I Am A Genius!!! Maybe.

I am a genius! Well maybe I am. Maybe someone else already thought of it and everyone knows but me. In thinking about it, if I did not know like everyone else, then I AM a genius for thinking of it. So, I am a genius! Some of you may thank me for this wonderful idea!!!

You know that little hole in the top of your pan lid? It is for steam escape correct? Yes it is. However, I found a really neat use! I was cooking rice and not all of the water had cooked out. I know I measured it correctly so I let if cook a little longer. There was still enough water that I did not want it like that.

I was trying to spoon out the rice and drain the water from there because I was too lazy to get the colander out. I saw the lid sitting over there and wondered! I put the lid on and held it tight. Went to the sink and it was the perfect way to drain the water through the little steam hole. Wow! This is a game changer! I am so excited. I immediately called Wessie and told him and he, too, thought it was a great idea.

In the middle of writing this, Shelby called me. I excitedly told her I was writing a blog on how I am a genius. She wondered why so I asked her if she knew what that hole on the lid of a pan was for. She said for steam to escape. I said right, but there is another use. She immediately said we use it for draining!

UGH!!! I felt defeated. My pride bubble was punctured. Then, I realized what I said above. I AM a genius for thinking of it even if everyone else already knows!

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