use them.  Then I explained my reasoning to him.  My poor children, I did not mean to embarrass them.  It never occurred to me that they may have thought we could not afford them.  I do not remember if I asked how Shelby felt about our use of them.  I was merely getting rid of an issue that I had, solving a problem, alleviating a reason for me to harp on them.

However, to this day, I still use them. I still feel pretty proud of myself for coming up with the idea.  Haha.  My husband, at my request all of those years ago, even made me a handy, dandy holder and it is on my counter at this moment!  In fact, I jumped up and took this photo.

My dish rag/shop towel holder!


I do not think I have every seen Cody or Shelby use them for dishes though!  I do take them some rolls occasionally but I think they never use them, period!  Pretty sure they were embarrassed.  Haha.  Shop towels are great for cleaning as well.  You know those special microfiber towels that people sell that you only use water?  Well, a wet shop towel and a dry shop towel work just as well!  I love them on glass.  I use them for all cleaning chores.  Keep in mind, they are only $.30 each.

As you can tell, I am still just pretty darn proud of myself!!!  Ha! Ha!!

Buried Alive!! – Lindley Backhoe/Sanders Trenching and Backhoe . . .

My husband worked for his father in the backhoe and trenching business.  I am sure that some of you have known someone with a story to tell of being buried in a trench.  There are broken collar bones and such from this occurrence.  My husband, Wes, was buried in one once.  It happens to a lot of people.  When it happened to him, the others yelled for him to run, but Wes ran the wrong way.  He was pinned from his neck to his waist and then buried from there down.  They dug so far down and then pulled him out, which was probably not a good idea.  They pulled him right out of his boots!  It took approximately and an hour and a half as they had to dig by hand.  They took him to the hospital and x-rays were taken.  He had no broken ribs but all of his ribs were bruised and every breath was very painful. He had to take several days off and the pain was excruciating.

There is a story that my father-in-law told that made us all laugh every time even though it was scary to some of the people involved, well ONE of the people involved.  It seems that my father-in-law, Frank, worked for his father-in-law, Harold, before he had his own business, Sanders Trenching and Backhoe. It was winter and they were working in a field. Harold had to leave the job site to do something and left Frank there. There was only the backhoe and their pick up truck at the site.  Harold was gone in the pick up, so Frank was there alone.  Remember, Frank is married to Harold’s daughter, Imy.

When Harold returns, all he sees is the backhoe, and it is running.  The trench was caved in and the pair of Frank’s gloves were sticking in the dirt! Harold is beside himself.  He left Frank and now he has been buried for who knows how long.  Harold is frantically digging with his hands and thinking he has just made his daughter a widow and various  other sad, sad thoughts.  He was wondering how he was going to explain this to his daughter and his wife.  When Frank tells the story, he says that he was digging like a dog and then he would imitate this motion.  That was so funny to see Frank doing this!  Poor Harold.  What he must be thinking and how he must be feeling!  I imagine his hands were painful from the digging!

A very short time later, the farmer pulled up.  Harold, saw Frank get out of the truck and jumped up and stopped digging.  He just stared at Frank and stormed over to the truck and drove off.  It turns out that the farmer had stopped and asked Frank to go to lunch.  Without thinking, Frank said sure and took off with the farmer.  Harold’s part of the story is the part that makes this story sad.  I cannot even imagine being in his shoes! I  won’t even tell the rest of the story here.  But, you can imagine.  You all know how you feel when you have thought someone was hurt?  You are happy they are not, but still, at times, the anger comes?  This will be left for your imagination.

Frank and Imy were always so tickled about this story.  It was so cute to watch them tell it and to hear it.  They would giggle like little children throughout the story.  I never got the chance to meet Harold, but I can only hope that he laughed about it later as well.

**As an additional note, some time later in life, Frank did have a huge clump of dirt land on him which resulted in a broken collar bone.  That is when he was in business for himself as Sanders Trenching and Backhoe.  I wonder if Harold found that funny/ironic? Haha!!

Pancakes And Eggs Over Easy . . .

I have never liked pancakes or eggs over easy.  Matter of fact, the only way I have ever liked eggs has been in brownies or cake or cheesecake, eggnog, you get the picture.

First the eggs over easy story . . . a very long time ago, my mother wanted to help a friend out and she, as always, involved me.  She was my best friend.  I loved being involved in everything with her.  What good times we had! We worked a 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. shift at a small restaurant of one of her friends on Friday and Saturday nights. I say helped out, but we did get paid for the shifts. Saturday nights were easier on me as I worked all day Friday at my regular job.  I was the waitress and she was the grill cook.  We mainly had a lot of breakfast orders due to the time of the shift.

One night late, my mother had stepped out for something, I think she had to run home,  and had been gone for quite awhile.  A customer came in and wanted eggs over easy.  Since I do not like eggs, I do not cook them.  I told him she would be back shortly and he said he did not mind the wait.  For some reason, she did not return as soon as I expected  and I finally had to agree to make the breakfast.  He said he wanted his eggs over easy.  Uh oh!  Well, everything went okay until time to flip the eggs “over easy”.  I chased those eggs all over that griddle but could not get the spatula under them!  You know that little hole (actually it is a rectangular square) at the back of the griddle, the drain,  where the grease is scraped off the griddle and in to?  They slid right into the hole and out of sight.  I turned around and the customer was watching my every move.  His look on his face is one I will not forget.  Haha.  Embarrassed, I finally sort of half smiled and said to him, “well, they went over easy”.  We both laughed and about that time, my mother, my hero, came in the door and saved the day!

Since having children I have had to make eggs. There are two ways that I cook them for them, scrambled and fried!  I, to this day, cannot make them over easy.  Oh Wait!!! I can boil eggs!  I can even get them to peel perfectly!!!! I guess there are 3 ways I can make eggs.  Go me!

Story number two  . . . pancakes.  I do not like pancakes either and never have.  I liked them once when my mother made a new recipe called Souffle Pancakes.  They were so light and fluffy!  Yummers!  That is the only time though, and she really did not make them often that way.

When I married Wes, he considered his specialty to be pancakes. (I think of Uncle Buck, the movie starring John Candy, here.  When Uncle Buck is cooking some sort of thing, Miles says that he is cooking their garbage and Uncle Buck says that it is his specialty!) Well, old Wessie was right.  It is his specialty and I now love pancakes, BUT only when Wes makes them. He does something different to the recipe, I do not know what, but they are so smooth and fluffy!   I have tried to make those for the children as well. He would save me some of his batter so that they would be just as good.

I have about as much luck with them as I do the eggs.   I would try to flip them too soon and have a pile of goop.  Wes showed me how to wait for the bubbles and for the edges to brown before I flipped them.  BUT . . . my pancakes tend to look like the State of Illinois or Oklahoma or something like that.  It never matters how “round” I seem to pour them, they turn into Illinois!  I have to cook so many to even get a small stack that is even worth eating.  Haha.  The children were always good sports about it though. It was a great day for me when I found the pancakes in a bag at the store that only needed to be put in the microwave!

Do not take any of this the wrong way, I CAN cook.  Some people think I am a great cook,  I just have issues with pancakes and eggs over easy.  Looks like I will always make eggs the same 3 ways and just leave the pancakes to Wessie, unless someone does a project for school where they need a replica of the State of Illinois made out of something unusual.  Just let me know if you need me!

Remembering Grandma Lucy . . .

I was cleaning some things today and stumbled upon a treasure.  Grandma Lucy is my husband’s mother’s mother.  She was such a wonderful woman.  She always had a smile on her face.  She was so kind and loving.

We camped through the summer at a lake near Grandma Lucy’s home.  Wes had to work and would come to the campgrounds at night.  I would take the children in to visit Grandma from time to time while Wes was working.  The first thing she did was to make sure that everyone had something to eat if they needed and always, always gave the children ice cream and then they were off to the play room.  We never needed anything to eat, but Grandma always wanted to make sure that if you were hungry, she fed you.  Asking if you wanted to eat was always the first thing she would ask! The children always were excited about the ice cream, though!  That was never turned down.

One time when we were there, Shelby was upset because her cat had passed away.  It was a black and white cat named Oreo.  Grandma had a black beanie baby cat named Licorice.  She kept it on a red pillow that was like fur.  She gave the cat and the pillow to Shelby and told her it was so that she could have a friend.  What a sweet thing to do.  She was always doing such sweet things for the children.  Visits with Grandma Lucy were always so nice!  She was always full of smiles and laughter. When we had the holiday dinners at her home, I would always help with the dishes and we had the best of conversations at the sink.  I sure miss her!

My treasure today was what my husband, Wes,  had said at her funeral.  I found the paper that he had written it out on. I am going to share that.


“All of us grandchildren and great-grandchildren have special memories of Grandma from Thanksgiving noodles to mostaccioli at Christmas.  That was great cooking! I personally remember when I was young and thirsty, drinking that glass of water that held her false teeth! That was not very good.  But, the thing I remember best was Grandma’s tolerance.  She was all of the time smiling and joking when I would take something apart knowing full and well that I wouldn’t get it back together.  I tried, but usually always failed.  But that did not discourage me or grandma.  Next trip back I’d find something else to take apart and she’d smile and laugh when I couldn’t get it back together again.

Just like the Lord smiles when we try to do something in our own strength. It can’t be done. Phillipians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  John 14:1 says, “Let not your heart be troubled, you believe in God believe also in me.  My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am. You know the way to the place where I am going.”

