Confusing Spellings . . .

I realize that there are lots of confusing spellings of words. The ones that get me the most though are the words with the hidden letter W.

Why do you even need to have that W in there? The word answering. Go ahead and pronounce the W. “an swering.” I am not an English major or anywhere close to it, but why is the W even needed there?

Then there is sword. Go ahead and pronounce the W in that. I cannot even figure how to type it so that you pronounce it with the W sound. Lol. I am sure that you get my point though and can figure out how to do it.

There is wrist, wriggle, wrinkle, wreck, wrought, wrong, wrestle. These words you actually cannot pronounce the W as you can in answer and sword. I am trying to think if there are others like answer and sword but I cannot come up with any others.

To me at least wrist, wrinkle, wreck and the others you can leave the W silent at the beginning. The W in the middle of answer and sword drives me crazy.

Are there any of you majors out there that know if there is a reason for this? I really am wanting an “an swer” if you would not mind “an swering.”

Depression Attitude – Final Part

I had trouble eating properly due to feeling like I used to cook for an entire crew and reducing to just cooking for me. I ate very unhealthy snack foods because how do you cook for one person? I then realized that with my husband being a truck driver, I could cook a regular meal and freeze the rest for him to take for his meals.

I wondered if I had been a good mother at all. I even asked my children if they had a good childhood. I apologized for incidents that I remembered and I cried all of the time. I would wish I could do it all over again. Not that anything was that bad at all, because it was not, but I would just remember and wonder. I wished we had more money so we could have done more. We made the choice to home school and knew we would only have one income and that is what we decided to do because we considered that more important. I still feel that it was a good decision and very important to do.

Sometimes, I would just lay around and then I would sleep and feel like everyone would be better off without me because I was not pleasant to be around. I have always loved life and had wished I was not this old because I had so much more to do. At this point, I felt like I was ready whenever God wanted me and that could be as soon as He wanted. I felt that I was just wallowing and feeling pity for myself, but I could not rise above it. I have never felt pity for myself. I usually am a pretty happy person. I choose happiness and laughter. I do not want to live that way that I was. I wanted my children’s attention so much when they were just trying to live their lives. My children are wonderful, they were just doing what they were supposed to be doing and being successful at it. I am very, very proud of them. All of them. I have others, but these two were the babies, the others had long since moved out. There is a big age difference in the children due to Wessie and I having been married before. I really have no friends, so I could not just do things with them. I was used to hanging with family and when they were gone, who did you do anything with?

I was so used to taking care of them that it was terribly hard not knowing if they were home and in bed safely. They have been very understanding and I text them and they let me know. Poor kids, hahaha, having an overprotective mother like me! That may be part of why I felt they would be better off without me – they would no longer feel like they had to report to mommy. I am better and I do try not to bother them so much. I get so upset when they are hurt still. I cannot kiss it and make it better or hold them while they cry. That is so very hard. I will always want to shelter them and make things better for them if I can at all.

My oldest daughter lost her husband recently and there is nothing at all that I can do and it is tearing me apart. I want to take all of her sadness and see her beautiful smile again. I want her to go on and lead the life they had planned. I know she feels she cannot without him and she cannot really. It will never be the same. She will go on but it will be different. I wish I could do something for her.

I am always wondering and asking if they have money and if they have food. I am sure that I drove them nuts! I still do to an extent. The medicine did help a tremendous amount. Anyway, I keep having thoughts that I could go on and on with. But I will stop before I say too much and ramble.

The reason that I began to write about this in the first place was to perhaps help someone else that may need to hear that they are normal. I felt so terrible about thinking everyone would be happier without me. I did not mention this to many people because I felt it was a horrid thought. I did not want them to worry that I would actually do anything because I will never. But what actually prompted me was a woman named Chonda Pierce. She is a Christian comedian that I stumbled across on You Tube. A video popped up where she was talking honestly and openly about her depression. She had the same feeling that perhaps it would be better off if she were not here. I felt so much better after listening to her. I had thought I was in such sad shape for thinking that at all. If she felt that way, others probably do too. So, here I am sharing.

She cried some and also made light of it in her video. This is not a direct quote following here, it is my wording of what I remember her saying. She said she confessed this to her daughter and said she was thinking of jumping in the river. She said her daughter being so sweet and understanding said to her that she knew she would have to tell dad didn’t she. She said she heard them outside of her room talking in muffled voices. She said her husband came in and said I hear you want to jump in the river. She said yes. She said her husband said to her that she did know the river was only about a foot deep didn’t she. She laughed.

Anyway, I hope this helps someone. Do not be afraid to admit it. Get some help. It does work. It does not mean you are a failure. I love you all. Thank you for listening!

Depression Attitude – Part 3

I had so many, many feelings and emotions when I was laying on the couch and sleeping only. I first of all want to make it clear that no one is to blame but myself. It will sound like I am placing blame, but I am not. I am positive this is what empty nest is.

We decided to home school our children when they were in first and third grade. This means that I had the wonderful opportunity to spend all of my time with them. This was important because school and their activities are so rushed and children grow up before you know it. The more time, the better for us. All I had ever wanted out of life was for someone to love me and give me babies to love. Dad still had to work, but he had more time with the children as well. We joined Awana and even became leaders to spend more time with them. We were youth group leaders for their age group. We even taught Sunday School class for awhile. We started a church basketball team for children and Wessie coached. I scheduled the games and we even had cheerleading for the girls. It was a fantastic life! The children always had game nights at our house on the weekends and our house was continually full of children and laughter. What a blessing for us. I am so happy we had these opportunities. I would LOVE to do it all over again.

Suddenly, everyone grows up and moves out, just like they are supposed to. This is a common thing for children to do. It is great when your children can move on and be without you. It means you did it right and did a good job. But . . . Mom is left alone as dad is gone more often now. Major sadness sat it. I knew nothing else to do. It felt like I had no purpose. What what I supposed to do? There was a big void in my life. When Wessie would come home on the weekend, we would shop, do his laundry and get him ready to work again on Sunday. That was it. Wow. What a change from how it used to be.

That is why I finally cried to Wessie and said that I either needed a baby, cats, or I needed to kill myself. I am glad he chose the cats as I thought he would teasingly say go ahead, I will miss you. Haha. Do not worry, I would never kill myself. I would not do that and have anyone have to find me. That would be a horrid thing to do.

I was quite a pest to everyone at that particular time. I cried a lot and shared those cries with my friends. They listened. Well, I really do not have friends, my family is what I have. They are my very best friends.

I am sorry to do this, but there is so much more that I am afraid I will have to have one more post. See you tomorrow and thanks for listening.

Depression Attitude – Part 2

I left off with having talked with the pharmacist. This pharmacist is the best I have ever had! He shared with me his own issues and I even cried for him. He was of such help. My Wessie was totally impressed as well. The pharmacist even mentioned that counseling may help if I ever needed that. He shared how it had helped him. He spent so much time with us and I feel that he went above and beyond.

I told him how I felt like a failure having to take medicine and he explained everything to me in detail and I left there feeling okay, even good, about taking it. He said that even though it was hard for me that the hard part was over and that was in asking for help. I felt even worse because I had never actually thought people needed medicine. I always understood depression meaning that if you were alone or doing things that made you sad like looking at old photos of your deceased family members and things like that, then you would be depressed. I always had thought the key was to get up and occupy yourself. I found that during this, I did not want to even get up. I just would do my job and then lay on the couch and cry or just sleep.

I forget the statistics he gave me but there is a large percentage of people who suffer depression. He also said something like . . . imagine the firefighters and their depression, the first responders and their depression, the veterans and their depression, the doctors, nurses and health care professionals and their depression, the police officers and so on, now magnify what you have imagined he said. Wow! I have never even thought about that. He told me an amount of time that it would take for the full benefits of the medicine, I think 6 months, I do not know. I asked when I could stop taking it after that. He responded by asking me why I would ever want to if it helped me.

Turns out he was correct on all points. I will finish tomorrow with what prompted me to even post these blogs on depression.

New Attitude About Depression . .

This won’t be one of my normal lighthearted posts, so you may not want to read this one. I had actually initially started this blog to perhaps discuss things and to heal. I started out with my childhood memories and then I just seemed to have fun things to say. I do, however, feel like I need to mention this. I apologize if it is a downer. To me, it is more of a revelation. I will say right off at the beginning here . . . I am completely fine now and happy!

I never understood depression. I always felt like it was a choice – – you could sit around and think about depressing things and cry or you could get up and occupy yourself and change your thoughts and the depression would go away.

I work at a doctor’s office and I often talked with the drug reps. I expressed my feelings to them about depression and they always tried to explain to me how it was. I just never could understand that. I have to say, I apologize. I am totally wrong!

After my children moved out and I was here alone (my Wessie is gone a lot, so basically I am alone) I was so sad. I never called it depression. I was just so sad and lonely. Turns out it was depression! Wow, it is a real thing and there is nothing you can do about it. Well, not by yourself at least.

I was on the phone with Wessie one night while he was out of town and I told him I was so sad. I either needed a cat, a baby or to kill myself. Haha. I actually thought he would go with the latter but he said we will get a cat. We ended up with two because Wessie did not want to split sisters up. That was nice and we got Lemon and Zoe. That did not help that much. It just made me some more responsibility and work. I do love them though and am happy we adopted them.

I finally went to the doctor that I work for and told him I needed help. He has always been a good listener. He is so sympathetic that you just feel good even talking with him. He suggested a medicine. I was not happy about this at all, but I was agreeable. I then went to the pharmacy.

I have a fantastic pharmacy. I went to pick up the medicine and was crying because this made me feel like such a failure. I was having to admit I was wrong all along and having to admit I was depressed when I never believed it was a real thing. The pharmacist who is also a wonderful person discussed this and the medication with me for at least an hour. He was so kind and helpful. I have to say that I was reluctant. He explained that it would take some time for it to have full benefits but that I should notice within a week that I was feeling better. He was right and I was so shocked about how much better I felt.

I have more to say but I do not want this to be a long blog so I will post the second part later.

