Welcome.  Today, since I am starting out, I really do not know what to say and believe me, I always have a lot to say!  I write in tablets, binders, any type of booklet that i pick up.  I sort have kept a diary since I was 13.  There are many unfinished ones lying around the house and in storage bins.  My children may or may not have a good time reading them when they come across them.   They may think, if they do not already…. What a crazy mom!

Let’s start with the title …. Follow what brick road?  That was taken from my all time favorite movie, The Wizard of Oz.  It is too bad that there was not such a clear cut road to follow in life. There are more turns, hills, valleys and loop de loops than one can handle at times. That is what this will mostly be about, all of the many paths life leads you down.

Next, we will sort of introduce me…. I love to laugh, love people, love children.  I grew up in a family of 5 children.  There was always something going on. My mother is responsible for this.  We will go into detail about her later.  She was definitely one of a kind.  You might say that our family never met a stranger.  We always talk to people, meet new people, and love it! Often times, this can lead to some very funny and embarrassing situations which will be mentioned here later.  Great times! My husband and I  have a family of 5 children ourselves and we love a house full!  Our home as well as my parent’s home was open to all.

Bear with me here, this may sound dull, but I promise you it will be interesting.  It is hard for me to stay on track and not talk too much at once. For instance, when I mentioned my mother, I could have went into several stories, but I need to try to keep some sort of organization.  Some people call them bonus stories, others call it getting sidetracked.

I hope for this to entertain, encourage and enlighten.  The stories of the family are too good to let just disappear and I like the memories. The lessons learned may help others.  The biggest goal, besides my getting to write it down and recall the wonderful memories  is that perhaps you will just enjoy this and maybe it will bring a  smile or laugh to you.

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