So with Jesus helping us we can be assured that Grandma is in her eternal mansion in heaven and if we all put our trust in Jesus, we will someday join her there.”


Wow!  I am so glad that I found that today!

I do not know how some of us are so stupid as to drink that “denture water”, but when he shared his story with me when we met, I, too, had done the same thing, but with my mother’s!  Yuck!  I never, ever drank from a glass that was sitting around again.  I have a friend whose husband did the same thing.  Are we stupid or what?  I guess we could feel better saying desperate.  Haha.  I know I was choking at the time and was trying to drink water from my hands and how awesome that a glass of water happened to be there in my time of need?  Gross!

Anyway, another story about Wes taking everything apart. .. Grandma Lucy would always laugh and tell us of different things he would take apart.  One day, she got up and went into another room and came out carrying something and handed it to Wes.  She said something like, “Here, you can have this.  You might as well, you did get it back together but it still does not work.  Perhaps you can take it home and try again. What a laugh we all had.  Below is the picture of what she gave us.  We have it on a shelf in our living room.

Wes brought it home and he never tried to take it apart again, but we have kept it as is. 

It will remain on our shelf.  It is a treasure from a very treasured Grandmother.  We love and miss you Grandma Lucy.  Thank you for being you!

Hold On Lea, We Are Going!

It is summer and the pool always reminds me of this story! As I had mentioned before, our family lived right next to each other at one point. There was my brother’s house which was originally my parent’s home. He built my mother and father a home on part of the same 10 acres to the east of him. Then next to them was where my sister lived. Anyway, my brother had a pool at his house that we swam in. It was a really nice pool with a deep end of about 7.5 feet. We loved being able to swim in it! My brother had two children. At this time, I think my niece, Jennifer, was in her teens and little Erin was about 4 or 5.

My niece, Lea, and I, were swimming one day. It was a very nice, warm, calm day. We were on rafts and just sort of drifting off in our own thoughts, eyes closed, totally enjoying the day. Eventually, we noticed that we were floating quite a bit. I did not mention it and neither did she. Finally I asked her how it was that we were floating so nicely on such a calm day. She replied that she had no idea. We both sort of said, “Hmmm” and went back to our own daydreams.

Some time later, we hear this little tiny voice, sort of filled with water from swimming, sort of sounding a bit like Pee Wee Herman, say, “Hold on, Lea, we are going!” We both raised up on our rafts and turned around to the sound of the voice. There was my tiny little niece, Erin! She had been swimming and swimming, pulling both of our rafts around the pool! Amazing! Lea and I immediately broke out into laughter. We jumped off of our rafts and asked her how long she had been there. She was just giggling away. We asked her if she was worn out by tugging us around. She just giggled. She is such a pretty little girl and those dimples when she smiles, oh my!!!!

To this day, I have no idea how that tiny little girl was hauling us all around the pool. I realize they say that things are lighter in the water, but wow! She has always been a little fish in the water, though. I think she was swimming at two years old, if not at age one!

This story, for some reason, always makes us laugh. At times when we remember it we say to one another, “Hold on, Lea, we are going!” That will always make us laugh.

What’s Up With The Vivid Dreams ????

So….. haha, along with the many symptoms you can have from food intolerance, along come vivid dreams from certain types of reactions to food.  All people have or have had vivid dreams and they are caused whether or not you have a food intolerance and they can be caused by foods as well then.

Whenever I eat something I should not like a bit of a salicylate or a night shade (I will never, ever have gluten, it is too dangerous), I have the most vivid dreams.  (Salicylates are in a lot of foods, some are higher than others and some night shades are potatoes, tomatoes, peppers etc.  Night shades absorb the sun during the day and grow at night.) I also have what I call the coma sleeps along with that.  So many nights, I wake myself up screaming or sobbing.  I know that when we yell in our sleep we think we are a big hero and are screaming our heads off, but it is more like some sort of a wounded animal sound . . .  more of a moan, perhaps. Haha.  My husband always laughs and imitates the sound because I usually wake up afraid I will wake the neighbors and they will call the police thinking someone is breaking in.  He starts making the noise for me and laughing his head off stating that I am not actually yelling at all and no one would hear me.

Anyway, the last couple of nights, oh my!  The dreams are not only vivid, they are downright dumb!  Do you ever notice that at times, when you dream, you are also in full action mode and doing just exactly what you are dreaming.  I have spent some nights looking for an item and will wake up and I am moving all of the blankets around and searching under pillows.  I have been punching the mattress with my fist while fighting off an intruder.  These types of dreams wear you out and start your day off as tired. Dreams are just funny.  Some are very terrifying when they seem so real and are not funny at all.

Night before last, I was making coffee in my sleep and I needed to dump out the old coffee and rinse the pot.  This is strange in itself because I only make one cup of coffee in the morning and drink it all and rinse it at the time.  However, I, for some reason, walked out on the deck to dump this remaining coffee and into the lake!  There is no lake out my back door!  There is a pool that I have referred to as the pond when all of those annoying tree frogs were assaulting me.  Haha.  Perhaps that was in my subconsious, my lake with the frogs.  Anyway, in my dream Wes walked out to see why I was dumping my coffee out there and I dropped my coffee pot into the lake and it rapidly floated away.  I just stood there and cried.  Of course, I woke myself up and I was just sobbing and sobbing.  Gosh, I sure do entertain myself.  My sobs turned into laughter and sure enough, when I got into the kitchen, my coffee pot was safe and sound!

Last night, I had several dreams!  They were unreal and felt back to back and all night long.  I have read that dreams and dream time actually do not last that long, but they sure can feel like they are the entire night long.  We all know that I hate critters and crawlers, some flyers.  Ewwwww!!!  I grew up living in the country and mice were a thing you just seemed to deal with.  I would never sleep on a night we found a mouse and I had a hard time falling asleep during the season.  I had to be all wrapped up like a cocoon so that nothing could crawl on me.  Later in life as my theory changed, I decided to just dress myself so that I was covered tightly from head to toe so that I would not be stuck in a cocoon with a mouse and had to fight to get out! I was so excited to move to town and never have them.  Everyone told me that we would anyway.  I am a mouse demon, though, I plug every crack, pinhole, any opening I can find.  We have lived here since 1998 and so far so good, but I am worried that more cracks are opening and with all of these woodsy type animals and varmints in my backyard, I bet they will be next.

I will just have to move.  I have already decided that if I try to shoot them, it will just destroy the house and the neighbors, hearing the shots, will surely call the police.  Well ….. my day has started off great today.  I woke up at 4:00 a.m. from a dream.  I had gone to the bathroom in my dream and when I went to wash my hands, there was a mouse just sitting on the back of the sink.  It was horrible!!!!   He just sat there looking at me and I just froze.  I finally ran to the bedroom to get my gun and that is when I woke up.  Of course, I could not go back to sleep.  There was no way I was going to lay down and close my eyes with a possible mouse in my bathroom, dream or no dream.

Good news, when I went to the kitchen to make coffee, the pot was still there and not in the lake today!  As the coffee was making, my routine is to then go and open all of the curtains.  The window above the sink was first.  Upon opening it there was a huge spider there.  Of course, he probably was not all that huge, but we all know that all spiders appear larger than they are, just like the warning on the mirror!  We all know that I do not like the crunch of bigger bugs/insects under my foot so I quickly removed my shoe, the weapon.  Who am I kidding, there is no way this person who thinks she is wonder woman could hoist her leg up that high and kill a spider in the window over a sink.  Haha.  Anyway, the shoes I wear around the house are a worn out pair of tennis shoes that I can slip on like a house shoe.  They have holes in the toes!  My husband hates them.  Haha.  Hey! I do not wear them in public and the ability to slip on and off is great as you never know when you may have to smash something.  (I just made that up now, it just came to my mind, but it is a good idea to be able to remove them for just that!)

I am sort of proud for me for this.  When the kids were little and Wes and I were first married, this was not the case.  I would put a clear glass, tumbler or bowl over the victims and wait for Wes to get home and take care of them for us.  I would have to then go around and make sure they had not escaped.  In my older age, I have learned that it is either them or me.  I now take care of them on my own so I do not wonder where they are.  I want to know EXACTLY where there are!

So, shoe off and it will be goodbye Mr. Spider! I smoothly move the shoe over the spider and hold it in place so as to be sure he is trapped and then I grind the shoe around to assure he will not move.  I get sort of proud of me for this action as I never used to do that.  I remove the shoe and there is no spider.  That is the worst feeling in the world!  Where is he???  My mind goes wild, he probably somehow got into the shoe.  The shoe is rapidly thrown to the floor!!  Then I get the idea that he probably crawled around and on my arm or even worse, up my pant legs.  You got it, as ugly as it may seem, the clothes came off.  I am now doing the dance.  I finally calmed myself down and am walking around fully clothed and pants rolled up my legs as high as I can get them so a mouse or spider will have difficulty climbing up my legs.  Yes, it is going to be a good day today!  Haha.  I hope you all have a good day, today!  Be careful with the heat advisory for the next few days.  I will be keeping my eyes open for Mr. Spider out in the kitchen!

Watch What Stores You Enter . . . !

So, I have tons and I mean tons of food related issues.  Sometimes they seem unreal to me and I think that they cannot actually be a problem and that I am just odd.  When I hear that someone else has the same issue, is it wrong that I feel a bit relieved to hear it?  Do not get me wrong, I feel terrible for them because this is just not fun, pleasant, easy to deal with or anything at all! I hate it for them, but yet it seems to be some sort of confirmation for me that I am not totally nuts and losing it!

