The Bliving Room

I have a problem, obsession rather. I think it is probably because I am home so much of the time. I tend to rearrange the rooms . . . a lot. Well, my mother did that as well, so maybe that is what started it. She would often times tell Dad, what if we knocked that wall at and did blah, blah. Lol. When my nephew comes to visit from out of state, the room is usually rearranged since the last time he was here. The last time he was here he said that he felt like I lived in a slowly revolving home because everything was always moved. Ha!

At one point, we had 9 people living here for a period of time, Wessie and I and 7 children. Wow, is right! Wessie made this huge kitchen table and it turned out larger than he expected so we had to put it in the living room which was right off of a tiny dining room. That dining room held a small table for 6 people. That is crowded with the 6! I had turned that tiny dining room into a tiny living room but I could not stand seeing the sink and stove, the refrigerator, and all of that kitchen stuff while watching television or conversing with people. Four of the people had large bedrooms (one for a son and the other for a son, his wife and 1 year old daughter) downstairs so they were down there most of the time watching their own televisions and did not really join us in the upstairs living room. At one time, half of the basement was a huge family room and the other half was where we had our school. See how often I change things? Ha.

We had a bedroom down the hallway upstairs at the back of the house, so I got the bright idea of making that the living room. The bedroom at the back of the house was small but it was so cozy. We were even able to get our Christmas tree in there and have Christmas one year. After that, we moved it back because some of the people moved out.

The point of this story is that we called the bedroom/living room, the Bliving room. It was after all a bedroom turned into a living room. Bliving room made perfect sense. It just makes me laugh when I think of it because others started calling it the bliving room too. The cable man came in one time to do some work and we were all sitting at the table. He walks up the steps and he never breaks a stride and asks …. the router is still in the bliving room right.? Haha. The people at the table frowned and asked what he meant. The cable man and the kids and I broke into laughter. We had to explain just what the bliving room was. You all may not find any humor in this but to me it is funny. It makes me smile and laugh to think of how many people just accepted that word and called the room the same thing. Who says what room has to be what anyway. Right?

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