Bang, Bang, Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

This past weekend was great! Weather was nice. We were opening the pool and getting the hot tub set up and just working away. I went out to help Wessie. Today was not one of his finer moments.

He was screwing in boards to cover the deck up after removing several pieces. I asked if I may practice screwing the screws in since I have my own power drill. He said sure. He showed me once and then said go ahead. Of course, the second one did not work so well and he came back saying rather loudly, you are stripping it. You are stripping it. Well I said it must have hit a knot or another screw. He said no and said I was fired. That sort of disappointed me and I said gosh teacher, I only got taught once. He apologized and called me back but I might be stubborn and I said no.

Later on I came back out to do something and he said for me to hammer in that nail near me that was sticking out. You won’t believe this one! He threw the hammer at me. Yes AT me. He must have thought he was throwing it TO me, but he did not accomplish that. He threw it and it hit the deck and bounced up and nailed me in the shin. There is next to nothing on your shin. Anything that hits it brings instant tears to your eyes! Wow. He felt so bad. He kept saying he was sorry and hugging me and saying he was really sorry.

I said I was glad he was not tossing me a knife!

I went in to tease Shelby and was going to call her and say dad threw a hammer at me but she called me first. I laughed and she said go over to Alexa and play Bang, Bang Maxwell’s Silver Hammer loud enough for him to hear and keep me on the phone because I want to know his reaction. We did just that. He ignored me for awhile and I kept turning it up louder. He finally asked how long it took me to figure t play that song! Haha. Poor Wessie.

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