Stuck Bowls

So, since I had Covid, I have orthostatic hypotension. This means that when I stand, my blood pressure drops and it renders me unable to continue standing and also makes me short of breath. I have to use a wheelchair when I shop because it is standing too long and walking too much. I just cannot breathe.

Shelby was pushing me in the wheelchair at Walmart. She wanted these bowls and when she tried to get one, the whole stack was stuck together. She pulled and pulled on them. She twisted and turned them. She even went so far as to find a towel or washrag or some type of cloth to try to increase her grip to get them apart.

Then comes the big light bulb with the brilliant idea. Haha. Hey mom, hold on to this end while I pull this end. I eagerly grabbed the end to assist her. Guess what happened?! You know it! Haha. She pulled the bowls and my wheelchair and I just followed her down the aisle. She giggled a bit and tried again and again we all took off with her. Then we both lost it. It was so funny to us. She was standing there doubled over in laughter. It took awhile for us to stop laughing and people were walking by looking at us and wondering. Of course, that made it more funny. I love moments of uncontrolled laughter.

I am sure you are thinking, this is a blog? Well, I thought if you could envision it, it may be funny to you. However, it may have been one of those moments where you had to be there Anyway, you have a great day today and I hope I made you smile.

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