I have a gluten intolerance, salicylates, night shades and soy.  I have diverticulitis and have had surgeries on my stomach and my colon. I feel like I am forgetting others here, but that is enough for now.   Basically, eating is a chore.  There is a store here in town that has always seemed to be an issue for me.  When you walk in the front door, to the left is the bakery and to the right is the deli.  Right across from each other they are baking and deep frying breaded items.  Gluten is definitely in the air.  The bread aisle there is one of the worst in any store.  My husband, who has no issues, can barely stand the smell going down that aisle.  With those three things alone, we feel that they need a better ventilation system or something.  They have an organic/gluten free area/specialty food section.  I find some goodies there. Well, a Hyvee or Meijer would be better, but for our town, it seems to be nice.  It is really a small section, but at least we have it for some things. It probably should be on the complete other side of the store, though.

At one point, while I was shopping, I ran into someone I knew so I was in the store longer than anticipated.  I was at the very back of the store and became so weak and had breathing issues that I almost went to the ground.  I was holding on to my cart and trying to get my cell phone to call someone as there was no one in sight.  I do not know how I managed to get out of there, but I finally did.  I had to remain in my car for awhile before driving home.  It is a good thing I do not live too far away. I have a flight of stairs to go up before getting to the kitchen.  I just put the groceries on the counter and went to sleep immediately.  There was no way to stay awake.  How scary. I call these events a coma sleep.  I do not know what they are really, but I just become so weak and go to sleep and wake up whenever.  When you wake up, you are in such a fog and it feels like you are awake while sleeping. I am not really aware of any of my surroundings and hear nothing as you can when you are in a normal sleep and I am hard to wake up.  My family always worries and tries to wake me to be certain I am okay. I always leave the store feeling very weak and it takes me awhile to recover.  I absolutely hate going there, but there are some things you need that you have to go there for.

However, I will never go there again.  If I need anything, I will have to ask someone to get it for me.  The reason being, I heard a story of a little girl who was in the store with her mother.  The little girl had such a reaction that her mother had to immediately take her to the emergency room.  The little girl is okay.  After the event, the mother called the store and voiced her concerns.  The store, at that time, seemed to be a bit insensitive.  I heard that the mother then asked that at least a sign be posted warning of the food issue and such.  The store did not respond to that request.  Of course, I only heard this and do not know the actual outcome firsthand.  I do believe it though since I have had issues in there. I do feel so terrible for this little girl.  I am praying for her.  However, it made me realize how stupid I was to continue entering the store when it clearly affected me. I feel like this incident was an additional warning for me.

All of these gluten issues and other food issues popping up lately are unreal.  I hope they can figure this out soon. I feel so certain that it is additives and such. So, so many people are being affected and so suddenly.  It is not pleasant at all.  It is so hard to be diligent about avoiding products with no actual help, or any way that this can be avoided.  It is almost better to just stay home. It is frustrating as you begin to feel like you need to be in a bubble.  Society is into cookouts, eating out and social events involving food.  It is hard to have what is considered a normal life and hard to attend the family events.

I am not being an Eeyore here, just stating the facts.  I do not mean to be bringing anyone down, I am fine, just a little frustrated as at times I feel like I am sleeping my life away.  It is even worse to sleep your life away when you feel like there is nothing that you have done wrong or have had the wrong thing to eat.  You follow what you think you are supposed to and you still are sick.  The actual point of this was that I never realized what could actually happen by entering the store and I would like to sort of warn others to please be careful!!!

My daughter has an issue to strawberries that has sent her to the emergency room several times.  She is as careful as can be, but insensitive people do things that cause her to have the reactions.  At a store in her town, she was getting some potatoes.  How in the world would this action give her a reaction?  Well, someone, being lazy, threw some sort of strawberries with their sauce in the potato bin.  She evidently, unknown to her, was picking out some potatoes and some of this strawberry concoction got on her arm.  She was going down an aisle and started having breathing issues and itching and hives developed.  She was fortunate to have her Prednisone with her and was able to get some down along with Benadryl.

The point here is, the stores and customers are not being careful so we need to be extra, extra careful.  Hopefully this story will help others to be more sensitive to our issues and to be more careful with the cross contamination.  Thank you all!  I am sorry for this post and for not making you smile today!  Well, smile anyway, life is short!!!!

The Clothes Line – Frozen Clothing . . .

My husband and I were driving to visit the children.  We were listening to music and my mind always roams when we do that as a song will remind you of a particular place, time or event.  This prompted me to tell a story of my childhood and our laundry to my husband.

My mother had a separate little building behind the house that was appropriately called “the wash house.”   She had her washer out there but, of course, there was no dryer.  Her washing machine had a wringer on the top of it.  After the washing cycle was over, she had to wring out the clothing and put it in a basket.  We then took the clothing and shook it out and hung it on the clothes line to dry. You had to shake it before you hung it up as the wringer had it all smashed flat and twisted up.

There was a bag that hung on the line that was filled with clothespins.  There were a variety of cute little bags that were available.  A lot of women started to sew and make their own unique ones. My sister and I  would just stick our hand right in there and pull out a hand full of clothespins.  At times, we were such pros at it that we would stick some in our mouth so we could be so efficient and speedy at hanging the clothes.  It did not take us long to become smart, though!  Sometimes there were spiders and other bugs in that bag and sometimes perhaps some bird droppings landed in there.  We learned to access that bag differently and to never put the clothespins in our mouths! We used some of our new found knowledge when removing the clothes from the line as well. After we removed an item, we would always shake it before putting it in the basket to avoid bringing any spiders or other such things in to the house with us.

I loved when they came out with the newer clothes pins that had springs and would open up like a clip. They held the clothing better than the ones that just had a slot cut in the pin. We had sticks/boards that dad had made to prop the line up higher if there were too many clothes dragging the line down too far.  It was never good to have your clothes dragging the ground. We had really long clothes lines as we had 5 children at home which meant a lot of clothes!  There were three lines in total.  We hung the sheets and towels on the clothes line in front and the more intimate clothing behind those so they could not be seen from the road.

Neighbors were courteous and did not burn their trash when your clothes were out on the line.  You could only hope, though, that the birds would know to leave the clothes alone!  Haha. If they did not, mom would have to wash them again. You also hoped that it would not rain until the clothes were dry and if it did there was the mad dash by all to run out and remove the clothing. I actually thought the clothes line and the issues we had were fun. It makes me smile to think of these things.

I started laughing when talking to my husband about this as I remembered the winter season. He did not have a recollection of hanging clothes out, or so he says.  He lived in a different town, but he did live in town.  Perhaps things were different for “town people”.  We lived in the country.

I was laughing and telling him how in the winter, if it were windy as well, the clothes would be hanging like this … and I attempted a pose to show him.  Haha.  The towels would be hanging at an angle and the other clothes as well.  It was so funny taking them down and into the house as they were so stiff.  It still makes me laugh today.  For kicks, I googled and found an image that I will share.  It makes me laugh as well.

frozen clothing
The clothes were actually that stiff and that is just how you could carry them!  So funny!

It was a bit painful to hang clothes up in the winter as your hands would get so terribly cold.  My mother eventually had the washer moved inside the house.  It was on the enclosed back porch.  It was not really a back porch, but we called it that. I remember at times,  we would run a line and hang the clothes inside of that room.

There is nothing like the smell of clothing dried outside!  It was always so wonderful to sleep on those crisp, nice smelling sheets. The towels, though, were sort of hard, not as soft as they are today when dried in a dryer.  The clothes line meant that mom had to iron almost all of our clothing.  She had a little squirt bottle with water to mist the clothing to make it easier to iron.  That is probably what gave someone the idea of the steam iron. Things are a lot easier today.

For a short while, when my husband and I were first married, I would hang our towels outside to be able to enjoy the smell of those fresh towels.  I did not hang everything out, just the towels and sheets. We moved in to town and I stopped doing that as well.  The good old days were great, but they were a lot more work!  I still miss them, though!!!


Jerry Lee’s Barbecue Chicken ! ! !


My brother and his wife came to visit one time (years ago now) and asked if we used foil pouches on our grill.  I did not know what he meant.  He said he would like to make us chicken.  Of course, any time someone wants to cook, why would you ever say no?  So, he showed us how he made it and it was delicious!

I love it and made it several times.  I have since been unable to eat that type of food, but I remembered the chicken and and made it today.  I am able to have a little more to eat, but only able to eat stuff like this rarely.  It is a simple recipe, but oh so very good!  You may all already have been making it for years, but I am going to share anyway.  We had one difference I believe.  It has been so long now, that I do not remember.  I think, however, that he used a seasoning called Old Bay.  He would say he just loved it!  He also loved Sweet Baby Rays barbecue sauce.  I can still see his smile and his eyes light up when he would say “Sweet Baby Rays”!  He had a special way of saying it too, with sort of an accent and emphasis!   What a nice memory to have.

Anyway, it is, of course, cooked on the grill.  You use heavy duty foil and you (yikes, I hope I can describe this)  You lay the foil, one piece north and south and one piece east and west.  This allows a “square” in the middle that is double thickness.  You spread a little oil over the square.  You put Old Bay, or I used Steak and Chop seasoning over both sides of the chicken.  Top this with sliced onions and liberally spread Sweet Baby Rays over the top.  Close up one pouch one way and then close the second pouch the other way.  This is to ensure that it is sealed well so that when you flip it, you do not lose all of your sauce. Do not close it flat, but close it like it is sort of a tent.  I am not so certain that I have the exact recipe after all of these years, but it is still good this way. This is how I made it today for lunch.

