Most Remembered Walmart Moment – Tell me yours

The Walmart stories are always abounding.  There are the videos of the people of Walmart and how they dress and various other “Walmart” stories going around. I, too, have numerous stories but I will not put those on here as most of them are negative.  Negativity brings you down and I would rather try to focus on the positive because it helps you retain your good mood.  It feels like a chore enough to “have” to go to Walmart and moreso when you have all of the negative encounters there.  I am going to share a story that, in my opinion, is just a tiny bit humorous, at least to me. Then I am inviting you to share your story here.  You can share whatever type you like, positive or negative, but please feel free to do so!

My husband and I always shop together and sometimes he is a real clown.  (The ones who know us are probably saying right now, “Sometimes?”) We were entering the store and I, grabbed hold of a shopping cart.  For some reason, the cart was being stubborn and I could not get it to release.  I then noticed that it seemed as thought as I was pulling, it was being pulled in the opposite direction.  I made several attempts to free up this cart. I finally figured out that it was my husband jerking on it.  By this time I was frustrated and mildly angry.  (Again, those who know us are probably saying right now, “Mildly?”) I simultaneously grabbed the cart whirled around to face him, pulled on the cart with all of my strength, made an angry face and stomped my foot! I also made some sort of angry sounding sigh.Okay, maybe it was some sort of a growl! Some man, who was not my husband, released the cart and said, “Just take the cart, lady!”
Why does my husband always walk off and leave me.  This was not the first time I have interacted with a stranger behind me that I assumed was my husband!  Words of apology started flying out of my mouth.  I proceeded to tell the man that I thought he was my husband and fell all over myself with kind words.  The man just walked off.  
Well, now my husband appears.  I told him the story and asked him to stop leaving me because this happens all of the time.  I told him that I explained to that man that I thought he was my husband.  Without missing a beat, my husband asked me, “Did he feel sorry for me when you told him that you thought he was my husband?”  That changed my mood and had me laughing.  However, some things never change, he still wanders off and I still make a complete fool of myself grabbing strangers behind me and saying inappropriate things.  Does this stop me?  No, I will continue embarrassing myself.  It would be okay but that doesn’t even stop me.  Once I am embarrassed, I try to talk my way out of it and this often times makes it worse.  
Alright, now I want you to please share your story here.  It doesn’t even have to be very long, just a comment or memory will be fine. 

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