Not My Friend After All . . .

I had to go on an errand yesterday. I pulled into the parking lot and saw my friend in the passenger seat. I could not clearly see her husband, but I was so excited to see them out and about!

I can never do anything traditional like get out and walk up to someone and say hello. Nope, not me! I get all excited and drive right up to the passenger side car door and make a face like, “Gasp! I almost hit you!”

The lady, who turned out to not be my friend after all, was not really excited about seeing me. In fact, she almost had a very angry look in that glare that she was giving me. My smiling at her never even helped to change her face.

I backed up and parked and looked back over at them and they were just sitting in the van staring ahead like nothing had happened. I don’t think they even wanted to get to know me! Haha.

The Pay Increases . . .

My little brother is finishing a job on our house after the roof was damaged by hail and wind.

As always, I help out and am mostly the gopher. I used to work with him in our younger days…20 years ago or so. I did drywall finishing (to an extent, ha …mudding seams and hole patching and sanding) painting, staining and sealing and whatever I was capable of helping with.

Today as I am helping, Wessie called and was discussing the pay. Wessie told my brother that his pay doubled if I had to help him. They both thought they were hysterically funny.

Throughout the day my brother would have me do stuff and say he wanted to make sure that the double pay would last throughout the job and laughed.

So… he had this ladder that was on a bit of uneven ground. He thought that I should stand on one of the pieces that resemble rungs on the other side. Ever obliging, I hopped right up there. He is working and I am happily standing there gabbing away. When he says it is okay for me to get down, I cannot move. My feet were shaped around those thin little “rungs” for such a while that it felt so painful to pull them up to step down. All I could do was stand there and laugh about not being able to move. He said take your time the pay is double!

We moved on to the gables. I think that I forgot to mention that he was putting up soffit. He would cut the pieces a few at at time (of course nothing on our house is even so the piece sizes varied) and we would carry them over. Once there, he would climb up and I would hand him pieces. He wanted the first piece and I handed it up to him. He handed it back down and asked for the first piece he had down there that was bent. I ever so proudly told him that I noticed it was all bent and I had straightened it out for him! His little head sort of sagged and he looked back up, actually he looked down but since he had his head hung he had to sort of look up. Haha. He smiled and said that he had bent it as it was the piece that went in the middle of peak and it had to be that way. I think that this time I was the one who said the pay increases!

Now we move on to the back of the house. I have two bird feeders that I hang under the soffit. This seems to be the magical place that the squirrels cannot figure out how to get to and drain the feeders! As my brother was closer to putting the soffit up I reminded him to mark where the holes were for the hooks for the feeders. I have no idea why that was a dumb reminder that I had for him but, but he seemed relieved that the pay would stay at the higher level. Wessie had come home from work at that time and they chuckled. For some reason I guess you do not put hooks back in the original spot, you just make new holes. My brother said he would just let Wessie hang them for me.

The job was finished and my brother left the ladder up so that the feeders could be hung.

Here is a side note. . .remember that I have had a few falls in the last few years with some resulting in broken bones.

I excitedly ran to get my feeders. Our deck has multiple levels with slight step downs. Running, on the way back to them with a feeder in each hand (you know what is coming here!) I run over a step down. Both legs twist and I make those groaning/screaming noises that I make when I hurt something and then I start laughing as usual.

Wessie stops what he is doing, points his finger at me and tells me angrily that if I broke my foot or ankle or anything I do not get to feed the birds any longer!

My brother turned and we looked at each other questionably and our uncontrollable laughter broke out. What sort of comment was that Wessie??!! Since I broke my foot before from coming off of a step down out of the bathroom at my niece’s wedding does that mean I do not get to go to any other weddings or do I not get to go the bathroom?

Thinking About Joe . . .

I have been thinking about Joe a lot today. Of course, we all have been thinking about him and missing him so much.

I knew Joe since he was a little boy. He was a neighbor in the country. Of course, I am a lot older so he was a child to me. I can remember that he was over a lot and riding by on his scooter or something like that. He always was smiling. He was enjoying the day and/or he knew what he was going to be doing and was happily anticipating it. We always smiled when Joe went by smiling.

I later knew him when he was in high school as a friend of our daughter, Stacy. We did not hit it off too well then from time to time, but other times we did. Kids will be kids, but we still loved him. He still had that smile. Our daughter ended up sort of dating him for awhile but then she married and he was an usher at the wedding. He still had his smile. It was almost like a tattoo. That smile was constantly on his face.

Through a lot of circumstances and some time passing, Joe and Stacy ending up marrying each other. They had 10 years of marriage. That seems like a lot of time but was way too short. Through some circumstances and things, we did not get to spend as much time with Joe and Stacy as we should have.

All of the stories that have been shared of Joe and the stories of their marriage and events that have happened, I sure do wish we did have more time to spend together. I cannot get Joe off of my mind in particular today. I sure wish things were different. We are spending lots of time with the family now, but you cannot make up for lost time ever.

My thoughts of Joe today are of thankfulness for him. I am so thankful for so many, many things about Joe. He raised their children with great values. He taught Stacy, the children and his friends many things. He believed in people and gave everyone a chance, sometimes chance after chance. He said people just do the best that they can. What an attitude. He is right.

I am thankful that he showed people what love should be like. He showed his love in everything he did. He even showed love in his work. He would not do something shoddy in his work. He did the best that he could do. He was always grateful for what he had and always showed love in return for it. He did not take his marriage for granted. He worked at keeping the love up and the surprise. He worked hard to play hard was his other belief. He loved God and prayed daily.

Most of all, I am thankful that he and Stacy married. I am thankful that she had this time with him. I am thankful for all that he taught her. I am thankful for the happiness that she had while married to him. I am sorry that she does not have that any longer. I pray that she remembers all of the good times and all of the love he showered upon her. I pray that she remembers everything he taught her and continues to live the life he wanted her to live. I pray that she lives with Joe, through Joe, for Joe and for herself.

Rest in peace, sweet Joe. We love you.

Cheese is a Choking Hazard

Let’s rip on old Wessie some more.  Haha.  He sets himself up so.  This is my sister-in-law’s favorite story.  It makes her laugh the most.  The guy loves cheese. This also reminds me of the movie, Uncle Buck.  John Candy is Uncle Buck and he says, ” I don’t know, I can’t get enough cheese.  I feel like a big mouse.”  Wessie is a big mouse!!

Pizza . . . without fail . . . he chokes on it.  Rather, he chokes on the cheese on the pizza. He always, always orders extra cheese.  I feel like he takes too big of bites or something, I have no idea what happens to him.

Anyway, since it is such a frequent thing and he is always okay, we tend to ignore him.  (Poor Wessie, we probably ignore him more than he knows, lol).  One time when the children were very small, we had people over for pizza.  There was a lot of pizza on the counter.  I am pretty sure it was from Jerry’s Pizza, a favorite of ours.  It is sad to say it is no longer there.   We always ordered extra cheese from there and it was so very, very cheesy!

We were lining up to get pizza and Wessie is at the sink choking as usual.  Everyone, being used to him choking, is just trying to get their pizza and get around him.  His brother walks by and makes the comment to him, “Geesh, Wes, go into the other room to die, that is disgusting!”  Haha.  Everyone laughs and goes on around him.  Someone else made the comment, “Come on Wes, chew it up first!” Someone else walks by and says something like, “Move, Wes, that is disgusting.”  Poor old Wessie.

I finally get up to the counter and notice that he is acting different this time.  His face is red and he is really not making any noise now.  I am trying, as short as I am, to wrap my arms around him to help his choking.  I notice it is suddenly very quiet as everyone is busy eating.  I say, “I do not think I am going to be able to do this.  His brother, who is quite a bit taller than Wes even, sees what is going on and rushes over and saves little Wessie’s life!

We have laughed and laughed about how Wes was seriously having an issue and everyone was saying mean things and ignoring him.  My sister-in-law seems to find this to be the funniest story she has heard.  I do not know what she finds so funny about it, but she is amused by all of the people making rude comments and she thinks it is funny how poor Wessie is having an issue and everyone is ignoring him and being derogatory.  She has a weird humor!  Haha.  To be truthful, we all were laughing and laughing about it and still do.

Actually, this probably sounds like a bad story, but if you were there….

But Wait! There is more!!!

I forgot to mention two other fun things that happened on the fence installing day! Right before our smart friend came, these two other events happened.

Our daughter was trying to turn the gas off on the grill and had to reach behind it. It was backed right up to the fence rail. As she was reaching, the fence rail broke and she was flailing around trying not to fall. Of course, we were all laughing. Sorry, but if an accident is funny looking, I have to laugh as did all of the other witnesses. I will ask them how they are in between the laughter. I am sure I am not the only calloused person like this. Haha. She grabbed the grill in order to not fall off and was able to save herself.

At the same time, her daughter was laughing at her and was walking by and went on to sit down. Well guess what??!! Haha! As she sat down, the chair broke a bit and she fell backwards, her feet going into the air. We could hardly contain ourselves. What fun! Haha. No one was hurt, of course.

Where is the phone when you need a good video! There goes the $10,000.00 prize on America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Thank God For Smart Friends . . .

Once again, Wessie provides the material! We do not need to do anything, just wait for Wessie! Haha.

This weekend, we were building a fence for our daughter. Well, not we, but Wessie and a very good friend of our daughter’s, Dennis. Her children were helping as well. It was a two day project. The fence is finished and looks wonderful I might add!

Stacy, our daughter, and I were just sitting on the deck, watching, supervising, doing a few things. We were just enjoying the day. Dennis’ wife could not come on Friday as she was under the weather. Saturday, however, she did come and thank God for that!

You see, Wessie parked his car in the back yard as it contained his tools. We had the fence almost completed. Gina, Dennis’ wife, brought sandwiches and made them and delivered them to the deck. The boys were sitting and eating and we were all talking. Remember that smart friend I mentioned in the title? It is Gina. We were all talking about how nice the fence looked and Gina agreed and then said, “How are you going to get your car out?” You should have seen everyone’s faces. Mouths dropped open on some, smiles and laughter appeared on others. Haha. We sure are fortunate that she made it over that day!