I believe he said the grill should be at 350 degrees, but I am not sure about that either.  I remember that from time to time we lifted the lid to cool down the grill.  Anyway, the pouch will “balloon up” as it is cooking.  I cooked for 15-20 on one side and then flipped it over.  Cooking time will, of course, depend on the chicken breast’s thickness and size.  I did use a tenderizer and pounded it much thinner than how it came to decrease the cooking time.

The main point here is that this is so delicious!!!  I sure do miss my brother.   I am glad we had that time!  When he cooked this chicken there were about 10 people that were here.  What a great meal we had and what a great time.  All I can say is, (emphasis and accent)…. SWEET BABY RAYS!!!!

Miscellaneous Charleston, Illinois Newspaper Clippings . . .

June 8, 1954.  I remember Mervin Beil, George Milliner and Melvin Taylor.   My Grandpa, P. B. Hutton is in the photo below. 





I love that Grandpa said, “Thank you My friends” at the end!


This clipping is a little blurry at the beginning, but for some reason, that is how it was in the scrapbook as well.  I am sorry. 


This is my very favorite!  Grandma and Grandpa celebrated their 42nd Wedding Anniversary!  It is so cute how they say he attended the meeting wearing a brand new fancy wrist watch!  It is so cute that they say they need to mow and a few blisters will prove the point!
Wow! Eastern State College used 37,485,000 gallons of water for a cost of $5,810.11!!!!
Haha!  That is good news!  Grandpa had a lift in his voice.
Neal Hutton, Fire Chief Appointment.  Turner retired, they said he passed the age limit.  I wonder, did he retire or did the Fire Department have an actual age limit?

I hope you have enjoyed these articles.  If you have any comments or more to add, please comment.  Thank you.


Everything is labeled “Cody”!!

Cody – a very systematic, sort of perfectionist, methodical??  person.  When he was in third grade, the last grade that he went to public school, I was called in by a teacher who was complaining that he was too “neat”.  She said it was a problem.  When you opened his desk drawer, the pencils were arranged with the erasers all at one end and the points at the other end.  I feel like she thought that this might upset me but my comment was,  “Well, if they were mixed up, you might get stabbed by the point when you reached for one.”  She was not happy with my response at all.  She asked if  I got it, he is too neat.  Actually, I have not considered being too neat a problem.  She waited for my response, which must have disappointed her again.  I said, well, at home we like for things to be organized.  Maybe he got it from me.  We clean his room and everything has a place. She told me it was not normal for children to be that organized.  I suffered through what I thought was a silly meeting and assured her that it was okay to be organized.  I am positive she was not thrilled.  I really did not appreciate anyone wanting my child to be more sloppy, either.

Then, there is this nephew that I have!  Haha!  He is so great at coming up with all sorts of pranks, funny things to do, and just a fun person to be around. He is so quick thinking. I do not believe there is another around like him.  He is about 16 years or so older than Cody.  Forgive me here, I am getting terrible at ages.  I still think of my nephew as about 17 years old and my Cody and Shelby as teenagers. Lol.

Cody maintained neatness to a degree.  Do not get me wrong, his room was not always the neatest, but there were certain things that he had to keep in order.  The main thing with this story is to tell of an issue with the drinking glasses.  It seemed that all of the glasses were always dirty.  We repeatedly would tell everyone to keep their glass for the day and rinse it and keep using the same one.  I am sure that others have/had this same problem, because I remember my mother telling us the same thing.  I assume that Cody was a bit tired of being told about the glasses and, of course, it was not him at all.  He did not appreciate being accused of something he did not do.  So, Cody came up with a plan.  He taped a piece of paper with his name on it to his glass.

My nephew was here one time spending the night.  The next morning he saw this label on the glass.  He asked about it and I explained to him what it was for.  I am laughing while writing this.  Haha.  He asked for some paper and tape.  He immediately made a bunch of “labels” with the name “Cody” on it in his best imitation of Cody’s writing.  He then began to tape them to every glass, cup, plate, piece of silverware, any item he could find.  Haha.

Cody is not a morning person at all.  When Cody woke up and came upstairs he was looking around puzzled at all of these items with his name on it. My nephew asked him, “Cody, what is up with all of this mess you have made?”  Haha.  Cody looked a bit perplexed and then Cody and all of us broke into laughter.

We have had so many good times!  I love you all and your senses of humor!  Keep it up!

Let’s Talk About Peanut Butter !!

MMMMMMM! Peanut butter. There are so, so many raves about bacon, but how about peanut butter!!!!

There are so many ways to eat peanut butter. I have yet to find a way that I did not like. Some of these may sound odd, but do not knock it until you try it.

There is the plain peanut butter sandwich.                                                                            There is a peanut butter and onion sandwich.                                                                      There is a peanut butter and bacon sandwich.                                                                      Peanut butter on tortillas is good, too!                                                                                      There is peanut butter and toast. This makes the peanut butter sort of melt and is warm and delicious. To make it even better, you can sprinkle a little sugar over the top. Yummers!                                                                                                                                          You can melt some peanut butter in the microwave and drizzle over ice cream. Eat it that way or also drizzle some magic shell chocolate over it as well.                                                  I like to spread peanut butter on oatmeal cookies.                                                                  Apple slices dipped in peanut butter are very good.                                                                     I have not tried this yet but, I have heard of people putting peanut butter on a hamburger. That does NOT sound appetizing to me at all.                                                          I do love peanut butter chicken, though.                                                                                        We have taken buns and toasted them and spread with peanut butter and topped them with maple syrup. It tastes remarkably like a maple square! I, of course, cannot have gluten so I do not get these treats any longer.                                                                              Of course there is celery and peanut butter but that is sort of ordinary.                            Pretzels dipped in peanut butter are very addicting.                                                            There are all of the cookies and peanut butter treats that you can bake.    I cannot list all of them on here, I would not have the space here or the time!                                       Peanut butter fudge is awesome!

One special treat our whole family loves is peanut butter Rice Krispie treats. I really do not know what they are called, but I remember a friend, Marsha Wright, bringing them to us. This was a long time ago. I know that it was after 1994 and before 1998. That sounds odd to state it that way, but that is based on the house we lived at when she brought them to us. That is as close as I can get to how long ago it was. She pulled up in our driveway and jumped out of her car with a plate and was smiling and hurrying to our door.  She was exclaiming, “Oh my gosh! You guys have to try these!”  We had one complaint, we wanted more!  They were so good!  She even brought the recipe with her! It is by far one of the best recipes ever! I will post the recipe below.

Thank you so much, Marsha Wright!

These are great warm!  It is hard for us to wait to let them set up.  Sometimes after they have set up, we take them and dip them in chocolate bark and let them harden.  Around Christmas, the freezer is full of them.  They are always the first thing to go.  They do not last long around here.

Anyway, I think peanut butter should be treated with as much respect as bacon!  Lol.  What ways do you eat peanut butter?


My Daughter Has A Blog !!! Yay!!!!!

I am so excited!  My daughter also started a blog.  I have talked about her in my blogs.  This is my Shelby that I talk about. It is called Kitchen Window Chronicles.  Here is the link to her blog.  Kitchen Window Chronicles 

She is a delightful girl with a great sense of humor.  You will probably be reading a lot about her cats.  She just loves cats!  Click on the link above and you will see that her photo has the cutest little kitten sitting on the counter.  I do not like for cats to be on the counter, but these cats of hers drink out of the faucet.  They sit there until you turn it on.  I am sure there will be lots of stories.  The cat, Cheeto, that I have talked about in my blogs was her cat, too.

There will probably be cooking blogs as her husband is really interested in cooking and has all of the latest gadgets and is quite good.  Some of his foods are way too spicy for me, but if you like that….  He does make foods that are not spicy as well. She is great at poetry so if we are lucky we may see some of those posted on her site as well.

She will probably bring some smiles or even laughs to people.  Check her site out please!  Thank you.



Back To Those Tree Frogs . . .

Remember my story of the tree frogs . . . Saturday night after all of the rain, the screechings were beyond belief. We had to remove them.  There were 20 that we caught this time.  Here they are in their little relocation homes.  Some of the homes house two.  We had one right outside of the back screen door and he was probably the loudest of them all!  OMG!  There was no way possible to sleep with that. It took so long to find that one.  He was as loud as could be but impossible to find.  We looked in the grill, behind decorations, on the siding, behind the window shutter, everywhere! He was sitting on the porch light! I knew that he was so close to the door.


This picture is of the master catcher proudly counting his bounty!


This picture is of the happy girl getting to take them home with her.  We have no idea why she wants them and why they make her happy, but we are VERY happy to let her have them.  This is her second installment.    The first installment we took out to her ourselves but was only about 7 frogs.  She was thrilled to get twenty.


A Tasty Little Dip Recipe . . . At Least We Thought So!

I made a dip recipe last night that included items that I can eat since I have so many food issues.  I am gluten, salicylate and night shade intolerant . . . big time.  On top of that I have diverticulitis, so no nuts or seeds of any type are allowed.  That makes the eating challenging but it can be worked out with a little creativity.  So, last night I made a dip that turned out to be quite tasty.  It is like that 7 layer dip that starts with refried beans and sour cream, etc.

