Thinking About Joe . . .

I have been thinking about Joe a lot today. Of course, we all have been thinking about him and missing him so much.

I knew Joe since he was a little boy. He was a neighbor in the country. Of course, I am a lot older so he was a child to me. I can remember that he was over a lot and riding by on his scooter or something like that. He always was smiling. He was enjoying the day and/or he knew what he was going to be doing and was happily anticipating it. We always smiled when Joe went by smiling.

I later knew him when he was in high school as a friend of our daughter, Stacy. We did not hit it off too well then from time to time, but other times we did. Kids will be kids, but we still loved him. He still had that smile. Our daughter ended up sort of dating him for awhile but then she married and he was an usher at the wedding. He still had his smile. It was almost like a tattoo. That smile was constantly on his face.

Through a lot of circumstances and some time passing, Joe and Stacy ending up marrying each other. They had 10 years of marriage. That seems like a lot of time but was way too short. Through some circumstances and things, we did not get to spend as much time with Joe and Stacy as we should have.

All of the stories that have been shared of Joe and the stories of their marriage and events that have happened, I sure do wish we did have more time to spend together. I cannot get Joe off of my mind in particular today. I sure wish things were different. We are spending lots of time with the family now, but you cannot make up for lost time ever.

My thoughts of Joe today are of thankfulness for him. I am so thankful for so many, many things about Joe. He raised their children with great values. He taught Stacy, the children and his friends many things. He believed in people and gave everyone a chance, sometimes chance after chance. He said people just do the best that they can. What an attitude. He is right.

I am thankful that he showed people what love should be like. He showed his love in everything he did. He even showed love in his work. He would not do something shoddy in his work. He did the best that he could do. He was always grateful for what he had and always showed love in return for it. He did not take his marriage for granted. He worked at keeping the love up and the surprise. He worked hard to play hard was his other belief. He loved God and prayed daily.

Most of all, I am thankful that he and Stacy married. I am thankful that she had this time with him. I am thankful for all that he taught her. I am thankful for the happiness that she had while married to him. I am sorry that she does not have that any longer. I pray that she remembers all of the good times and all of the love he showered upon her. I pray that she remembers everything he taught her and continues to live the life he wanted her to live. I pray that she lives with Joe, through Joe, for Joe and for herself.

Rest in peace, sweet Joe. We love you.

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