Luckily, there happened to be one spot that was left open and we were lucky that it did fit through there! Hahaha! Oh, Wessie, I love you!

I Think She Gets It From Me . . .

There is a place in Champaign called The Bins. From what I understand, it is a store that sells Amazon returns. They just fill all of these bins up and you go through and buy what you like. Some items have never been opened and you have no idea what is in them. There is a desk area that you take that to and they open it. If you do not want it, they tape it back up. The first day, the day they stock it, the cost is $7.00 per item. The price is cheaper each day thereafter. Then they start all over.

This sounded like a really neat store. Shelby had been going to it and was telling us of all the deals she was getting. We decided we wanted to go and picked her up and went there with family and some friends. There were 7 of us in total. The Bins only allows so many people in at a time in case anyone was wondering. We were all browsing along separately, some of us together.

Shelby picks up an item and asks me if I think a certain person would like to have this. I tell her I am not sure. Later, she picks up another item and asks me if I think a certain person could perhaps sell that item. I say again that I am not sure. Then, Shelby says that my voice sure does sound terrible and asks me if my throat is sore. I tell her no and that I am fine. Shelby turns to look at me and . . . IT IS NOT ME that she has been speaking to all along! She has been carrying on a conversation with a total stranger and then insults her voice on top of that! Haha! Shelby was so embarrassed! I thought I was the only one that did things like that!

Like mother, like daughter!

Wessie Is At It Again ! ! !

We got a riding lawn mower from our daughter, Stacy.  I have been on a rider since I was a little girl.  I used to mow my mom and dad’s yard. It was huge as we lived out in the country, so I am no stranger to one.

When Wessie and I lived in the country, I mowed the lawn on a rider as well since Wessie was never home.  When we moved to town, he said I did not need a rider and gave it to my sister.  I have not mowed the lawn since.  (We actually could use the rider!  Silly Wes!) So, when we got one from Stacy, it was nice because now I could again mow the lawn so Wessie has more time on his day off.  He will no longer have to mow the lawn!

I was trying to familiarize myself with the mower because it has been about 22 years now and mowers are different.  He set it all up and said here is the brake, here is where the blade goes, turn the key and go.  I did just that.  All was going well.

I came back to him after making a round and said I could hardly see where I had mowed.  He said I did not have the blade engaged.  I showed him it was where he told me.  He said that was just the height and I had to engage it over here.  (First thing he failed to tell me that would have been helpful.) I went around again and came back to him.  I told him that it went entirely too slow and I was not going to do it if it had to be that slow. I told him he could just do it and that I had no time for that either.

I start to drive off and he comes up and throws a switch up (second thing he forgot to tell me that would have been helpful) and off races the lawn mower!  He moved it from #1 to #7.  I am flying all over the place. I went over bricks, up and down hills and everything all at a very fast pace!!  He is running after me hollering things like …. you are going to hit the car. . . Look out for the car … hit the clutch…. stop…. watch for the car.

I am, of course, doing the best I can to steer.  I am thinking hit the clutch?  There is no clutch.  I am thinking a clutch is what you push in to shift gears on a car and there is no shifting on a lawn mower.  You have to picture him chasing after me and hollering all sorts of solutions.  It was cracking me up. Well, I was laughing but also trying to save my life.  I had no idea our yard had so many small hills and nasty bumps! Haha.

Finally I realized that I should not be listening to him and my common sense kicked in and I hit the brake.  All was well.  I got off of the mower and he asked why I did not hit the clutch when he told me to. I explained to him just what a clutch was and that there was none.  He told me that the brake is the clutch.  I just said I had never heard that and I think he can still mow the lawn.

The Crab Cloud . . .

We were on our way to the lake for the day.  As we were riding in the truck, I noticed this cloud that was perfectly shaped like a crab wrapping itself around another cloud.  The crab was dark gray around a huge fluffy white cloud.  My mind flashed back to the memories of being on blankets in the yard with the children and finding all sorts of cloud shapes.  We did this  frequently and totally enjoyed it.

I mentioned to Wessie and our daughter, Stacy, how there was this cloud that looked just like a crab but that now he had lost one of his legs and they could no longer really see how perfect it was.  I went back to my memories of cloud viewing and my phone rang.

I answered it and it was Shelby!  She said, “Mom, outside there is this cloud that looks just like a crab!”  I was so excited!!! I excitedly exclaimed  oh my gosh and asked if she could see it from where she was and see it clearly too?? She said,  Well, it has lost one of its legs.”  I was so excited and carrying on and telling Wessie and Stacy and I was just going on and on.  Shelby started laughing.

Then, she told me . . . .  I had apparently pocket dialed her so she just quietly listened and then thought she would call me and play along.  Haha.  She sure got me!!!  It was great!

Watch Out For Moving Ribs! ! !

I was going to spend the night with my daughter, Stacy, one night.  I opted to sleep on the couch.  My grandson, Luke, was sleeping in the recliner.  I had this dream that I had this gigantic stuffed dog on top of the bed.  Cody and Shelby each had one when they were little, a blue one for Cody and a pink one for Shelby.  I must have been thinking of that.  In my dream, Wessie and I were sleeping and that dog was in my way. I picked that dog up and went to throw it on Wessie and growled at him.  Haha.

Well, I remember that dream, but what I remember the most is hitting a very hard surface and finding myself on the floor and slightly under the coffee table and my pillow about a foot away from that!  I guess I was actually throwing my pillow at Wessie (who was not even there as I was on the couch) and when I rolled to throw my pillow at him, I actually threw my pillow and then threw myself to the floor!  OUCH!

At first I could not get up and did not really know where I was.  I finally got myself into a sitting position and my grandson was sitting in the recliner.  I looked at him and asked why he was not laughing.  He just shrugged.  (How polite!  I would have been laughing so hard!!)  I got back up on the couch and laid back down and then I recalled that dream.  I asked him if I was talking when I fell.  He said I had not been.  About two or three minutes later, I told him that I had to say that that had really hurt.  Haha!

A couple of days later, I told Wessie that I thought I must have bruised my shoulder blade because it hurt a bit.  It kept getting worse and worse and I finally decided maybe I should see a doctor.  Well, that is when I found I had dislocated a rib.  Really?  Hahaha!  I never even heard of such a thing.  How funny!

I guess it is a good thing I did not break another toe!  What do you think of that, Shelby??!!  Hahahaha!  Do I still have those anger issues and somehow was angry with that dog?

My Anger Issues?

So . .. in my prior blogs I talk about how I broke my toe and my foot.  These were three separate incidents.  You can go back and read all of the details about them, but to give a shortened version, the first toe break was an attempt to “save” my children.  Haha.

There was a gallon pickle jar, filled with pickles, that we put in front of a gate in the hallway to keep the cats from getting in.  The jar was there because they would take their paws and “snap” the gate making a banging noise trying to get in.  The jar was strategically placed to stop the cats from banging the gate all night and we could then sleep. The two older children were screaming one night and were downstairs (Cody and Shelby). I had to get to them fast as I did not know what was going on.  I could not get the jar to move so I opened the gate and kicked and kicked until it was out of my way.  Well, repeatedly kicking a pickle jar will eventually break your toe.  No surprise news to me.

The second toe break was an accident.  I came out of the bathroom in the dark and accidentally ran into the cedar chest.  All of my toes went one way and the little toe went the other way.  Of course, that broke that toe.

So . . . my daughter, Shelby, had a friend talking about broken toes.  Shelby said that her mother had about 10 broken toes.  A little bit of exaggeration there.  Haha.  Her friend was astonished and asked what made me break so many toes.  Shelby calmly tells her that I broke one toe by kicking a jar of pickles and the other by kicking a cedar chest.  The girl gasps and asks Shelby if her mother has anger issues!!!!

Thanks, Shelby for spreading an inaccurate representation of me!  Hahaha.

I mean ….

I just was noticing how the children speak today.  Well, I have always noticed, but in particular I have noticed how they use the phrase, “I mean.”

I always have used the phrase “I mean” as a correction.  If I had said look at that red car and it was really a blue car, I would say I mean blue.  I had figured “I mean” meant that you had made a mistake in what you had said and when you said “I mean”, you were saying that you did not actually “mean” what you had said and what you really meant was ….  Haha.  That is a complicated paragraph, but I bet you are following me and you get what I mean!  (Sorry, I could not resist.)

So, back to the children … you might ask them, “How are you?”  They will say, “I mean, I am good.”  You say, “What are you going to do today?”  They will say, “I mean, I thought I would go shopping.”

To my children, I have said what do you mean by I mean?  Did you say something first that I missed hearing?  Were you just thinking and corrected yourself?  Haha.  They will, of course, get a little annoyed but they get my point.

I mean, I was just thinking about it so I thought I would post this!

Sweet Childhood Memories . . .

I may have mentioned all of this before, but it is on my mind.

The senses have a lot to do with your memories, certain sounds and songs, certain smells, certain ways we feel,  taste of something,  just walking into a place and having a feeling of a past notion.

We grew up on 10 acres and with the trees and scenery the breezes were the best!  We lived on a sort of incline as well.  Our yard was coveted by the “people in town.”  They would drive by on a hot day, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.  They would stop and ask if we wanted to sit in the yard.  Mom and dad, of course, always welcomed people.  The cousins meant we had more socialization as well, younger, people to play with and as we got older, people to talk with.  Haha.  Dad had built picnic tables and we had wooden benches he built that to this day are more comfortable to me than the lawn chairs, plastic or cloth. There was always plenty of seating and of course the yard!  I have been trying to get my husband to build me a bench identical to that.  It has been 30 years so far but I think I may be making some progress.  We can only hope!

We never had air conditioning and were never hot.  That was, in fact, the coolest house I have ever lived in.  Even having air conditioning now, it was so much better. Cool, fresh air cannot be beat.  Mom and dad had it set up with one of those huge fans in a window blowing out so that it was sucking out the heat and some random fans blowing around the house.  It is amazing how cool that was, of course, there was plenty of shade around the house as well.