The bottom layer in a glass baking dish was Sour Cream and Chive Cream Cheese.  Next I drained and smashed a can of black beans and added part of a packet of mild taco seasoning . . . add this to your taste.  You could use the hot or something else if you like, but we prefer mild.  It is probably due to our older age and perhaps damaged stomachs.  Haha.  It could also possibly be good to put some diced onions, jalapeno, green peppers or something else in with the beans.  Use your imagination and use whatever you think would be good.  So, the beans are the second layer.  The third layer was sour cream and the fourth layer was sliced black olives.  Over the black olives I drizzled  Old El Paso Mild Taco Sauce.  I use the sauce because I cannot have  seeds. The next layer was shredded cheddar.  We were going to eat this cold but then I decided that all of those ingredients would be good if you heated them too.  I baked them until the ingredients were warm and the cheese melted.  Then I added sliced green onion tops when I took it out of the oven. For everyone that can eat freely, it would probably be good to add to this after you took it out of the oven, some chopped lettuce and some salsa.

We used Nacho Cheese Doritos to dip the concoction with and that just gave it even more of a great flavor!  You could use nacho chips, frito scoops or whatever you like.  We loved this so much!  It turned out to be quite tasty!  I am even thinking of other concoctions already!  This would be good to use as some sort of a pizza type dip if you changed it up and used mozarella (although cheddar would still be good), ricotta on the bottom layer, flavor the beans with italian seasoning, etc.  Let your imaginations go!

I know that I gave you other ingredients that you could possibly use, but trust me, it was great just the way it was prepared!  In fact, Wessie ate the leftovers this morning with just a fork,  he did not heat it and still loved it!


Along Came A Spider . . .

Yes, yes, I know, I keep posting about all of these crawling things.  Well, that is because I cannot even believe these things that happen.  After I told my daughter this last story, she said, “I think you are the bug queen of the county!  They are following you everywhere!”  She must be right.

Imagine this . . . my husband and I are sitting at a restaurant which I will not name because it is a good restaurant and it is clean.  We are eating and this spider comes, not crawling, but running from one end of the table and directly between my husband and I.  We are sitting across from each other, not side by side.  I see the spider and gasp and immediately jump up out of my chair.  I am standing beside the table and the spider is running so fast that he runs off of the end of the table and onto the floor.

My husband turns around in his chair and starts stomping the spider.  He has so much tread on his shoe that fortunately for the spider, he is stomping the spider in the cracks of the tread and misses the spider and the spider just keeps running.  Funny thing, though, the spider is like he is on a race track and keeps running in circles.  I am too busy concentrating on whether or not my husband gets that spider that I have not noticed the other customers watching us.  One lady yells out, “he is stomping it!”.  That gets my attention and I look up and they are all watching.  Not wanting the restaurant to lose any business, I quickly tell them it is just a spider.  You all know me, I probably have never in my life said it is JUST a spider!!  How silly of me!  Haha.  I did not want them to think that a roach was the critter in question, though.  That makes a big difference in an eating establishment.

I get the customers satisfied and quieted down and then focus on my husband who is fiercely stomping away.  I tell him to stop for a minute and I explain that he keeps missing because of his tread in his shoes.  It did not matter that my husband stopped stomping the spider because that spider thought he was at the Indy 500.  He was still just running laps. I instruct him to step on the spider and then to twist his foot so that he is smashing the spider with the toe of his shoe where there is no tread.  Of course, since I am a critter expert, it worked.  Mission is accomplished!

My husband smiles and turns around and starts to eat again. Guess what, I am no longer hungry regardless.  It is not that the place is dirty, it did not bother me that the spider was on the table.  What bothered me was that my husband said it crawled out of my napkin.  The napkin I had been using on my mouth.  I am almost positive that he was incorrect as he was busy eating and not actually looking around.  However, it was a good meal while I was eating it.  Haha.


Nomination – Liebster Award!! Wow!


WOW!  I was nominated for the Liebster Award!

Liebster award

I was nominated by Retrodee (Retro Dee’s Guide to the Best Era) Retro Dee’s Guide to the Best Era Ever You should go check out her blogs!  They are always fun, interesting and informational.  Thank you so much for the nomination!!  I truly appreciate it.

The rules are:

  1.  Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2.  Display your award.
  3.  Answer the questions you were asked by the blogger who nominated you.
  4.  Nominate 5 other bloggers.
  5.  Ask 6 new questions for your nominees to answer.
  6.  Let your nominees know they were nominated and give them a link to your post.

I already thanked Retrodee! You will love reading her blogs!  She especially loves Buddy Holly which you will find out when you read her retro blogs.  Please go and check her out!  Her personality shines through all of her blogs.  I unfortunately cannot figure out how to get a link to the other’s sites.  She is Retro Dee’s Guide to the Best Era Ever.

The questions she asked are as follows:

Here are 6 questions for my nominees to answer:

  1. Who are your favorite bands/music artists?  I have way too many to pick just a few.  I love all genres.  Country favorites for a few would be George Straight, Toby Keith, Waylon and Willie and on and on.  I just love music.  Rock – The Beatles, Elvis, Joe Walsh, James Gang, Steve Miller, Nilssen.  As far as heavy metal, only two that I know of and that would be are Synovial and Endostalgia.  I do not know what type of music this is, but I love Kings of Leon.  I could stay on this subject forever and name and name songs and artists, but I will move on.  I just LOVE music!
  2. What is your favorite Disney movie? (does not need to be animated) Hands down, it is The Lion King.
  3. How did you decide to write a blog?  I have always, kept a sort of journal since I was a child.  My father encouraged me to write.  He said I should write down things I think of and stories.  Then he told me to write what bothered me and to burn it so I could release it.  I have been doing that ever since.  When my children moved out, I was so lonely (still am a lot of the times).  I decided I would write things so they would be able to have a way of remembering them we are gone and for them to laugh with and to share.
  4. Do you collect anything? Yes.  If so, what do you collect? I have stopped collecting as much since I am older now.  I have a collection of The Wizard Of Oz Memorabilia.  I have a collection of tea cups and pots (stackables) that my sister started collecting for me.
  5. What really grinds your gears?  Mean people.
  6. What is your favorite quote and who said it? This is a hard one.  I cannot think of one at the moment. I do, however, quote the Wizard of Oz often when it is appropriate.  For instance . . . “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”, “a lot of people without brains do an awful lot of talking” and “unusual weather we are having, ain’t it?”

Dee absolutely made my day!  I was so happy and touched.  She said such sweet things about me.   She posted this:    Nominee #3: Following The Yellow Brick Road (and laughing all the way) Next is a lady whose stories are interesting, funny and make you feel right at home as you read them. It’s like having tea with a good friend, complete with the smiles and all.

Click on the red underlined items to go to the various blogs. My nominees would be right back at Retrodee.  Retro Dee’s Guide to the Best Era Ever

Kerry Williams is a traveler and her blogs and photos are the best!  Kerry Williams Next would be In Diane’s Kitchen.  In Diane’s Kitchen .  She has the most wonderful recipes.   Krystalspring is another that I like.  She has gluten free recipes and those are always good to find!  Krystalspring  I just recently started following a scrapbooking site as well and I really like that too.    A to Z scrapbooking

Now all I guess that I have left to do would be to come up with 6 questions for my nominees:

  1.  How do you come up with what to write about?
  2. How is your favorite Author?
  3. Do you have any hobbies?
  4. What do you like best about blogging?
  5. What famous person would you like most to be like? In other words, who inspires you the most?
  6. What is your favorite part of the country?

Thank you again, Retrodee!  I was so excited for the nomination.  That was so very nice of you.  When my friends go check out the people that I nominated, also check out the people that Retrodee nominated on her blog.  Happy Readings!

How fun blogging is!






Sort Of A Bad Hour For Me . . .

GRRRR!  I have the worst moments some times.

Do any of you at all have problems with bugs/insects, crawling or flying things?  I absolutely cannot step on a bug, especially the more crunchy ones that are so loud to hear crunch when you smash them. In the movie, The Lion King, Timon and Pumbaa, who are friends of Simba, refer to them as “the cream filled juicy kind.”

I cannot explain it but my whole body sort of gets goose bumps and I sort of shiver and cringe with a feeling that goes clear through my entire body. It is hard to explain, but that is close.  If I step on a crunchy one, my whole foot feels tingly and horrid. Haha. These feelings last for awhile and sometimes it makes me tear up and even cry.  I know, I am a baby and how did I grow up in the country and how do I love camping?  Anyway, consequently, I have learned to reach down and take off my shoe and beat the insect brutally.  I am then able to have a normal feeling foot.  Exterminating them that way does not seem to bother me and that is a good thing because then I know exactly where they are and that is not crawling around in my house!  A fly swatter will work too but I am not usually carrying them around with me.

Okay, that out of the way, today . . . I go outside to check how my green beans are coming along.  Since I had that tick bite, I check every part when I come back in.  Yep!  There is a tick on my shoe.  I flushed him down the toilet all swaddled in a piece of toilet paper.  He will forever be a sewer mummy.  (At least I hope they can drown!)  I almost am over feeling like my head is crawling with them and I have almost stopped scratching.

Next, I decide to go downstairs to my craft rooms.  When we were moving Shelby yesterday, her father, aka Wessie, broke one of her favorite things.  I examined it before we left and was going to go down and see if I had the stuff to attempt to make her a new one.  I know it will not be as nice as what she had purchased, but perhaps it would make her happy.

