Static Cling ..Most Embarrassing Moment!!

I probably should not even be posting this one, but I guess it is okay for every one to have laughs on me. Laughing is great and in much need.

Wessie and I had a busy Saturday. We went shopping to 3 or 4 different stores. We usually have to pick up all of the different foods we need for the week. You know how it goes, you only will get your produce at this store, your meat at that store. It is just a bunch of running. I make meals for Wessie to take in his truck all week and then there is food for me. We went home and put the groceries up and went to have a drink. It was for a soda, not alcohol. We went to a few other stores that were not groceries after that and then we went to dinner.

Mind you, Wessie has been with me the entire day and did not ever tell me about this. I had seen several people too and they never told me. Hopefully they did not notice, but I know some people had to notice. It was so very obvious.

We were walking to the car after dinner and finally I noticed something. It was driving me crazy and interrupting my walking. I guess inside of my jeans with me was a pair of my underwear! It was hanging to the side so it must have been there the entire time. The part I noticed was when it was over the top of my shoe and was rubbing against the top of my foot while I was walking. Yes, they were hanging out enough for it to be obvious what piece of clothing it was.

I was so embarrassed. They must have been up in the legs of my jeans until they dropped down. So, that means I had a bulge somewhere in my pants all day. I was confused as to how it happened until Shelby said they got in there while my clothes were drying. Oh yeah, duh! That is exactly what happened.

I guess it is not so terrible, because I remember seeing a lady years ago, while working at the University here, walking up the stairs. She had her entire dress stuffed into the back of her panty hose and there was nothing left unnoticed. I tried to catch her but I did not make it to her in time. I am thankful that I was only walking around dragging my underwear!

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