I will probably share more of the “senses” memories because for some reason they are surfacing.  Don’t get me wrong, I love for them to come up.  The memories are of great times! This was brought to mind because I had the windows open a few weeks ago and the breeze wafted in and I just had this feeling of being at home with my mom, dad and brothers and sister.  I don’t know what makes it happen, but I am glad that it does! What good days!  Enjoy each moment.



So, it gets really hectic when you are getting supper prepared for 4 children and a husband, especially as you are “plating” as they call it now.  I plated some stuff and the rest I carried in bowls to the table.  My husband’s 14 year old and 10 year old sons were there at this time and our son, Cody,  was about 5 and our daughter, Shelby,  about 3.  I was carrying hot stuff to the table and the kids were all trying to take their seats.

I always told them they did not need to sit at the table and wait with their forks in hand ready to stab at the food.  This statement always made them giggle and laugh. They could come in when they were called or even help me somewhat.  They would just laugh and sit there anyway.  It was sort of cute seeing them all sit there excited about supper,  but not when my husband did it as well.  I mean come on husband, help out!  Haha.

One particular night was especially hectic.  Everyone was starving and everyone was running around the kitchen and table area and being exceptionally loud as they were always in such good moods. It would not have been so bad if they were sitting but they were all dashing around the table and sort of being right in the way.  Right when I had a hot dish in my hand, Shelby came running up to me with her little finger extended and was slightly whining.  I assumed she just wanted me to kiss it, but the boys were all being loud so I could not really hear her.  She kept getting louder and louder.  I yelled at them to please quiet down and they all got louder as if they all needed me to hear something right then and there. I turned to get another dish to bring over and Shelby was still following me with that little finger extended. I was afraid we would collide and I would spill something on her.  I looked and it was not bleeding so I took the final dish to the table.

Finally in frustration, I hurriedly set the plate down, answered two of the boy’s questions and grabbed Shelby’s little finger and kissed it.  She turned her finger around and looked at it and said, “my booger gone!”  Oh my gosh!  I quickly reached for my mouth and sort of started sputtering and wiping my mouth and the boys all erupted in laughter.  Then Shelby giggled and said, “You kissed my booger gone!” We all laughed and laughed and suddenly things were not hectic any longer.  It was just what we needed to take the edge off.  What a fun supper it turned out to be, at my expense of course, but I survived it.

To this day they talk about me kissing a booger and have a great laugh over it!  I miss my babies.

WHY? . . .

Do you ever wonder what you are thinking?  Or if you are even thinking at all?!!

For instance, one time I added a nice topping of paprika to my oatmeal.  It was not cinnamon after all.  Another time, I was making gravy and it was lumpy.  My mother-in-law said that is not a problem, just strain it.  I was so impressed!  Wow, no more lumpy gravy!  (This only happens to me when I make brown gravy with corn starch, even though I make a paste first).  I immediately grabbed a strainer and strained my wonderful gravy . . . right down the kitchen sink drain!  Dumb!  I just stood there and stared at my loss.  I called my mother later and we had a good laugh. Sad to say, there is an endless list of things like this that I have done.  They always provide me with a laugh, though, so that is good.  I seem to always call someone and share with them and then they have a good laugh.  So, you see, something good comes out of everything!  Haha. I could go on and on here, but I will spare you.

I am hypoglycemic and at times I wait too long to eat and then I am really sick and have to grab something immediately.  Sometimes it just hits you fast and you have to grab anything.  That is no excuse for doing dumb things, though.  I was just throwing that out there.  Haha.

That very thing happened to me this morning and I thought I would grab cereal.  I know, if it is too bad I can drink orange juice or have a spoon of sugar, but i would rather grab something to eat as it will last longer and the orange juice and sugar are just added calories.

I grab my box of cereal and do not even look because I know the color of the box.  Not even looking I have poured myself a big bowl of uncooked rice!  I am just glad that I noticed before I poured the milk!


The Cutest Cats Ever . . .

My cats were the only two survivors of a litter that was attacked by a dog.  They became my owner when they were 6 months of age.  They are the most loving cats ever.  I have never seen anything like them.  They crave affection more than any cat.  They are not the typical “I will come to you when I want, do not expect more” cat.  When I call their name they come running from wherever they are. They cannot get to me fast enough.

They are never alone.  They stay by each other every second.

Actually, I do not know a lot about cats and your cats are probably just as special but you know how you brag on your own like there are no others.  Haha.  The yellow one is Lemon Breeland and the TortiTabby is Zoe Hart. They are my girls!  This morning they really touched my heart.  Well, they do a lot, but this morning…oh my!

I heard a cat sounding like they had a hairball.  I went out to see which cat it was and it was little Zoe.  She was heaving and Lemon had her little paw around her neck and was looking at Zoe with such concern.  My heart absolutely melted.  It was the same as if your child was vomiting and you were holding their little head.  I watched to be sure everything was going to be okay.  Zoe stopped soon and fortunately there was nothing for me to clean up.  As soon as Zoe stopped and was okay, little Lemon started licking her head and Zoe leaned into her.

Talk about tugging on your heart strings!  I love my girls!



Back to Bugs . . .

Today, as I was in my office (at home) working, a bug crawled up to me.  As you know from the camel cricket story, this did not make me very happy.  It was not small but it was not huge.  It was big enough for me to hate it though!  It was one of the ones that would make a good crunch if I killed it.

What in the world were the two cats thinking?!  Getting bugs is their thing.  They love to do this.  Why did they let me down??

I used to cover bugs with things like paper cups, bowls, whatever I could find and save them until my husband got home and then he could kill them. I often thought that perhaps they would suffocate, but they never did.  He was used to coming home and finding them.  He did not understand, but he accepted it.

Later in life, I have learned that I need to kill them rather than wonder where they may be later that day.  (I stopped covering them.  I had decided I would have to get too close to them trying to cover them up.  There is a story to tell later about a wolf spider that made me come to this conclusion.) Ugh!  I will never forget that spider.

I absolutely cannot step on a bug.  That crunch noise just sends me off.  My entire leg feels horrid.  I get chills and can barely stand that my foot is actually attached to my body.  It is like I try to shake it loose.  I make awful sounds and jump around like I am on hot coals barefoot. I really cannot explain it but I just cannot step on a bug.  It makes me shudder, repeatedly. I learned to quickly pull my shoe off and beat it to death with the shoe.  That is much better.  No chills or shaking, just a sick feeling,  sort of queasy.  Of course, if any body parts are left on the shoe, it has to be cleaned.

Sometimes I think about that bug.  I wonder how I would feel if I were just walking around and suddenly a big shoe smashed me.  I get over it quickly though.  I remember that if I were walking around their house uninvited, I guess I would deserve to be stepped on.  They have the entire outside, they just need to stay there.  Anyway, it is rude of them to just come on in.

So, back to this incident.  I had no shoes on!  I do dictation when I work at home, so I have to have the shoe off to be able to find the correct pedal, rewind, play, and  fast forward.  That bug had me pinned in.  I could not get to the door to get to my shoes as it was between me and the door.  I was trying to figure out how long it would take him to get to me, could he fly, could I make it past him and get back before he was gone?  (I just noticed I called it a him.  I guess because guys like to torment and that is what bugs do.  Haha.)

Now I have a mess!  He was moving right along straight to me! I threw a stack of dictation on the floor and smashed down with my hand.  I had to be certain to have enough of a stack so my arm did not have the same reaction to my hand as my leg does to my foot.  Wessie will be home this afternoon and have to clean it up.  The major portion is on the floor, but particles are stuck to that bottom piece of dictation.

Now I have to see him over there most of the day and I cannot type that one dictation until it is cleaned off.  At least I know where he is and that he will not be getting any closer to me.  I wonder if they travel in groups like other things do.  Perhaps I should take the rest of the day off?

What I Just Now Learned!!!!

Due to the world situation, I have been afforded the luxury of watching a little more television.

I have always struggled with the issue of meeting an old acquaintance in a shopping center or in passing somewhere.  The struggle is in trying to remember their name.  I hate that more than anything.  It does not mean they were not important to me, it just means I am older and I have to go way back in my rolodex in my brain to come up with the name.

Many times I just avoid the name and say Hey!  Then I hate that because I am home wondering who that was for days!  Sometimes I come up with it and other times I fail.  HOWEVER, there is that time when the person asks if that is your husband or your child or a reference to the person you are with.  It is then that you NEED to know the name so you can tell the person that this is your friend so and so.  UGH!  Embarrassing and awkward to say the least.  I am sure that I am not the only one but that does not comfort me.  It makes me feel terrible.

Well, good news!  On a series that our daughter suggested that we watch we found the solution.  Again, I am slow and usually a bit behind.  You probably all have already figured out how to handle it, but I accept that I am usually the last to know.

A couple was going to a family reunion and she knew she would not remember their names since it had been years since she had seen any of them.  She instructed her boyfriend how to handle it.  She would say to the person, this is my friend, Luke.  She instructed him to shake their hand and say, “And you are?”  OMG!!!! How brilliant!!!!

Why could I not come up with this on my own???!!!  Why did I not watch that show years ago?  That solves most of the issues because I am not alone that often but there may still be that time when I struggle.  Still, I am overjoyed with this solution!

Perhaps some of you are as behind as me and this may be so helpful to you!  And you are?




Have You Given Up On Me? . . .

I am so sorry that I have not been consistent with posting.

When I started this my thought was that I could talk about things that I needed to talk about perhaps to heal or to vent.  I don’t know. . . I started to talk about my family and the beginning of my life and they were such fun little stories.  I had comments that people liked that they laughed when they read my posts.   I had comments that people liked to be taken back to their childhood through my stories.  Therefore, I hesitate to talk about anything sad or something that may bring others down.

