Medications . . .

People often joke about the size of your pill container determining your age. That could be partially true.  Haha!

I dont use a pill container but will probably have to relinquish and do so, if I can find one big enough, due to the forgetfulness.  Haha! Wessie uses one faithfully.

We did, however, have to have a dedicated pill cabinet in the kitchen. Wessie has his and I have mine. The overflow . . . yes there is an overflow . . . goes in the bathroom cabinets. Such a sign of our older ages.

Some people are able to just pour out a handful of pills and pop them in their mouth and swallow them. Wessie can do this as well. (He does have a big mouth, you know. Haha. Just joking). I have trouble swallowing one. I have since I was a child.

Most of my pills are vitamins and often times I skip some of them because it feels like such a chore. Swallowing them one at a time seems to take forever and it is not always a success. Sometimes choking is involved. Okay, a lot of times choking is involved.

As I was taking them all today it occurred to me that there were so many that it was like eating a meal. A tasteless meal obviously, but a meal. It took about as long as eating a small snack and I was full.

Maybe I should never miss a day! Perhaps I have come up with a new meal replacement and an easier way to lose weight!

As I was proofing this it dawned on me . . . forget the meal replacement idea. You have to take some of these medications with food. Haha. I will think on my next brilliant idea and get back to you!

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