What’s Up With The Vivid Dreams ????

So….. haha, along with the many symptoms you can have from food intolerance, along come vivid dreams from certain types of reactions to food.  All people have or have had vivid dreams and they are caused whether or not you have a food intolerance and they can be caused by foods as well then.

Whenever I eat something I should not like a bit of a salicylate or a night shade (I will never, ever have gluten, it is too dangerous), I have the most vivid dreams.  (Salicylates are in a lot of foods, some are higher than others and some night shades are potatoes, tomatoes, peppers etc.  Night shades absorb the sun during the day and grow at night.) I also have what I call the coma sleeps along with that.  So many nights, I wake myself up screaming or sobbing.  I know that when we yell in our sleep we think we are a big hero and are screaming our heads off, but it is more like some sort of a wounded animal sound . . .  more of a moan, perhaps. Haha.  My husband always laughs and imitates the sound because I usually wake up afraid I will wake the neighbors and they will call the police thinking someone is breaking in.  He starts making the noise for me and laughing his head off stating that I am not actually yelling at all and no one would hear me.

Anyway, the last couple of nights, oh my!  The dreams are not only vivid, they are downright dumb!  Do you ever notice that at times, when you dream, you are also in full action mode and doing just exactly what you are dreaming.  I have spent some nights looking for an item and will wake up and I am moving all of the blankets around and searching under pillows.  I have been punching the mattress with my fist while fighting off an intruder.  These types of dreams wear you out and start your day off as tired. Dreams are just funny.  Some are very terrifying when they seem so real and are not funny at all.

Night before last, I was making coffee in my sleep and I needed to dump out the old coffee and rinse the pot.  This is strange in itself because I only make one cup of coffee in the morning and drink it all and rinse it at the time.  However, I, for some reason, walked out on the deck to dump this remaining coffee and into the lake!  There is no lake out my back door!  There is a pool that I have referred to as the pond when all of those annoying tree frogs were assaulting me.  Haha.  Perhaps that was in my subconsious, my lake with the frogs.  Anyway, in my dream Wes walked out to see why I was dumping my coffee out there and I dropped my coffee pot into the lake and it rapidly floated away.  I just stood there and cried.  Of course, I woke myself up and I was just sobbing and sobbing.  Gosh, I sure do entertain myself.  My sobs turned into laughter and sure enough, when I got into the kitchen, my coffee pot was safe and sound!

Last night, I had several dreams!  They were unreal and felt back to back and all night long.  I have read that dreams and dream time actually do not last that long, but they sure can feel like they are the entire night long.  We all know that I hate critters and crawlers, some flyers.  Ewwwww!!!  I grew up living in the country and mice were a thing you just seemed to deal with.  I would never sleep on a night we found a mouse and I had a hard time falling asleep during the season.  I had to be all wrapped up like a cocoon so that nothing could crawl on me.  Later in life as my theory changed, I decided to just dress myself so that I was covered tightly from head to toe so that I would not be stuck in a cocoon with a mouse and had to fight to get out! I was so excited to move to town and never have them.  Everyone told me that we would anyway.  I am a mouse demon, though, I plug every crack, pinhole, any opening I can find.  We have lived here since 1998 and so far so good, but I am worried that more cracks are opening and with all of these woodsy type animals and varmints in my backyard, I bet they will be next.

I will just have to move.  I have already decided that if I try to shoot them, it will just destroy the house and the neighbors, hearing the shots, will surely call the police.  Well ….. my day has started off great today.  I woke up at 4:00 a.m. from a dream.  I had gone to the bathroom in my dream and when I went to wash my hands, there was a mouse just sitting on the back of the sink.  It was horrible!!!!   He just sat there looking at me and I just froze.  I finally ran to the bedroom to get my gun and that is when I woke up.  Of course, I could not go back to sleep.  There was no way I was going to lay down and close my eyes with a possible mouse in my bathroom, dream or no dream.

Good news, when I went to the kitchen to make coffee, the pot was still there and not in the lake today!  As the coffee was making, my routine is to then go and open all of the curtains.  The window above the sink was first.  Upon opening it there was a huge spider there.  Of course, he probably was not all that huge, but we all know that all spiders appear larger than they are, just like the warning on the mirror!  We all know that I do not like the crunch of bigger bugs/insects under my foot so I quickly removed my shoe, the weapon.  Who am I kidding, there is no way this person who thinks she is wonder woman could hoist her leg up that high and kill a spider in the window over a sink.  Haha.  Anyway, the shoes I wear around the house are a worn out pair of tennis shoes that I can slip on like a house shoe.  They have holes in the toes!  My husband hates them.  Haha.  Hey! I do not wear them in public and the ability to slip on and off is great as you never know when you may have to smash something.  (I just made that up now, it just came to my mind, but it is a good idea to be able to remove them for just that!)

I am sort of proud for me for this.  When the kids were little and Wes and I were first married, this was not the case.  I would put a clear glass, tumbler or bowl over the victims and wait for Wes to get home and take care of them for us.  I would have to then go around and make sure they had not escaped.  In my older age, I have learned that it is either them or me.  I now take care of them on my own so I do not wonder where they are.  I want to know EXACTLY where there are!

So, shoe off and it will be goodbye Mr. Spider! I smoothly move the shoe over the spider and hold it in place so as to be sure he is trapped and then I grind the shoe around to assure he will not move.  I get sort of proud of me for this action as I never used to do that.  I remove the shoe and there is no spider.  That is the worst feeling in the world!  Where is he???  My mind goes wild, he probably somehow got into the shoe.  The shoe is rapidly thrown to the floor!!  Then I get the idea that he probably crawled around and on my arm or even worse, up my pant legs.  You got it, as ugly as it may seem, the clothes came off.  I am now doing the dance.  I finally calmed myself down and am walking around fully clothed and pants rolled up my legs as high as I can get them so a mouse or spider will have difficulty climbing up my legs.  Yes, it is going to be a good day today!  Haha.  I hope you all have a good day, today!  Be careful with the heat advisory for the next few days.  I will be keeping my eyes open for Mr. Spider out in the kitchen!

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