I have been going through a time and have not written because it may not be as upbeat.  So, here I am.  I will try to be consistent again.  At the moment we are getting ready for Wessie’s 65th birthday. That will happen tomorrow.  He is once again the same age as me and I am no longer older!  (Only by 4 months but he enjoys saying I am older.)  The children will be here and we will enjoy some much needed family time.  I will post a blog talking about the type of person little Wessie is, complete with some pictures!  I do not know when yet, because I will have to gather information.

Right now I am upset that I am almost out of toilet paper!  Haha.  Well, actually, it is not even funny.  I do not understand why people do that.  Now they have tons of toilet paper and others have none.  Also, there is the fact that some people cannot afford to stock up.  They buy specific items as the need arises.  Now those people have no toilet paper.  Anyway, that is not setting well with me at the moment.  I do not blame the people who can do that for doing it.  I just wish they did not need to take so much.  We are all in this together. Enough of that, things will work out.  Sorry if I made anyone upset with my rant.

Anyway, I will be posting again and if you read this, thank you for hanging in there.  I have lots of material.  Haha.  I just have to feel like talking about it.  Sometime I may perhaps post the more serious stuff, but I do not think people would like to hear it.

Love you all.



Chili/Cheese Dip . . .

This is a great dish. It is even better if you are fortunate to be able to add the items that I cannot have. It is pretty darn good without them too, though!

You brown 2 pounds of ground pork with a well rounded teaspoon of steak and chop seasoning and a large tablespoon of minced garlic. You may adjust the amount to your taste. When the pork is done add 1/2 stick of butter and two cans of drained and rinsed black beans. Add two packages of Old El Paso mild taco seasoning.  You could step it up and add something other than mild, if that is your preference.   Add half and half. This was not measured, you just add to it until there is a sort of sauce.  Stir well and add heavy whipping cream to make a thicker sauce. If you want to eat this as a chili add enough dairy to make a sauce. I had originally started to make chili but had no tomato sauce so I was going to make a makeshift white chili.  That is why I used dairy. To use as dip use less dairy.  After I tasted a bite to see if I needed to add anything, I decided to make dip instead.

I dipped up bowls and I added cheddar cheese to mine and dipped with tostitos.

Wessie added sour cream and velveeta cheese. He dipped his as well.

I cannot eat a lot of things, so I made mine rather plain like I said above and it was quite delicious.

What would be completely wonderful would be to add a can of drained and rinsed corn, diced fresh tomatoes, diced peppers and diced onions! That would be so, so delicious!!! Perhaps some shredded lettuce as well! Use whatever you desire. Then you could top with green onion tops! My mother always said that whatever you liked the best of, add  more of that to a dish and you will love it.

Here is a photo of mine. It sort of looks a tad bit greasy, but it is not, it is how the shredded cheddar cheese appears.  In fact, I sort of think that this photo does NOT look appetizing.  My mother also said that sometimes the worst looking meals tasted the best.

Chili/Cheese Dip

ENJOY!  As a side note, I had some later on this evening and it is even better left over!  That is saying something because I rarely eat left overs!  They tend to get that “left over taste”.  It is true that some things are better left over and this must be one of those!


Alright, I saw You!

My mother and father hung out with some friends and they had children as well.  We lived out south of town and they lived south of town but way more south than we did.

Our parents would often go play bingo and when they did so, the other couple would bring their children to our house and we would all stay there while they played bingo.  What a great time we had playing with these friends!  There are a lot of good memories of us being together.  There is one memory in particular that I am writing about today, though.  It makes me laugh every time I think of it and I hope you enjoy the story as well.

Back then, we had the stereo players that were consoles and you opened the lid and put on an album and there were huge speakers at either end of the console. I guess I should also say that back then we had albums!  Haha.   I really liked The Guess Who and had that album playing.  It was just background music and we are all playing and talking.  The music was just totally background because none of us really noticed when the music stopped.  However, shortly after the last song had ended, someone yelled loud and clear, “Alright, I saw you!”

When we heard that, we all froze in our tracks.  How scary!  Who was in the house and what did they see???? Who did they see? Tons of thoughts ran through my mind as must have happened with everyone else.  Evidently, not so with my younger brother!  He was quick thinking and quick on his feet!  Haha.  He ran over to the couch and in one smooth move, hopped over it and was behind it in nothing flat!  Not to be out done, I think the rest of us quickly followed suit!  Who knew so many of us could fit back there?!!  If memory serves me, not all of us could and some of us were out of luck, but we were all huddled near each other at least!

After a period of time when nothing happened to us, I think we slowly started coming out from behind the couch.  How scary that was!  How funny it was!  Haha.  My little brother being so quick and running so fast . . . that image still makes me laugh.  We laugh today saying he must have been the most scared. Thinking about it, he must have been the quickest thinking as well.  I hesitate to say the smartest, because he will never let me live that down! I always wonder if I will freeze in fear or react.  I guess he was the only one that reacted that time.

So, who yelled????  Haha.  This is so funny.  At the end of the album, after the music has stopped, someone on there yelled out, “Alright!  I saw you!”  So funny.  I just tried to google to see why they did it, but I do not do such a great job of googling I guess.  I cannot even find out what song it was after.

The album was Rockin’ by the Guess Who.  Following is the album.  I feel like it was at the end of side 2, but now that I have looked it up, I am unsure of myself.  Whatever it was, it was great fun!  By the way, I still love The Guess Who and still listen to them!

Side one
  1. Heartbroken Bopper” – 4:52
  2. “Get Your Ribbons On” – 2:36
  3. “Smoke Big Factory” (Cummings/Winter/Jim Kale) – 3:57
  4. “Arrivederci Girl” (Cummings) – 2:31
  5. Guns, Guns, Guns” (Cummings) – 4:59
Side two
  1. Running Bear” (J.P. Richardson) – 2:19
  2. “Back to the City” – 3:37
  3. “Your Nashville Sneakers” (Cummings) – 2:55
  4. “Herbert’s a Loser” (Greg Leskiw/Winter) – 3:35
  5. “Hi Rockers!” – 6:50
a) “Sea of Love” (Phil Phillips/George Khoury)
b) “Heaven Only Moved Once Yesterday” (Winter)
c) “Don’t You Want Me” (Cummings)


I wonder if I listen, they will still say it?  A lot does get cut when they play the music other than on the album.


The Embarrassing Pharmacy Phone Call . . .

I completely realize that I have no idea what comes out of my mouth.  Some of my friends realize that too.  Okay, all of my friends realize that, some realize it painfully so.  Most of the times it is in person that I embarrass myself.  Sometimes I am fortunate enough to do it on the telephone which I thought would be less embarrassing, but now I question that.

I previously shared a post about talking on the phone and I always say I love you as the last thing I say.  I do this because you never know what may happen.  At that time, I had just talked to 3 family members and then I received a call from Wessie’s lawyer.  YES!  When we hung up I told him I loved him.  Yes, I felt the need to call back and tell him that I did not in fact love him.  I am pretty sure that that made everything worse.  I should have just left it at that and let him figure it out.

Well … Friday, I called the pharmacy to renew some medications.  Unfortunately, I did not do this on the actual call and totally embarrass myself.  NO!  I did it in a more permanent way.  I left a voicemail!!!  Occasionally over the weekend, I have thought of this and wondered what they thought.  It is sad that I did leave my name.  Now they all know who it was.

No!  I did NOT tell them I loved them.  I was going through the spiel … Hi, this is Debbie, the date of birth is blah blah, I would like to renew blah blah and so on.  Then. for some reason, when I was finished with that, I immediately said, “In Jesus Name I pray …” I stopped myself there and stuttered and then just said thank you and hung up.  I was starting to say “In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen.”  I am not exactly sure where I stopped talking but they could figure out what I was going to say, I am sure.

Why in the world did I do this?  That did not even sound like a prayer.  It is not like I am embarrassed that I said that because  I do love Jesus.  It was just not supposed to follow a request like that and that is why it was embarrassing.  I laughed as did the people who heard me make the call.  Later, I thought maybe God realized that I needed Him brought to my mind.  Then I thought that perhaps I needed to pray.  I also thought that maybe the person that took my recording needed to be reminded of Jesus.  For whatever reason, I did do it.  I also did pray.

I only wish that I would somehow ever be able to know what was coming out of my mouth before everyone else does!

Explaining The Toilet Stool “Stupidity” To Wessie . . .

So, Wessie naturally is in disbelief that I even thought I would stand on this toilet.  He figures I would know better.  I explain to him that I am not that large and I do sit on it and people who weigh more than me do too. He points out in great detail about all of that weight in just two spots, psi, etc. He goes on and on about how I should know better.  (I guess he thinks I am really smart or he assumes that I think!)  I listen and listen to his lecture.  I defend myself and tell him how strong the toilet is but I did have the fear that I would go crashing through the floor to the basement.

We both laughed a bit over that because I was sitting on the toilet in the first house we purchased and the toilet fell backward through the floor while I was pregnant and sitting on it!  Let’s just say that I needed help getting off of that toilet and it was a pretty embarrassing moment.  I weighed  less then than I do now!  It was not that I was big, it was that the floor beneath the toilet was rotten and I happened to be the one who sat on it at the wrong time.  Needless to say we had a great deal of repairs! We had a laugh over that memory.

I then went on to actually admit that I did not really think about what I was doing, I just wanted the gold and it seemed to be the fastest way to grab it.  At first he seemed concerned about me. He told me how I could have broke my ankle or my leg, hit my head, been knocked out and so on.

Secondly, and most like a man, he was concerned about whether or not I busted the seal on the toilet and how it would leak and he would have to repair it and would not be home for a few days.

The best part is yet to come.  What an imagination that man has!  It now comes to concern for himself.  Not that he would miss me, but that he would be blamed for the accident. He decided that I would fall, break my ankle and then hit my head.  However, some how he believed that I would have hit my head inside of the toilet and would have drowned.  I have yet to figure out how that could even be possible.  He explained it in detail, but I cannot even begin to remember even how to describe his thought process. I was laughing so hard at this thought, from standing on top of the rim, I fell and hit my head and drowned.  He said that stranger things have happened and it could very well be possible.

