We have a new little dog that was given to us. I am not usually a dog person, but I love this little one so. Whenever Wessie is home and she barks, Wessie gets up with her and walks through the house with her saying, “What’s going on? Is Timmy stuck in a well? Let’s go find Timmy!” Wessie thinks he is so funny. It does make me laugh repeatedly though, no matter how many times he does it. Haha. In case some of you are too young, this is a reference to the show, Lassie that was on when we were children. Lassie was an exceptional collie that saved everyone.

Well, my daughter has a dog named Ree. Ree and our little dog, Minnie, were in my office while I was working one day. Ree took off out to the other room barking her head off. I responded to Ree telling her it was nothing as it usually is. She kept running out there and coming back in. I responded to Ree telling her I was not playing her game today.

Ree would not let up and I finally got up and followed her. She took me to my kitchen stove. A pot on the burner was boiling over! What a great dog! I was so impressed with her!

I guess there really are other Lassie’s in the world. I feel that every older person should have a dog around to take care of them!

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