A Quote That Stuck With Me . . .

This is a brief little blog. I read something somewhere, probably a little facebook quote thing, but it was so true that I had to come on here and share.

When a new mommy tells me how tired they are, I jokingly tell them that from now on they will be tired the entire rest of their life. They laugh and I laugh, but it is totally true. If they are not keeping you up all night as babies, they keep you up all night as grownups, even when they do not live with you. A mother never stops worrying, at least I do not. I am assuming other mothers do too or there would not be so many sayings and quotes about that subject. I have actually had the new mommy come back and tell me that I was exactly correct with my tired statement. We laugh again, but we know it is too true.

Well, I do not have any clever sayings about the happiness of a mother. I just know that I am so blessed and happy to have my children. However, this quote hits the nail on the head.


Hmm. I had not thought of it that way. As simple as it is, I had not exactly put it into words like that. It seems that things are going along well and then a child has a setback. They are unhappy and we are unhappy. That child will be okay and there goes another child with a setback. Unhappiness again. There are good times, and very, very happy times, but that is such a true statement. Not only is a mother sad for her child, she worries and there is nothing mom can do to fix this like we used to be able to fix their scrapes. It really hurts when you cannot fix it or help your child. It is so hard. It is especially hard when more than one child is sad. Mom then feels all of their sadness and worries about all of them!

Oh well, that is life. I would not trade my children for anything.

I always read my blog to Wessie before I post it. It is sort of a second proofing. Wouldn’t you know, I was reading this to Wessie and when I read the last line, he said, but go ahead and make an offer.

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