It gets better . . . Not only did I drown, everyone believed that Wes drowned me and tried to use the excuse that I fell.  Wow!  Haha.  What an imagination.  I do wonder why he never got around to mentioning that fact that he would miss me or be sad or anything like that.  Hmmmmm.


First Advice Of The Year . . . Do NOT Stand On The Toilet Stool Rim!!! No Matter What You Want To Reach . . .

This was what I posted as my status on facebook on January 1.  Lots of questions were asked about that post.  Following here will be the story.

I have about 4 shelves behind my stool in the bathroom.  These shelves contain towels, washrags and decorations.  On the very top shelf that I can never reach, is a very nice metal container with sunflowers in it.  What is the point of putting anything there that I need as I cannot reach it anyway?  Right?

Well, I was reorganizing after Christmas and thought that I needed that flower arrangement somewhere else.  I have a separate room for the bath tub, cabinet and sink,  which is much bigger  and a separate room where the toilet is which is very small with a small sink.  This was probably a good idea when the house was built because someone could use the toilet while someone was bathing. There are four doors accessing these rooms and I really do not like to haul a kitchen chair back there to reach things.  Sometimes I take a broomstick or something to scoot items and then try to catch them.  I already realized that this would not be a good idea because I could see my face getting smashed or cut something or break or dent something.

My brilliant idea? Stand on the toilet seat.  I closed the lid and pressed on it and decided that it was just a thin plastic thing that gave and I would not be able to stand on it.  I decided to not stand on the other lid  either as it was the same material.  But!…the toilet was porcelain and should hold me.  Good idea, right?  NO!

I hop right up with a foot on either side of the rim.  The first thing I notice is that the toilet seems to sag or sink down. I look down and my feet are sort of sliding.  Combine a damp, cold sort of porcelain rim and old tennis shoes and some sliding is sure to occur.  I think to myself, “what have I done?”.  I think about falling in the toilet with one leg and all of the pain I will feel to other parts of my body as I crash, and various other thoughts come to mind. I wonder how will I land?  What will I hurt?  Will I break the same foot again, a leg, an ankle?  Why do I never think things through?  Why do I think I can do anything?  Why do I not realize that I am old now?  Why did I not bring my cell phone with me in case?

I look up at the floral arrangement and realize that since I am up here, I might as well go ahead and grab it.  I have to stretch a bit still, but I do get a hold of it.  This action seemed to make sliding a little more noticeable.  I dance around a bit steadying my feet and wonder what is the best way to get down.  I again imagine all of the pain I may be in.  I do not know why I lingered around on this porcelain death device so long to think about all of these things.

I do finally get down and feel so very thankful.  I knew I really did not want to admit my stupidity but I did tell Wessie.  Wow, you should have heard the things he had to say and the scenarios he came up with!

I will fill you in on that tomorrow.  He has such an imagination!

New Year’s Eve – A Repost

I wanted to post a story about New Year’s Eve and then I thought that I had posted it before.  Sure enough, I did post it before.  I even told the story of when we were little and when my children were little.  I tried to think of something different to say, but as I reread the older one, it was all the same.  So, I hope you do not mind, if you were interested, I copied it and pasted it here so you would not need to look for it.

I miss the children.  One of them is carrying on the tradition of staying home and having a game night at their place.  They even offered everyone to spend the night to stay safe.  The other one is not sure what they are doing tonight yet.

I pray that everyone is safe tonight and has a good time.  Now that the children are grown and Wessie is working, it is just another night.  It actually always was just another night, but it was fun having a reason to celebrate.  If the children were still little, it would not be just another night, but since they are not, it seems like a good idea to say it is just another night.  Haha.  It helps us older folks get by. Don’t take this wrong, we are glad the children are grown and on their own and doing what they want!  That means that we have raised them right.  Besides, I have become accustomed to that 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. bedtime!

Below is the prior blog that I wrote about New Year’s Eve:

Mom and Dad had New Year’s Eve parties. They were not really parties, they involved the family and were a bit different. When we were children we would try to stay up late so we could go outside and make noise at midnight. This was a tradition that Mom and Dad had. We did not always make it until then since we were so young. This was a night to play games and watch television. We had all sorts of snacks during the evening, complete with some left over Christmas goodies! When we did make it up until midnight, it seemed that great things happened! It was such fun to go outside and make noise. Mom gave us pots and pans and wooden spoons and we would get to bang on them as hard as we could. Clang! Clang! Clang! I always liked the angel food cake pan. You could put your hand in the middle of the pan and bang away! The older brothers would fire shotguns into the air. We could hear the other neighbors making noise as well and some had firecrackers. It seemed such fun to be able to go outside late at night and make noise! I have no idea why they thought of going outside and making noise, but hey, I happily participated. It was fun and it was really neat! The sounds of talking in the distance, sounds of merriment and noise-making echoing through the woods and the area was something to hear! Some noises were muffled as they were more in the distance and we would try to guess what neighbors were doing what. This was such excitement for little kids and the grown ups seemed to enjoy it too!! After the noise making, Mom honored the tradition that a man had to be the first person through the door of the house the first day of the year, so we had to wait for Dad or one of the brothers to enter the house first. If a woman/girl entered first, she would have you walk out backwards so a man could then enter. Walking out backwards must have “un-done” your entrance. I think some of the times, we would open the door so we could let the old year out and let the new year in.

After the noise making, mom and the older children would come in and call relatives and friends. All of the phone prefixes started with the same number then so if the year was 1965, they would disguise their voice and call people and say is this 1-9-6-5? They would for some reason find it funny if the person would say no and they would laugh and say yes it is! They would shout “Happy New Year!” They would only talk for a brief moment as they had others to call and do the same thing to and they did not want them to beat them to it!

The bad part of this was the next day. There was some sort of food mom had to serve. I am shocked that I do not remember this, as I was always upset that she made it, mainly because I did not care for it. It was either cabbage, or beans and corn bread. It was something that she said was to be the traditional first meal of the new year. I do not know which it was. Her mother was German, so I am thinking it was cabbage. Well, I have talked with a reliable source, my cousin, Scottie, …and he states that it was corned beef brisket, and cabbage, boiled with potatoes and carrots. He still eats it every New Year’s Eve! Scottie, I never really cared for it, but I am thankful you were there to remember for me.

When our own children, were younger, we would have snacks and sparkling grape juice to toast with at midnight. We would play some games and perhaps watch a movie. We enjoyed watching the yearly countdowns, top music, top news, etc. As the children aged, we would host game nights with plenty of food. We would allow the friends to all stay over (in fact we preferred it) so no one would be out driving with the ones who drive and drink. We would go outside at midnight and make noise, but we never heard anyone else and it felt sort of silly to be doing that. The kids did not really see the point, so we stopped that. We would serve breakfast for the ones who stayed over. Some times, we would have the same type of thing at church and stay there until midnight or later. The church sort of lost interest in this or the people did, so we had it at our home mostly. We always liked to provide alternatives for the children. We had such great times on New Year’s Eve.

No game night tonight! All of the children and their friends are grown and really are not too interested in coming here. I wonder why? I even have pots and pans I would let them bang on!

Happy New Year, everyone! Enjoy and please, please be safe!

Please comment below and share your memories!

Mrs. Evelyn Perkins – Wonderful Woman!

I was looking out the window and not liking how it looks like it is near bedtime when it is mid morning.  I have never liked the gloomy days.  That is one reason I like snow.  Snow makes everything so bright and pretty.  If there is not going to be sunshine, than I want snow.  I just like bright! Bright makes me happy.  It makes me energetic.  Gloomy makes me want to lay around and just go to bed.  I am sure I am not the only one that feels this way?

I had the pleasure of knowing a woman named Evelyn Perkins.  You remember, I speak of my friend, Dorothy, on here.  Dorothy was mother to our pastor, John Best.  Evelyn Perkins is John Best’s mother-in-law.  She was just as wonderful as Dorothy, in my opinion.  I loved them both, dearly.

If I am correct on this, I believe Mrs. Perkins lived to be 106 years old.  She came to church at 105 I believe.  It was either 105 or 104 that she still walked right up the steps of the church.  She was so “Perky” as she would laugh and say.

Once you got to the stop of the stairs, there was a long pew that you could sit on.  After services, I would often sit there with Mrs. Perkins and talk with her.  She was such a delight to talk with.  She always had something positive to say.  She loved my children.  She would watch them and the other children go by playing and giggling.  She would talk about each one and how she loved this or that about them. She always had a smile, a beautiful smile, on her face.

It was so gloomy one day and I mentioned how I did not like it one bit. This gloomy day is what reminded me of her.  I said that I needed the sunshine. She nodded her head and smiled at me.

She said yes, you do need the sunshine, but I would think that you would need the “Son-shine” more.  If you have the “Son-shine” then you will always feel like you have the sunshine.

I miss you so much Mrs. Perkins.  You showed the “Son-shine” to everyone!

Pot Roast Versus Stew . . .

Pot Roast!  I LOVE pot roast.  It was always my favorite.  I think mainly it was because of the potatoes.  I will admit it, I love potatoes.  Who does not??  I like to say it is because my grandfather (my mother’s father) was Irish and I cannot help but love them, it is my heritage.  They do show up on my body too!  They show up around the hips.

My mother made the best roast.  I liked the version she made and she called it beef, browned potatoes and gravy.  She served this meal at her restaurant, Granny’s Kitchen, as well.  We all have followed her recipe but no one has ever made it quite like hers.  No one has ever made it taste as good!  It was not made in the oven, it was all done on top of the stove.  There has never been a better gravy. She would flour the potatoes and the roast seemed to make it’s own gravy.

Since I fail at making it, I just tend to make a roast.  My mother always said that baking meat tasted totally different than any other way and you could not beat a baked roast!  The potatoes do taste exceptional.  The children have left home and that means all of the extra mouths in way of friends have left as well.  It seems that a roast is entirely too much food for us.  (It is just me and Wessie.)  I do make meals and freeze the rest in little containers for him to take in his truck so that he has plenty of good meals rather than meals that are not good for him.  Still, I find that a roast, even a small one is way too much.