Somehow, and I do not know how . . . I was sitting on the floor going through stuff and felt a small lump under my leg.  I stood up and sure enough there was one of my very favorite things . . . NOT!!!!!  One of the famous camel crickets was under my leg and had been slightly crunched by me and was still squirming around.  I started screaming and doing a happy dance like Wessie always does!  Oh gosh!  My whole body was disgusted.  I thought I would vomit.  I had smashed him with me!  My leg will never feel the same. Ugh.  I went and got the spray and totally buried him in it.  I will never be able to smash them with anything because they jump right back at you, so I headed for the spray.  He was still trying to survive.  What I hate the most is that it seems like their legs just detach instantly.  So, I horridly witnessed those huge legs fall off of him.  I begin to cry and called my Shelby for comfort.  Not because I killed him, but because I wanted to cut off my leg.  You see, she knows just how I feel.  I got my sympathy and began to feel better.  That thing will lay there all week until Wes comes home, though.  Guess I won’t be going into that room for awhile.

Well, not knowing how or where he came from and with my legs still feeling tingly and like things are crawling on me, I take my clothes off and go throw them in the washer.  I figure I may as well do an entire load so I pick up the clothes off of the floor.  We have a laundry chute that deposits the clothes into the laundry room.  There were only a few on the floor that were mine from when I bathed last night, so I thought I would throw them in the washer too.  I picked up a spider along with them!!!  OMG!!!!! I cannot believe three within an hour! We do spray the yard and the basement, which is a nice, finished basement.  I guess with all of the rain, Wes will have to spray again.

I will miss going down to the basement.  That is where all of my hobbies and crafts are, my exercise equipment, my tanning bed and my washer and dryer. One thing is that the centerpieces and decorations for Shelby’s reception need to be finished, but I guess there is not that much of a hurry.  Haha.  I did want to be slightly tanned for the reception as well.  Do they still sell hose? Also, who needs those clothes that are in the washer anyway?  Lol.  One more thought, I have this longer, thick, curly hair, perhaps he came in on that.  Maybe I should get a buzz cut?

When I told Wes about the camel cricket,  he said he had not seen a camel cricket for such a long while since he sprayed.  I told him he needed to spray again and that I was moving to a different house!


Thinking of Pastor Best . . .

We met Pastor Best when we purchased our house. It was his mother’s home and he was helping her to sell it. He showed us the house, we bought it and saw him again at the closing along with his mother. There are a vast amount of stories to tell after meeting them as we became close friends but i have a short little thing to say now about Pastor Best.

We, of course, all were saved at that church and all started faithfully attending. Wes had to go out of town for work for an entire month! I had 3 small children with me at home and at times at night I was scared! I hated that and I hated nighttime.

Pastor Best said something to me that I have never forgotten. He said, “God is awake all night. You might as well sleep.”

Today in The Daily Bread was this message. It totally reminded me of Pastor.

The last sentence is what reminded me of Pastor’s wise words. He thanks God for being awake and present with him through the night. I thank God for this as well! Those words from Pastor have comforted me often.

A New Battle!

Added to the squirrel/chipmunk feeding battle are the starlings or black birds.  Whatever they are they are big, black with a blue/green head.  I think Starling is what they are, at least when googling images that is what I think they are.

Anyway . . . OMG!  Boy do they rock a bird feeder.  We have the long rectangular feeder that is supposed to close if something larger  gets on the feeder, particularly a squirrel.

squirrel be gone
This is what we have.  It is Squirrel Be Gone from Perky Pet. 

My sister gave this to us.  So, just an fyi, it does work for the squirrels.  The problem is those black birds have figured it out!  They hang on to the corners of the feeder and then bend down and grab a peanut!  Since they are on the corner, the opening does not close shut. Since Friday, they have drained a full feeder.  My husband continually rehangs the feeders in different places and different ways in an attempt to keep the squirrels out of the others.  You should google images of squirrels on feeders.  If you have not dealt with them, they are totally and completely awesome acrobats.  They can jump, swoop, reach and almost fly to any feeder!  It sometimes is fun to watch them perform but it still angers me that they empty the feeder by shaking the seeds all out.  I feel sorry for the birds, though.  They are probably tired of me playing hide and seek with them!

The squirrels are becoming too use to me because when I go running out the door in my feeble attempts to scare them away, they stand their ground and stare me down.  they even start that clicking noise and shaking their tail to summon others.  It comes down to a game of chicken.  Who will retreat first?  So far, I am the winner, but as they are becoming more and more brave, I think I may have to retreat.  Those claws look pretty dang sharp.

So, back to the starlings, I took the feeder and put it in his workshop so they could not eat any longer.  I hated to do it because that is where I put the peanuts.  The woodpeckers just love the peanuts and I love the woodpeckers! It is not that I think just because the starlings are big and ugly they should not eat.  Everybody and everything, regardless of looks should eat.  Haha.  I just do not like for them to drain the feeder.  It can be too costly to feed the birds then.  I thought perhaps if it were gone for a few days, they would seek food elsewhere.  They do tend to scare off the other birds as well.  The others will not come around while they are dominating the place.

I was telling my husband about them when he called from the road today.  He said there was a spring that I could adjust on the feeder.  I did not know that as he is usually the hanger!  So, I have adjusted it to the lightest degree and put it back out.  We shall see what happens now!  Wish me luck!



Did I Mention The Tick Bite?

Wednesday afternoon I was outside putting up some decorations and as always fighting with the chipmunks (Cody and Shelby use to call them Chickmunks) and squirrels.  I was relocating feeders and trying to find places those varmints could not reach!  Do not get me wrong, I know they need to eat too!  I even purchased cheap food for them and I scatter it on the ground. I even made them their own feeder. I do not begrudge them having a meal.  I just cannot tolerate them acting like I have hung their own personal pinata for them to destroy and empty.  They certainly can empty a feeder in nothing flat.  They do their trapeze acts and get them to swinging and before long the feeder is empty.  It drives me crazy!

Anyway, I spent a few hours outside messing with that stuff.  We came in and ate dinner and watched a movie and then I got my bath.  As I was drying off, I noticed a very small weird looking thing on my right arm.  It would not come off while I was drying off.  I began to notice that as small as it was, one part seemed to be anchored and the other part was protruding upward a bit.  I had only seen one other thing that did something like that and that was a tick!  Being a country girl I had seen several of them on the dogs and even on us and in our heads!  But . . . I have not seen any like this it was so very tiny and did not have those lighter brown designs on it like the ones dogs get.  You know, they get really fat and swell up and look like a garbanzo bean.  I will spare sharing a picture of the kind I mean because even just the picture is gross!

Anyway, some of my country girl sense kicked in and I went to get the cell phone to get a picture so I could do the zoom in thing. Sure enough that disgusting thing had legs and was embedded in my arm!  As small as it was I am glad that it was not in my head of hair, I would never had found it.  I started calling for my husband to come help me get it out of my arm.  Good thing he happened to be home that night.  That is unusual in itself!

So, in all fairness, Wes was asleep when I started calling for him. That will explain his disorientation. I show him the tick and tell him I need for him to help remove it.  He starts, of course, doing his happy dance that I have talked about in the past blogs.  He is jumping around repeating over and over, oh my gosh.  He just keeps dancing and saying that.  I tell him to stop, he needs to get this out of my arm. He says he had no idea they could be so small. I KNOW exactly what he is thinking. He wants to stop everything and have me check him for ticks.  You know that moment you hear the word tick or head lice your hand immediately scratches your head?  That is exactly what was going through his mind, I just know it!  He continued with his dancing, but he did try to help me.

Anyway . . . the stuff you read on the internet about removing ticks, do not believe it!  The alcohol did not work.  The soap did not work.  The heat has never worked, it just melts off their legs.  Wes googled and we tried the pressure with the tweezer method.  I was terrified we would just crush him and kill him and he would be stuck in me anyway.  I believe he finally did back out, at least there does not seem to be evidence of a head left in me.  Funny thing, we could not even get the alcohol to catch fire to burn that tick! Wes was really good, he did check my hair, part by part, and then and only then, did I check him.  Haha.  He is so terrified of them.  He still keeps checking his head and it has been a few days now.

Since I work for a doctor, I was able to see him the next morning and was put on antibiotics to prevent a possible lyme disease issue.  The first antibiotic I took only one pill of and had a terrible reaction so I was switched to a different pill the next day.  I am still cringing at the thought of a tick in me!  I do not like them at all.  I am still on the antibiotic – it is a 14 day dose.  I am sure that all will be fine!

Guess what, though?  When I googled ticks in the backyard, it said to try to eliminate squirrels and chipmunks.  GO FIGURE!!!!

(Side note:  Wes went out the next day and sprayed the yard for ticks!!!!)  Too bad that the spray does not work on chipmunks and squirrels!



Don’t Look At The Light!!!

We all know that I do not like insects, bugs, spiders, etc.  I especially do not like camel crickets or praying mantis.

I was thinking about the movie, A Bug’s Life.  There is a quote that I can never forget and we quote it so often for reasons other than how the movie used it too.  When we see a deer, we all yell, “Stay away from the light!”  After googling it, though, I found out that I have been quoting it wrong all of this time.  No biggie, I do that often.  Haha.

