Salvation = “Horn Blaring and Lights A Blazing!!!!!”

My neighbor, like clockwork in the morning and early afternoon somehow faithfully sets off his/her car alarm. When it happens, it does it twice, back to back with about a 5 minute gap in between. For the first few times, I jumped up and checked my car to see if mine was going off. Now when it happens I just smile. I wonder what it is they are doing to make it happen.

Today when it just happened, it reminded me of a story. Our children were in 6th grad. 3rd grade and 1st grade. Perhaps the 6th grader was in 7th. I may be wrong on those ages. We had just moved to our house here in town where we are now. We had purchased this home from a pastor’s mother and of course, she invited us to church when she met us at the closing. It took a few invites but we finally decided to go when Pastor saw Wessie at the lumber yard and told him a program called Awana was just beginning for children. We decided to go.

We never missed a week after we started. An evangelist was sheduled to visit for 3 weeknights in a row. We were going to skip the second night because we had a plumbing issue and Wessie was digging up something to fix it. I do not remember what. About 30 minutes before it was to start, he tossed down the shovel (he did NOT throw it at me like he recently did the hammer! Haha!) and said let’s go, I do not want to miss this guy. We hurried and went and that very meeting, we all got saved!

We had recently bought a used bronco and was driving that as our family car. We pulled up to church the next night for the third and final meeting and Wessie somehow set off the alarm. The horn was honking and the lights were flashing. We did not know what to do or how to stop it. Whatever we did made it “panic” more and the horn started honking furiously and the lights were going crazy! We had everyone’s attention! We were so embarrassed but we finally got them to stop. We were still relatively new and we were embarrassed for making a scene. Haha.

We are sitting in the sanctuary listening to the awesome speaker when he looks at us and smiles. He says something like . . . How do you like this?! This family is new to this church and they come here this week for this special event. They all were saved last night. Everyone was happy and smiling at us. He then goes on to say they are so happy! Tonight when they pulled in they were laying on the horn and had the lights a blazing!

I would say that is how it should be when you get saved! Lay on the horns and flash your lights and rush in to the church parking lot!

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