I have taken to asking the butcher for one pound packages of stew beef.  I make tons of things with that.  I have even baked it in the dutch oven as a roast and it works just fine. Well, the point of this story is . . . after Christmas I made a stew on top of the stove with all of the extras, potatoes, onions, carrots, mushrooms, all goodness!  As I was dishing the meal up for us, (just the two of us) something occurred to me.

I wish I had thought of this as the children were younger, it would have been so easy!  Did anyone ever notice that stew is just actually pre-cut roast and the fixings?  How easy this would have been and how much time would have been saved at meal time. I would not have had to cut up all of the plates for the children.  It would have already been done!  Haha.  Just a thought for you mothers who still have younger children.  Make the stew instead of the roast!!!

I already had thought of the spaghetti issues.  I always would take a large bowl and break the spaghetti noodles into 1 – 1 1/2″ pieces before I boiled them.  This saved the cutting up the spaghetti afterward for the children.  Why did I not think of stew??!!

Just a thought! (And a brilliant one at that, if I must say so myself!  Haha!)

(The oven baked meat does taste better actually.  The crunchy outside type of crust on the meat is delicious.  The stew beef, however, is extra tender.  But, the ease of stew is wonderful!)

Option:  Sometimes I take the stew and fry it a bit in a large skillet to sort of brown/crisp/burn the food a little to get that extra crunch.


I am sorry that I have not been consistent with my postings.  Some of my family members have been sick and I have been sick as well.  After being sick, I am desperately trying to get ready for Christmas, so I have not been posting. I apologize. I will get back on track.

I just wanted to take a brief moment to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and wonderful holidays.  Take the time to be with family and friends.  Put your telephones up.  That is the hardest.  No one seems to be able to put the phones down, but that is probably the most important thing to do at this time.  Be in the moment!!!  Cherish the moment!!!   People can be gone in an instant and out of your life so make the best of all of your moments.  Be appreciative of what you have and make the best of everything.

Take the time to say a prayer for all.  Remember to check on or invite over the people that will be alone.  This is not always a fun time for everyone.  Many people have losses, well, we all do, but some are fresh and time is needed to heal wounds.  It never really will heal, but it will not be as raw. The first time without someone is the hardest.  We have been through it as well . . . several times.  To all of you, I will pray for you and I am so very, very sorry for your losses.

We love all of you and wish you the best!

Feel free to share some of you favorite memories or moments from this Christmas.  If you need a friend, someone to talk to, message me.  Let’s enjoy this time and for those of you hurting, let’s help each other get through it.

Snow. Snow. Snow.

The words are from White Christmas.

“Snow.  Snow.  Snow.  It won’t be long before we’ll all be there with snow.  Snow.  I want to wash my hand, my face and hair with snow.” The cast is Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Vera Ellen and Rosemary Clooney.  They start the song off with each one taking a turn singing “snow” one time each and then they all sing the rest of the song. It is the best movie!

I do LOVE the snow!  However, I worry so much about the people who have to work outside and the drivers, and the truck drivers.  My husband is a truck driver.

We had about 5 inches of snow yesterday, I believe.  We are to get 3 – 5 inches today.  I have to say that I LOVE it!  I do not like the cold and I do not like to worry about everyone. I worry about the first responders who have to get out due to the emergencies, the line workers and others.   I guess there is good and bad with everything.

The world is so, so different when it snows and that is why I love it.  It is hard to describe, the snow blankets the earth and it seems that the sounds are different.  They are muffled or something.  It seems to be quieter out.  The snow plows come by and I love to hear the loudness of them.  I love to hear the scraping.  They even wake you up in the night, but it makes me smile when I hear them.  I even try to get to the window to look out to see their lights.  I may be weird, but I LOVE it.  Even though it is so, so cold, it feels warmer when the snow is down on the ground. It seems as though it sort of insulates the world.

I love to go outside when it is snowing at night and take a walk.  The feeling is the best.  You notice that most of your neighbors are out walking as well.  It is just too pretty and too neat to not go out when it is snowing at night.  The children and my husband and I  would go out as often as we could when it was not way too cold to do so.

It even seems to be that there is a different smell.  It smells so clean and the air feels especially crisp and clear.  I really wish I could describe it but the best I can say is that I feel like the snow makes it seem magical outside.  The beauty of it all, on the trees, covering the grass, the flakes falling, some small and some large, it is all breathtaking to me.

The night becomes daylight with the snow all around.  I always thank God for his large nightlight that he provides us with.  You can see as much at night as you can at daylight when there is snow.  I can get up and see the deer walking down the street.  I know it is dangerous out and I do not like that, but I do thank God for the beauty and the miracle of the snow!




The Mysterious Trash Can . . .

I have no idea why, but this totally makes me laugh.  Last Thursday, the 5th, was my pick up day for garbage.  To my dismay, when I was at work and heard the trucks there, I realized that I did not remember to take mine to the curb.  What a drag, as all three cans were full!

When I got off of work and was driving down our road, I could see a can at the end of my drive.  I thought that perhaps my brother came and took it out or that the company went up to the garage and picked them up!  How nice!  Then, I realized that I had three cans, but oh, well, someone took one!  Yay!

NOT!  There was a can that did not belong to me.  It was one of the large ones that you can rent from the company.  It comes almost to my shoulders and would be too big for me to deal with.  I opened the lid and wow, it really smelled worse than any I have ever used!  I needed to see if it were empty, though.  It was so I came into the house and called the company.  The company had no idea why it was there and said she would schedule a pick up but that it may be a week.

So… time goes by and I did not want my neighbors to complain that I was leaving my can out there all week.  I messaged one neighbor and told them it was not mine.  Haha.  Later I went and moved it a few feet from my drive.  A few days later, my husband moved it further away.  The next pick up day rolled around. Yay!  I remembered to take all of my cans to the curb and they would probably pick up the stranger.

NOT!  The company went up the road and retrieved it and put it back in my driveway!!! Haha.  Unbelievable.  Again, I came into the house and called the company.  I had them laughing.  It was actually sort of fun.  She said she would be sure they came back and picked it up.  She said if it was still there on Friday, to call her back.  She asked what I did with it.  I told her that this time it was across the street. She laughed again.

Today is Friday, it is still there but this time, no one has wheeled it back to my driveway!  I, of course, phoned them again.  They were in disbelief that no one picked it up, but were still laughing with me.  I do not get the local company when I call.  I get some other city and, of course, a different person each time.  This one was laughing too and promised me that she would get it picked up.  She said if not today, at least by Monday.  She laughed and said she hoped they did NOT put it back in my driveway.  I laughed with her and told her that perhaps if it was, we would take it a few blocks away.  She laughed and said I may have to.

Haha!  I do not know why I find it funny, but I guess I am entertained easily.  We shall see the what the fate of the can will be!

Wes And Snakes

So, Little Wessie is a big guy.  Not overweight, tall and muscular.  He is a “tough guy”.  But . . . Wessie and snakes …. not such a tough guy.

The children had a fake, large snake made of rubber.  Wes would have fits when he would stumble upon it.  The children noticed this and would continually hide it places for dad to find.  Dad got mad (actually scared) enough that the snake was never to be found again.  We do not know if he just plain threw it away or cut it up or just what he did with it! The last place that we saw it was wrapped around the stair railing in the living room.  Haha.  That one was the best.  You should have heard him that morning.  We placed it after he went to bed.  Of course, the next morning, I think the entire neighborhood heard Wes.  That was the last we saw of Mr. Snake.

The first we heard of Wes not liking snakes was when we acquired this rubber snake.  He tells the story of a snake at his friend, Dennis and Maralea’s house.  It seems that Wes came to visit them and when he pulled up, a neighbor woman asked him to come over and “remove” a snake that was at her front door.  Wes informed the lady that she was on her own.  He said he was sorry.  He told her he was just as afraid of snakes as she was if, in fact, not more. He said she had groceries to take in and did not want to walk past that snake at her front door.

Brandon, Maralea and Dennis’ son, to the rescue again.  Haha. I posted about Brandon in prior blogs.  He was a little on the small side but absolutely fearless.  At least that was my opinion of him.  He was in Taekwondo and was very good. He just did not put up with nonsense.  He was the type to take care of things.  He had a way of saying exactly what was on his mind whether you wanted to hear it or not.  You had to know him to appreciate this story.

Wes tells the story this way, although, I do not know how it really came about, but according to Wes . . .  Brandon was just a little guy, somewhere around 8 years of age.   Wes said he had arrived at the house about the same time that Maralea and her children did.  They all witnessed Wes talking to the neighbor.  Wes said that while he was explaining his fears to the neighbor, Maralea and the girls, Denise and Missy, were laughing and laughing.

Wes said that he turned away from the neighbor and went on to visit with his friends and he hears little Brandon sigh heavily.  Wes sees Brandon, his head hanging down,  shaking his head in disbelief at Wes while walking toward the neighbor’s  and muttering, “I will go get the snake.” That made everyone there erupt into laughter according to Wes.

To this day, I think that Brandon is Wes’ hero. (I am afraid that may make Brandon’s head even bigger.  I am sorry for this Missy and Denise!) He repeatedly tells this story at the mention of a snake and says I am sorry, but I am not embarrassed at all that a little boy had to go take care of the snake. He says better him than me!




This little story popped up on my facebook memories and it made me laugh again, so I thought I would share this story here.  It may not make you laugh, but it did me so I am sharing.  Just as a side note, when I reminded Shelby of it, we both were tickled, so here goes.

Also, I started this blog so that the children could look back and find out things that they may have forgotten or not been interested in while we were alive.  Therefore, it seems a good idea to post it.

The facebook posts is following.  The items in the quotations are what appeared on facebook.  The rest is my interjections.

“That hysterically funny/awkward moment . . . Shelby is in the back of the house and I am in the front.  I yell to Shelby, Hey!  Its Cody!  Cody comes in the door saying who else would it be?  Hahaha!”  (He was totally clueless as he often is.)