I always said, “Stay away from the light!”  The actual quote is a bit different.  Harry is a fly in the movie who is attracted to the bug zapper.  His friend wants him to not be hurt.  Harry’s friends says, “No! Harry, No! Don’t look at the light!” Harry says, “I can’t help it!  It is so beautiful!” Then, Harry gets electrocuted and there is the noise of a frying bug and he dies with a wail.

Bugs/insects always go to the light.  You have to watch it when in the yard or on the deck with the lights on because the lights have so, so many bugs around it.  You find yourself sitting there and swatting at them.  It is best to leave the lights off, but then you cannot see as much. When you leave your porch light on so you can see to get into the house at night, you have to make the mad dash to get in with letting as few bugs in as possible.  The worst is when those locusts come in and hitch a ride in on the  back of your shirt.  June bugs are even worse!!!  So, so gross! Yucko!

Well, why was I thinking of A Bug’s Life?  I was downstairs in the basement getting ready to get into the tanning bed.  Even though the basement is a finished basement and is nice, there are parts that are not so finished.  The laundry room is not finished and it is off of the finished area.  Next to the laundry room is the room where the tanning bed is.  The laundry room, perhaps because of the hook ups for the washer and the water heater and furnace being there, has been known to have some bugs/insects.  Therefore, when tanning, I often times think of the bugs/insect.

Today, while I am the tanning bed, all I could think of was that I hoped all of the bugs did not congregate to the “light”.  A lot of the time that I was in the bed, I kept saying, “Harry, No!  Stay away from the light!”  The next time, I will get it right.  I will say, “No, Harry, No! Don’t look at the light!” Haha.


A Penny For My Thoughts?

Wow!  I cannot believe I have not written anything lately.  I apologize for my inconsistency.  I have had tons of ideas and thoughts, but just have not written down anything to post.  As I am thinking of things to say, I wondered, how about just sitting down and saying what is on my mind with no particular story?  How about just putting down my thoughts?  I wondered if anyone would care to read it.  Haha.

Life has seemed more hectic than usual.  Of course, with Shelby getting married, there has been more to do.  Planning, making decorations, looking for dresses, etc.  Shelby did get married as was posted earlier and now comes the reception.  That is actually all planned, we just need to do the work now. Shelby and her husband were also house hunting so we had to go look at the houses they were interested in so Dad could give his approval. The hunting was most every weekend for awhile.  His knowledge as a carpenter helped a lot with the house hunting.  I think the children tired of us saying no to each house, though because  they looked at a house without us, made an offer and they close soon! We have only been able to do a drive by.  The outside looks nice and the neighborhood seems nice. I am sure they chose well.

Summer is approaching . . .  well, maybe, if the weather can make up it’s mind.  I think it is debating between a mild winter and a hot summer right now.  Either it feels like it could snow or it is really hot. The outdoor work takes up a lot of time, too.

One thing I can say is that we did try the homemade weed killer and it really does work well!!!  It feels so much safer than using other weed killers such as Roundup.  If you would like the “recipe” it is:  1 gallon of white vinegar, 2 cups of Epsom salts and 1/4 cup of Dawn dish washing soap (the original). It works pretty quick.  I did think our yard smelled like a dill pickle for awhile though.  Haha!

When I write my thoughts, I may tend to jump around a bit and that may not be good.  I wonder if people can keep up with my thoughts dancing all over the place.  I will try to keep my thoughts on Summer beginning.  We still have not opened the pool yet, but that will come soon.  Wes only has one full day off, Saturday, and the pool takes up most of the day to open.  When his Saturday is a rain filled day, nothing much outside can be done.  The decorations for summer weather will have to be taken out of storage and set out or hung up.  We have most of them out and it is nice to sit in your decorated yard and see all of the green grass, trees, flowers, etc.  It is just beautiful outdoors!  God sure gave us a lot of beauty to behold.

We usually grill all year round as the grill is just on the deck right outside the back door.  However, it seems to be more exciting when the weather is like it is.  I have all of the weird food issues and have not been eating much, so I do not cook like I use to.  I think I spoke of the issues in a prior blog.  To refresh, though, I am gluten intolerant, cannot have salicylates or nightshades which leaves few foods to eat.  Good news, though . . . I am a great deal better!  Being better means I am cooking more because I can eat, too!  Funny thing, when you stop cooking as much, you are not as good as you were and you feel like a new cook and make several mistakes! Today I was grilling chicken and using my brother’s recipe. I was smiling, thinking of him, as I was making it.  He taught me a method of cooking by putting the food in a foil pouch.  Cooking time is less and it is more tender.  We do not cook with pouches all of the time, just some of the foods we cook that way.  I followed all of his directions, at least I thought I did!  Haha.  When I brought the food in and opened the pouch of chicken, I had not put ANY barbecue sauce on at all!  Grrrr!  It usually soaks into the meat and it is flavored through and is so tender.  Now I just had chicken that appeared to be boiled and contained spices.  It did not even smell appetizing.  I was able to add the sauce and make a new pouch and cook it a bit longer and it turned out as good!  Wes did not know what I had done and he said it was good and just like he remembered having. (We have not been able to have barbecued foods for awhile, due to my issues.  That is why he said it tasted like he remembered).

I guess this blog is about getting ready to enjoy Summer. Well, actually, it is enjoyable getting ready for Summer, too! I hope you all will enjoy yours as well! Let me know your favorite Summer memory or tradition.





Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to you! Remember to thank God, your husband and/or father of your babies and your babies for the honor, privilege and blessing of those babies!  Love them extra special today.

When I was a child, I always wanted to get my mother a present that would make her so very happy that she would cry.  I wanted her to have what she had always wanted.  She usually always wanted a rose bush, but there were other things as well.  She could always use another rose bush.  Lol.  Every mother’s day, I think of a rose bush and every rose bush makes me think of my mother.  I miss her and loved her very much.  She was my BEST friend!

Mother’s day to me now that she is gone? I think she was the best mother ever, as does every child regarding their mother, I suppose.  I do think she was the best ever, though.  I wanted to be as loving to my children as my mother was to me.  I do love my children more than anything.  They are all I ever wanted out of life, that and a great husband.  On mother’s day,  I really, honestly just want my children to talk to me and love me.  That is all.  I want nothing, nothing at all.  I actually do not much care for mother’s day.  As I posted yesterday, I would really rather have a “Kid’s Day”.  They are the reason a person is a mother.

When you go to church around mother’s day and they speak of mothers biblically, it makes me feel so inadequate.  What women to measure up to!  I can never be like them.  After you hear how perfect they are/were, it does not make you feel much like being celebrated as a mother.  I have not been perfect.  I have made mistakes.  I will say, though, that I have always, always, loved my children with all of my heart and with all that I have.  I always will love them that much.  Yes, I had shortcomings.  I regret that I did, but I am not perfect.  At times, I wish to do it over.  My husband says I watch too much of the hallmark channel and shows starring the perfect parents and perfect children.  Haha.

I feel that there does not need to be a day for mother’s or father’s.  My father and mother always said that they are holidays that hallmark makes up to profit from.  Haha.  They said mothers and fathers should be treated kindly every day and I agree. Children should be treated kindly every day too.

Anyway, I am not meaning to be sounding depressing here or anything, I just feel like I said above, the reason you are a mother is because of your children.  I feel that on mother’s day, I should be thankful for my children and honor them. I do not mean that you should be thankful just today, I just mean that I feel that it is the reason for today. I have shown this better on some years than others, physically.  The children had to work or had to be gone one year so Wes asked what I would like to do for mother’s day.  I said I wanted to do something for them while they were gone so I cleaned their rooms and he helped me as his gift to me.  They were so appreciative that it was one of my best gifts that I received.  Another time, because I was so thankful that they made me a mother,  I made them all of their favorite meals and treats.  There have been other things we have done for them on mother’s day like that too.  Sometimes I do accept an invitation to my favorite restaurant, but I sure do love my babies.  They are exactly what I always wanted. They cannot be with me today or otherwise I would spoil them rotten!

Well, now you know what I think about on mother’s day.  Thank you, my dear, sweet children for making me a mother and thank you my dear, sweet husband for giving them to me!  Thank you God for the gift of them all!


Happy Children’s Day!

I do not know if the children will remember this or not, but….

Our children were home schooled as you may remember reading on here in prior blogs.  One day during school as Mother’s Day was nearing, I discussed something with the children.  I told them I wondered why there was a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day.  I told them I thought there should be a “Kid’s Day”.  They were really excited about this and totally in agreement with me!

We discussed just exactly how we should celebrate this day.  They, of course would not like to have flowers, so a gift would be in order for them.  They agreed it should be a gift of a toy or a game rather than clothing or something useful.  They wanted to have their favorite meal that day.  Well, there were two of them, so if they could not come to an agreement on what to eat, we decided that one could have their favorite for lunch and the other could have their favorite for supper.  Perhaps, they thought, they could agree on a place to eat out for one meal and then have a favorite home cooked meal for another.

I thought that they should, of course, spend the entire day with me and when their father was off of work, him as well.  They could not just play in their rooms alone or watch television alone, they had to be together with us so that we could properly celebrate “Kid’s Day”.  They surprisingly agreed to this as well. We would play games, watch a movie together, go for a walk, sit around the fire or any family thing they could think of.

The next issue was what day we should celebrate Kid’s Day on.  After a lot of discussion (about a minute), we decided it should be today for the first day!  Haha.  What a great time it was.  We stopped school and went shopping for their gifts and then we went shopping for the meals and treats they may want to have.  They use to always want my home cooked meals rather than eating out because we did not eat out much when they were little. They usually wanted either spaghetti, lasagne or pizza! Then we spent the day and evening playing and just being together!

