Chili/Cheese Dip . . .

This is a great dish. It is even better if you are fortunate to be able to add the items that I cannot have. It is pretty darn good without them too, though!

You brown 2 pounds of ground pork with a well rounded teaspoon of steak and chop seasoning and a large tablespoon of minced garlic. You may adjust the amount to your taste. When the pork is done add 1/2 stick of butter and two cans of drained and rinsed black beans. Add two packages of Old El Paso mild taco seasoning.  You could step it up and add something other than mild, if that is your preference.   Add half and half. This was not measured, you just add to it until there is a sort of sauce.  Stir well and add heavy whipping cream to make a thicker sauce. If you want to eat this as a chili add enough dairy to make a sauce. I had originally started to make chili but had no tomato sauce so I was going to make a makeshift white chili.  That is why I used dairy. To use as dip use less dairy.  After I tasted a bite to see if I needed to add anything, I decided to make dip instead.

I dipped up bowls and I added cheddar cheese to mine and dipped with tostitos.

Wessie added sour cream and velveeta cheese. He dipped his as well.

I cannot eat a lot of things, so I made mine rather plain like I said above and it was quite delicious.

What would be completely wonderful would be to add a can of drained and rinsed corn, diced fresh tomatoes, diced peppers and diced onions! That would be so, so delicious!!! Perhaps some shredded lettuce as well! Use whatever you desire. Then you could top with green onion tops! My mother always said that whatever you liked the best of, add  more of that to a dish and you will love it.

Here is a photo of mine. It sort of looks a tad bit greasy, but it is not, it is how the shredded cheddar cheese appears.  In fact, I sort of think that this photo does NOT look appetizing.  My mother also said that sometimes the worst looking meals tasted the best.

Chili/Cheese Dip

ENJOY!  As a side note, I had some later on this evening and it is even better left over!  That is saying something because I rarely eat left overs!  They tend to get that “left over taste”.  It is true that some things are better left over and this must be one of those!