“Shelby says well she was warning me so we would quit talking about you.  They both laugh and mom says well we were!” (Shelby acted like it was a joke and of course, Cody was sure it was.  Shelby thought she had done a great job of covering up the fact that that is exactly what we were doing.  Then I told the truth, to Shelby’s dismay and shock! Haha!) I forget what all was said when Cody found out we were, in fact, talking about him.  I do not even remember what we were saying about him.  I know that no one was really mad at the other or anything like that, so that is good.

“Even funnier, Cody leaves and comes back a few hours later and when he unlocks the door he comes in and yells, Hey!  It’s Cody!  Haha.  Cracks me up!”  (You have to know Cody and his little bit of a sarcastic humor that he has, but it was really, really funny to all of us! Shelby and I were laughing really hard at this one.  Cody was just smiling and snickering over how funny he thinks he is. )

Then, Shelby commented . . . “Lol.  You had to rat me out!”  I responded  . . . “Ratted us both out!  You were trying to cover up.  I saw no reason to not just lay it out there!  Lol.”

Well, it was funny to me and still is.  I hope you enjoyed it.  I am sure all of you have been caught more than once in a situation where you were talking about someone and tried to cover it up.  Perhaps you could share your memory here.  I feel like it is best just to admit it and take the consequences.  I think some would say it is best to not talk about others.  How hard is that though?


The Hallway . . .

So, Thanksgiving.  I have posted about the past Thanksgivings before and how they have changed since the children grew up and moved out.  So, what to talk about on this Thanksgiving?

I usually like to post happy, fun things that make people smile or even laugh.  However, sometimes that is not always possible.  This will not be sad, sad though.  It is just a reflection.

Thanksgiving was over and as I said, they are different as people have passed away, but they will grow again as babies are born.  The children left and my husband and I were alone for the rest of the week.  I was walking down the hallway and a realization hit me.  It was how the hallway appeared so small now compared to how it was.

I recalled the memories of the children running side by side down the hallway.  At one time, the children could run down the hallway with me alongside them!  The hallway however, being much smaller, would not allow that now.  It sort of made me cry.  Well, who am I kidding, I outright cried.  I miss those little feet running down the hall so terribly much.  I can see them in their various outfits, in their pajamas and carrying their toys.  I can hear their giggles.

Yes, I cried hard.  But !!! . . . I am so thankful for the memories and the blessings of having them to begin with.

Thanks For The Help, But NO THANKS!!!

Remember the blog I had called,  “It Is Not as Easy As It seems?”  That is another story of our “help”.   My little brother was always coming up with these ideas to “help” mom and dad.  He somehow always talked me in to going along with these projects.  That blog was about how we totally wasted the flooring they had purchased and messed up the floor.  This “help” did not ruin anything.  At least I can say that I bet mom and dad were not as upset at this “help.”

This particular story is about the time that he decided we should organize and clean her kitchen cabinets out . . .  Top, bottom and extra high top cabinets.  After all, as he said, the tops were so messy and he was right, but I do not think it would be a good idea to say that in front of mom. They had a large kitchen and so, so many cabinets.

His idea of how to best do this project was to first empty out all of the bottom cabinets, then we proceeded on to the row that we called the regular row.  That is the row that most people could easily reach where the glasses, plates, etc. were stored.  Then there was the way high up row!  That was where everything that was never used was kept.  It was never too tidy.  We had to stand on the counters to reach these cabinets and even then we had to stretch.  We had every single cabinet emptied at last. My idea was to do a row at a time, but he thought it best to get everything out where we could see it and perhaps organize it better that way.

There was stuff everywhere!  All of the counters were full, the table was totally full and the floor! This seemed like it took the entire morning.  We were worn out and truth of the matter, probably bored with this project. We were children still, you know.  This could not be expected to keep our attention very long. What a big job!  So, we decided it would be best to go outside and play for awhile. This idea I wholeheartedly went along with.  He did not have to ask me twice.

Mom and dad returned from their errands.  We smiled and hollered hello to them and kept on playing.  Let me just say that we were certainly able to hear my mother clear outside when she discovered our “help!”  As we approached our mother, my little brother was all smiles and told my mother that we were helping her clean the house and that we got this started for her.  He informed her how messy those top cabinets were.  He went on to tell her that she would not have much to do since we began it and she needed to go finish it now.  I was cringing as he was telling her all of this.  Her face was beginning to look more angry with each sentence that came out of his mouth.  He just kept smiling at her and talking and talking.  He did have the cutest little smile, but his charms were not going to work this time! Even I knew that was NOT the best way to handle this.

He just kept smiling, but not for long.  My mother was not having any part of this!  She informed us that we started it and we would most certainly get right back in there and finish it!  What a chore that was!!!  I do not recall what all my little brother said while we were finishing our project, but I know that he was back tracking on the things he said and pleading for help.  Nothing doing, my mother was “kind” enough to let us finish our good deed all by ourselves.

I think we learned right then and there that if we were ever going to clean again, it would be a little bit at a time.  What a mess we made!  Hopefully I learned not to go along with my brother’s ideas again.  I imagine I did not, though.  I am sure some other “projects” will come to mind eventually.

I was talking to my husband about this and saying that you would think we would not have wanted to “help” anymore but that I was sure there were more stories.  He just laughed and said he KNEW there were more stories and started listing them.  He said he was sure there were more stories than he knew about because we two were mischievous.  I reminded him that I was talking about the times we tried to help them.  He laughed even more and said that we may have called it help but we were mischievous.  Hmmmm…. surely not us!!



My sister, Honey Lee Hutton.

In a span of a little less than three years, I lost first my sister, then my brother and then my other brother.  They were all three older than me and they passed away in reverse order, Honey, the youngest of the three first.  I miss them all so terribly much and think of them daily.

When I think of them, I may tear up a bit, I may smile, I may downright laugh out loud at a memory.  I am a person who will try not to dwell on it.  I do not want to hole up and be super depressed.  If a song comes on that is too great of a memory and bothers me, I switch it off.  I try to divert my attention.

When a person that knew my sister would think of her, I am sure The Beatles would come to mind as well.  The Beatles! Well, of course dancing would come to mind.  One time I could not remember who sang a song and she was sort of disappointed in me.  She was like, “DEBBIE! You KNOW it is The Beatles!” Boy did I feel sheepish.  Haha.

Anyway, as a ringtone for my sister, I had the song Ob La Di, Ob La Da.  To this date, if I hear that song I immediately shut it off.  It hurts too much to hear it and not be able to see or talk to Honey.  However, today, it came on and I went to turn it off.  Something inside of me told me to smile and to listen to it and remember her . . . think of her.

I did just that!  Shortly into the song the lyrics say:

Ob la di, ob-la-da, life goes on, bra
La-la, how the life goes on
Ob-la di, ob-la-da, life goes on, bra
La-la, how the life goes on

Life does go on.  Honey would want all of us to go and to have the best life we can.  So would my brothers.  We are doing that Honey, Pete and Jerry, but we sure do wish you were here with us.

The last line says . . .

And if you want some fun, sing ob-la-di, la-da.

Honey, Jerry and Pete always had fun and we will too, but we miss you so much. They loved to laugh!  They LOVED music.  So, let’s all have some fun in remembrance.  Sing Ob La Di La Da!  Love you all.

Shouldn’t “Onebody” Be A Word . . .

Think about this . . .  Give it a fair chance . . .  You have these words: Nobody, Somebody, Anybody.  Nobody means no one.  Somebody means some person.  Somebody could be anyone, it is sort of non-descript.   Anybody could be anyone.  Anybody is no one in particular either.

These are not actually the best words, are they?  They do not really refer to a person at all.  Maybe to accurately describe, onebody would be a perfect word.  (Body here is pronounced the same way as in nobody, somebody and anybody.) Onebody would mean one person.  This is saying that you know of one person who did or said whatever. This gives the person sort of a meaning, an existence.  It is onebody.  That means you are referring to a particular person.  An example of the use in a sentences would be,  “So the other day I was walking to the store and onebody said to me…”  See, it works doesn’t it?  Now I feel like there is actually a person.  It was that one person.  I forgot a word up there, there is everybody too!  So, onebody means it is not the whole entire group, it is one in particular.  This sort of makes that onebody someone special doesn’t it?

Why am I bringing this up?  I do not get into a habit of making up words, but…. this has suddenly and for no reason popped out of my mouth more than once.  Well not suddenly, it has been happening for awhile  I have no idea why I use this word or where it came from.  For the life of me, I cannot seem to help it just popping up in conversation.  I know, all of you that know me are saying right now that a lot of stuff suddenly pops out of my mouth for no reason!  Haha! You would be correct.  Most of what pops out of my mouth gets me in to trouble and most of it is totally unexpected.  As they say, I am just as surprised as you are of what comes out of my mouth.

I have noticed lately, though, that my new word, onebody, keeps surfacing.  At the office the other day I even said it to a patient.  I felt so dumb and apologized and went through my speech about wondering how things come out of my mouth, etc.  They were laughing and I, of course, kept rambling on as is my style.  As you can read in the other blogs, or hopefully have already read, when I embarrass myself, I just keep right on going.  There is no stopping me, sad to say. It is okay, really, it does make other people laugh.

Anyway, after great thought, I have come to the conclusion that onebody IS a word.  If not, it should be.  I may possibly get that started because I say it so often now it could catch on.  When it does, remember that it was me!  Debbie Webster!  The use of it makes more and more sense to me.

Here is another example, If nobody likes your blog, that is sad.  If anybody likes it, that is good, but anybody is no one that you know.  If somebody likes it that is better than none, but still no one you particularly know.  However, if onebody likes it….you know of one person!  See, makes sense doesn’t it?  Okay, in a weird way it makes sense.

It sort of has to make sense because onebody keeps coming out of my mouth and I cannot stop myself.  If it did not make sense, that would mean I was senseless.  Haha.  Sorry, I could not help that one.

Okay, so anyway, if onebody would admit that they understand me and the use of this word, I would feel a lot better.  Haha!