We decided that we should keep Kid’s Day on a school day because it was more fun to skip a day of school and that made it even more of a special event.  Who would not want to miss a day of school for fun?  We did decide that it should be between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day the next year.   I do not remember when we stopped doing this and I do not remember why we did.  We should never have stopped!  They are what is important!

What could be more important or exciting or fun than celebrating the gift of your children.  What great times we had.  I think we should start this again and get together and do this every year!  So, children, listen up and let’s plan on this!  We love you very much!

May 5, 1993 – The arrival of Shelby!

Our little baby girl was suppose to make her arrival a little later but she had other plans.  Or should I say God had other plans.  I began spotting with Shelby and in light of the placenta rupture with Cody, who was eight weeks early, the doctors told me to get to the hospital immediately.  However, it was 4:00 or 4:30 p.m.  They told me I must get there before 5:00 or everyone would have left for the shift and they would have to call people back in.  I thought that was odd that no one would be there, but we rushed out to the hospital.

I was excited, but worried.  I had to rush so much and just leave Cody quickly without much explanation to him and with someone he hardly knew.  I had to find a sitter because my mother and my sister’s family were exposed to chicken pox because my nephew had it, so they should not be around Cody and expose him when we would be bringing home a new baby girl!

I was even more worried, because she, too was a little earlier than expected.   Would everything be okay with her?  Would she be too small?  I could list the many fears, but you can imagine what was going through my mind.  She was not that much early as we had a c-section scheduled already, but the c-section was scheduled early, so I was worried. I think she was 3 – 4  weeks early, but I am not certain. I was excited because I could see my baby girl.  I was excited because this time I would not be alone.  I would get to share this with my husband and experience that.

So, nothing is ever as planned, you know!  We arrive at the hospital and everyone is waiting for us.  We are rushed in to a room and Wes gets to scrub and come in.  They have questioned and questioned me about the type of anesthesia.  I wanted the local so I was completely aware like I was with Cody.  I am not sure if they made a mistake or if they were just not giving me a choice.  The anesthesiologist started an IV.  I told him that it was to be a shot in the spine.  He informed me that he knew what he was doing and I informed him that was not how it was done at Carle Clinic (we were now at Sarah Bush for Shelby’s birth). I was explaining what type of anesthesia I had requested again.  Suddenly, that is the last thing I remember.  When I came to, I was so upset about that!  My husband was there and I have no recollection of it whatsoever.  The first thing I vaguely remember is the nurses trying to have me breastfeed Shelby.  I cannot remember much of that, just a vague memory. I also remember them telling me to wiggle my toes.  That is all!  GRRRRRRR!

My husband told me later that he would talk to me and I would answer, but, like a man, he really did not remember anything that was said, of course.  It makes me wonder if the hospital just asked me to be nice but had planned all along to do the anesthesia like that or if the anesthesiologist made a mistake.  In any event, it was not right and I felt it was not fair.  BUT!!!! . . . I had a beautiful little baby girl!!!!

Shelby came into this world at 6:29 p.m. and  was 6.0 pounds and was 20 inches long!  Wow, she was not a preemie.  (At least I thought not, but she was still small.  All of the preemie clothes we had for Cody were big on her, too).  She was completely perfect!!!  Once I was out of recovery, I never let her leave my side!  The nurses kept asking to take her to the nursery but I told them she was fine with me right where she was. Thank you God for taking care of Shelby and I!!!!  I love you Shelby Logan Sanders.  I guess now, as of two days ago, it is Shelby Logan Sanders Williams.

What I would say about Shelby as a person today . . . She has a great sense of humor, you will always hear her laughing when she is around, she loves music, loves the outdoors, board games, all games in fact, almost any type of social activity, loves to be around people, loves nursing and taking care of people.  She likes to make a difference in people’s lives. She loves to take care of anyone actually.  If she hears that you have an issue she wants to fix it.  She is so loving and compassionate. She is my favorite nurse and excels at her job as a nurse! She is intelligent and a very quick learner.   She does love the Lord.

As a little girl . . . (and maybe still the same today) very, very sensitive, loving, caring, loves family, loves a good joke and played several on us all of the time.  She would always get joke books and tell jokes all day long to us.  She loved legos, mario and nintendo games. Loved Disney movies especially Beauty and the Beast.  Loved camping and swimming.  She loved webkinz!!!  We were always on the search for new ones.  She loved music, played piano and guitar.  She loved the Lord! She was always reading the Bible and Bible stories and writing in her journal what she read.  She recorded her favorite scriptures as she would read them. She LOVED reading!  I think that her favorite books were The Velveteen Rabbit (although she cried through it) Winnie the Pooh books and we had several books that were collections of childhood stories and she loved those.  Actually, it would be hard for me to say what her favorite was as a child.  She just loved so very many.  She wanted every single book we had read to her!  When she could not read it herself and we were too busy to read to her, she would just open the book and tell a story like she was reading it.

I almost left out the two things that Shelby loves the most.  Haha.  EVERYONE knows that Shelby, to put it mildly, has a thing for cats!  Especially her beloved Cheeto.  She also has a thing for her little stuffed animal, Twinklen!  He has never ever left her side! She, to this day, even as a wife, sleeps with her little Twinklen!

Anyway, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Shelby !!!  I am having a hard time realizing that I do not always get to see her on her birthdays any longer.  I feel like I have only missed one but I may be mistaken.  If that is so, today makes two.  I actually feel like today is the first day that I do not get to see her on her birthday.  I am thinking of you all day, though, Shelby Logan “Honey” “Pippi” Sanders Williams!

**The explanation of names…. She was named Shelby Logan Sanders.  My father’s middle name was Logan.  I thought the two names sounded nice together.  (Later we realized she was named sounding like a tornado warning.  Haha.  Shelby and Logan counties were always named together in warnings as they were close to each other.)  When I told my mother, sister and niece that I was naming her that, my mother immediately said, “What?!  Why not Shelby Rene???”  I explained that I thought that sounded like a diaper medicine.  Haha.  My niece said, “Why not Shelby Lea??”  I told her it did not flow together. My sister, Honey, immediately said, “Why not Shelby Honey??”  That was also from the movie Steel Magnolias, they were always calling Shelby in the movie, Shelby Honey.  I firmly said, Shelby Logan.

With Shelby and her love of reading, and her little pig tails that she loved to wear, everyone started calling her Pippi (from the book Pippi Longstocking) and Shelby started referring to herself as Pippi.  Also, Shelby loved Aunt Honey so much and Aunt Honey persisted in calling her Shelby Honey so Shelby decided to go by that on facebook, etc. Now, if any of you are her friends on facebook, instagram and other things, you now know why she goes by so many different names. I have my own nicknames for her.  I call her Sweet Pea and Shelby Girl.

Our little girl getting ready to go home from the hospital!
Our little Pippi!
Shelby in pre-school.  She does not like this picture, but I love that smile that she use to give at selected moments, with her little nose scrunched up!!!  What a cutie!  One of my favorite pictures!
My boy and girl!!! 
Heading to Colorado!



LOGALBUM . . . 3. About 13 photos of ships

I do not know what these are.  Perhaps they are tiny little postcards or something but on this first page, Grandpa wrote, ” The present line of defence of the U.S.N. ”  Yes, he spelled it with a “c”.  I would have used an “s”.  I googled the difference and it said that the difference is that one is with a “c” and one is with an “s”.  Haha!

I am assuming you can read the names of the ships on these photos.  If not, message me and I will label them here.  

The top right photo, I believe, is too hard to read, at least for me.  I magnified it and it reads as follows:  “Admiral R.E. Coontz U.S.A. Commanding.  United States Battle Fleets.”  Then, on the other side of the photo, it reads: “S. S. Robison Admiral U.S.A. Commander In Chief Battle Fleet.”


Shelby Sanders Got Married…..

May 3, 2019 at 11:30 a.m. Miss Shelby Logan Sanders became Mrs. Shelby Logan Williams.  This happened in Champaign, Illinois.

Here is a photo of my baby girl, looking like a bride already.


She is with her older brother here.  Oh the joy she has brought to our lives.  I sure do miss being able to pick her up and put her on my lap and snuggle and kiss her like crazy.  Babies are suppose to grow up.  They are suppose to do well on their own and she certainly has.  But….. lol.  I sure do miss her and wanted to put books on her head or something and keep her forever on my lap and in my arms.  The books did not work with Cody, so there was no point in making her carry them on her head!  Haha.

Today, just a few days before her birthday  there is now a new event to celebrate.  Her marriage . . .

Mr. and Mrs. Williams

Here she is today, just as pretty as ever.  She still brings so much joy to our lives.  We love you and wish the best for the two of you.  Congratulations on your marriage.


These photos are not too clear.  I hope you can enjoy them rather than be annoyed with my post.  This one, I cannot tell what it says actually.

I like the photo in the top right.
I guess he just named the people on this one and the one on the right either he did not know or was making a joke.  You do get to see part of the ship, though!
This says Edinburgh Scotland.  What do you think the lower right photo is?  Open air bus?  Limo?


This one says while in Iceland.  U.S.S. Raleigh.  And then I cannot make it out, maybe “with” and then I do not know.

I hope that you enjoy.  More to come.

Thank you.