synovialAs you can tell from the title, this will not be a continuance of my previous blogs.  I feel like I need to talk about this concert. I will most likely jump around like this from time to time.  Perhaps one post a week will be the continuance and the second will be a different subject if I feel prompted. I have never been one to stick to a program or plan.  I am spontaneous so here goes.

Our son loves going to metal concerts.  We have never understood this and we could barely stand to listen to what we called screaming, for lack of a better term, but it seemed more like screaming with a growling effect at the same time.  We wondered how anyone could even speak after singing like that.  Our son said you have to use your throat a certain way and it does not even bother you.  He sings that way sometimes at karaoke.  He sounds like the other people who do it so I assume that would mean he does a pretty good job.

He has a very good friend who has a band, Synovial.  Through our son’s facebook posts, we have listened to his friend and have tried to support them because it was something our son loved.  It started out when there was a contest Synovial was having  where you had to listen to a song and hear an animal sound and post exactly where that sound appeared in the song.  We claimed all of it sounded like animals. Ha ha.  Well, being a bit competitive I was determined to find that animal and win this contest and feel proud that a 63 year old woman could find it before the young ones.  No one could find it and we were later told what song it was in. Different ones commented on how you had to have these special ear phones to hear it on and all sorts of “helps” were posted.  This animal was NOT to be found. There was a funny post, in my opinion anyway. Synovial finally had to reveal that the animal was a cow.  Our son responded to his friend in Synovial, “You’re a cow.”  For some reason this sticks in my mind and makes me laugh every time it comes to mind.  I guess I can now say well, at least they are good for a laugh!  (Just kidding)  I feel like I finally did hear the cow but not knowing how to operate the starting and stopping of the video properly, I missed it by a few seconds.  I received a Synovial T-shirt in the mail anyway!  Now, we have found that they are fun and they are nice. A lot is to be said about the character of any young band or young person these days that are nice to older people and take the time to respond to them.  They have responded EVERY single time.


We have kept up on their posts and have shared their posts when they have needed a few more likes on their page to get to a certain number, when they will be appearing, and other posts to  try to support them.  I even ordered their second style of t-shirt when it came out.   Recently Synovial shared a post regarding a concert they would be at with three other bands – all the same type.  They were hoping for a good turn out. We told our son that if they were going to go to that concert, we would go with them.  He responded with the statement, “You guys are awesome!”  We both were able to get off of work on that date and all we had to do was wait for that date. 
After we committed, we had several thoughts and concerns.  What did we get ourselves into? Why would we want to go hear that music that we considered to be nothing but noise?  Why would we want to mostly stand all of that time?  Why would we want to make that long drive?  How could we get out of this?  It all boiled down to one simple answer.  We love our children and we want to support what they do. Just by saying we would attend made our son so happy. We want to spend as much time with our children while we  can and make sure that they have plenty of memories.  (Of course, we would like for them to have good memories.) We want to support their friends, Synovial. No more questions or concerns, we just needed to wait for the date.  We were even smart enough to purchase some ear plugs in order to make it through this.
We drove 2 1/2 hours to pick up our son and his girlfriend, ate lunch and then were off  for a further drive of 3 1/2  hours to the concert. We were a little late but still were able to see the first group play.  Upon entering, lots of people had ear plugs so we did not feel like we were insulting anyone.  Now we realize these young people are smart as well and know the need to protect their hearing.  Now, the character of these “screaming musicians” is that of a sense of humor, kind and smart!  Wow!  Who would have thought that?  See what happens when you judge?
First group up…. Endostalgia.  I have never been to an establishment like that before and was really impressed with it, beautiful building and beautiful stage!  When I got  through the door and and saw  the stage and those young people up there…oh my gosh, I immediately broke into a smile.  Hearing them sing and watching the kids jumping up and down along with the group in time to the song … I cannot really describe all of my feelings.  I know I was smiling so big and LOVED the music.  The “screaming musicians” sound so different in person, I actually liked the songs! I was totally impressed.  The song ended and I finally was able to look away and turn to my husband, his face had the same smile and he seemed to enjoy it as well.

In some of the facebook banter with Synovial, we made a post saying something about Synovial being good but wow for Endostalgia, and posted a picture of  the Endostalgia emblem that we have hanging on our refrigerator with a magnet. When Endostalgia finished playing I saw the singer walk by and decided he may not speak but I was going to tell him how impressed we were with them and how much we liked them. Of course, it was sort of an insult before a compliment, because I never think before I speak and what I think comes out of my mouth!  This is a fault I have. I seem to do this more often than others, sometimes to embarrassment and sometimes it is just plain hysterical.  I told him we did not really like this type of music, (this was to be followed by a but….) except he immediately smiled and told me that was okay.  Wow! He was kind to me after an insult!  They just keep impressing me.   I told him that was our initial thought but from the moment we walked in, we liked them.  I guess you have to be there in person to see them, their fans, the reactions, the dancing, the smiles on their faces and to hear it live.  They are full of such energy and happiness.   We LOVE  it!! I told the person, I think I found out that his name is Eric, that there was this magnet on my refrigerator.  He was like “You are the lady that posted that!”  I am sitting here now, shaking my head and smiling.  They saw the post and remembered it.  Our opinion of them just keeps getting better and better.  He was so kind and thankful for the support.

El Famous was up next followed by Alethia. They were great too!  Each band would pause between a song  in their performance and mention the prior group and the following group and have the crowd cheer for them.  They care about each other.  What was even nicer was that most of each group stayed throughout the entire show. So nice to not just perform and then leave.

Okay, we had only one left to go and that was the reason we came.  We had made it through the night and was still enjoying it.   Well, enjoying it except for that area where the kids all go and …perhaps they call it dancing, I do not know, it is not what I would call dancing, but then again you have seen that I do not know much about this and all of my assumptions were apparently erroneous.   I was a bit upset and a bit fearful that someone would be hurt.  Here is the twist yet again.  Everyone was smiling, bumping into each other, pushing and shoving, but still smiling.  Crazy! And I have no idea how they can shake their heads the way they do.  I even asked one of the members if he had heard of shaken baby syndrome and he said yes, I have it!  There is that humor again! At times, it didn’t really look like they were actually pushing and shoving that hard.  Was it my imagination that they were doing this lightly?  I did not want my son to get hurt.  Then I did not want any of them to get hurt.  I was a bit anxious.  Another thing I noticed was that  if someone fell several people were instantly there swooping down to pick them up and to see if they were okay.  Everyone was still smiling.  What the heck!  These people are still being kind.  I am sure accidents may happen, but none of it appeared to be with harmful intent. Hmmmm.

Drums have always been my favorite.  I use to love the parades and was always excited when the band passed by.  I remember at the parades when the drums were coming by, our son would bounce along to the beat and smile and his eyes would be wide opened! (Another movie quote here….”I think he gets it from me.” Comment below if you get it.) Synovial did not disappoint!  When we went to concerts in the past at least one time during the set, there would be a drum solo. I also thought that was a thing of the past.  Nope!   We were fooled again!  WOW! WOW AND WOW!  What a drummer Synovial has!   When it was all over, we ended up meeting all of Synovial. What a nice, nice group of young men.  Thank you for your kindness. I even collected my hug as promised from Kamil!  In fact others gave hugs as well!

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