Scaring Shelby’s friend

Shelby used to live about an hour away so once a month or so we would go visit her and go shopping and/or to eat. One time, she had a friend along with them. It was usually just her and her husband. Her friend was in the very back seat of our Quest. There were two front seats and two middle seats and then a rather small back seat. We had her friend sit back there.

We had been shopping quite a bit and it was a long day. We were driving along and Wessie gets the best idea ever. He noticed that her friend was asleep. He said he would hit the brakes and we should all scream. He did so!

Haha! The result was better than anything we could have imagined. I am laughing just writing about it. Her friend not only screamed, his arms and legs were flailing like he was trying to run and hit someone or something. He was a mess. Of course, we were all immediately laughing hysterically but it took him some time to stop the screaming. When he did, he abruptly stopped and said, “Jerks!”. Haha. I guess it was mean, but it sure was a good laugh.

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