Somebody Please Call Me So I Can Find My Phone! HaHa!

I came to turn on the computer to tag my children on facebook to have them call me so that I could find my phone. HaHa. It happens more times than it should. I have this bluetooth and I am so used to walking around without the phone that I often times lose the phone! I found the phone, so I figured I would just write about my incident.

I love baths. I always take a bath. I cannot even remember the last time that I had a shower. Due to my breathing issues and fatigue with Covid 19 (as a long hauler as they call us), it is harder and harder for me to take a bath. We have a shower downstairs, but then I would have to try to do the stairs. Thanks to my little brother, he gave me and put in a tub/shower for me. I hated to see my big older tub leave the premises, but that is what old age does for you. I have yet to use the shower due to my stubborn attitude that I have. I swear I am not stubborn but some say that I am. Some even call me hard-headed. Imagine that!

Anyway, I decided that tonight would be the night. I turned it on and figured out how it all worked. My husband and brother customized the shower to fit my height so I would not drown. They had great fun joking about this, but I told them I was taller than a lot of people I know. I did not want a shower in my house looking like it was for the munchkin family. However, I do have a separate shower head that I can take down and use just for me and the taller people can use the one that is attached. I hope that makes sense. So I got the water the right temperature and figured out how to use the heads. Hey! I even have two grab bars in there! A perfect short, old woman shower!

I do not watch scary movies, but I have heard about a shower scene in the movie Psycho, so I locked myself into the bathroom. That was my first mistake. I could not get either door to unlock and I was wondering how I would like sleeping in there with no phone to call anyone. I do have a nice fluffy bath mat and my two wet towels, so hey, I was good to go. I took a few deep breaths and finally got the door to unlock. We should probably change that lock because there have been so many people get locked in there that we have had to rescue. It is so funny when it happens to them though that we have not been in a rush to fix it. Maybe now I should put that on Wessie’s list!

Anyway, after my escape, I got on here to request a phone call from my friends on facebook. I guess I solved that problem on my own, too! Go me!!!!! (P.S. The shower was not so bad, but as of now, I still prefer a bath!)

3 thoughts on “Somebody Please Call Me So I Can Find My Phone! HaHa!

  1. This reminds me of the movie ELF where Buddy the Elf is way too tall for the elves tiny shower in the North Pole. 🙂 Glad you were able to get yourself out of there!


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