Cotton balls! Furry, fuzzy, thready little balls. I remember on the movie Elf, Buddy eats them up like crazy. His father tells him to stop and he throws another one in his mouth and eats it. I have never ever seen anyone eat one before! I know, it is just television and he more than likely did not eat that cotton ball. The visual is still there in my mind, though!

Cotton balls ARE useful, though! However, I do not use them for much at all except to clean the dry/erase calendar. I use nail polish remover and just put one on top of the bottle and saturate it and the dry/erase board is perfectly cleaned! Takes no time at all!

However, I have this cat, named Zoe. For some reason this cat goes crazy over the smell of this polish remover. She must be addicted to the alcohol! When I used the cotton ball I would put it in the bottom of a cup so that I could reuse it the next time I clean the board. I don’t know why I do this, it is not like cotton balls are expensive. You get a huge bag when you buy them. But, for some reason, I must feel like I need to use it clear up! I would always later catch Zoe running down the hallway with this cotton ball in her mouth. The chase was on.

I would put the ball at the bottom of this cup that I keep odds and ends in on my desk. She would go right to it and work and work until she got it out of there. Every time I saw her on my desk, I would get her down. The next time, I would bury the ball deeper with heavier items. I do not know why it took me several months to decide to find a new location. I guess the cat is smarter than me, or, I just liked playing the game. I do not know. I am pretty sure that I did not like playing the game. Haha.

Since I came down with Covid, I have not used the calendar since October. I am getting some energy back so today I decided to update my calendar for February. I cleaned the board and filled in the dates and information. I left my office to go wash my hands and grab a bite to eat. When I return to the room, Zoe is standing on my desk on her hind legs sniffing the board like crazy. She must have been in withdrawals!! I thought that the cotton ball must have been smelled and sucked on by her so much that it lost its aroma. I could hardly get her away from that calendar!

Guess what??!! A surprise for me! Buddy is not the only one who eats cotton balls! Apparently Zoe does too. I do not know if I will find her staggering down the hallways or if she will have a little hangover tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “COTTON BALL ANYONE?

  1. Oh no! I hope she doesn’t eat too many. My friend’s cat ate a whole sweater over many months. Some cats have pica which causes them to eat weird things. My cats never ate weird stuff, but my cat Jelly Bean would lick the metal grate on the heating vent all the time. LOL!


    1. This is her first one that she ate and she will NOT get another one! I have heard of pica. Do people get it too? I thought I heard that. I have heard of cats licking metal too but can’t remember why! ha. I am glad it was not hot to her or cut her tongue! Cats are so different!


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