When Shelby had her tonsils removed, a wonderful woman from church, Mrs. Perkins, came to visit and brought her a little bear. It was wearing a pretty white dress and when you squeezed it, it played, Jesus Loves Me. Shelby absolutely loved it!

The cat did not love it so much. Every single time that cat would see that bear, it would sneak and grab it and run downstairs as fast as it could and throw it in the litter box. We did not want Shelby to play and cuddle with a bear that had been in a litter box. We were afraid to wash it because the music may not work. We began hiding the bear from the cat, but it still managed to find it.

I was sitting here today and that popped into my mind. It was the cutest thing. Makes me smile and almost laugh out loud. There were three of the kids living here still, Rowdy, Cody and Shelby. Heath may have been around quite a lot. Whenever we would hear the music, the kids (even Heath if he were here) knew to find the cat. It was so cute and funny. You would hear, “Jesus Loves Me” and all kids on cue got up and ran to the downstairs. The cat was in front running as fast as he could, his tail straight out and his ears back. What a funny memory. You would have to see it. Hilarious!

We, to this day, do not know what that cat hated about that bear. We do not know if there was an odd smell or if the music bothered it. I wish I had a video of that. Also, why in the litter box? Haha. Funny!

Side note: Shelby still has the bear except it is safe in storage.

2 thoughts on “BEAR IN THE LITTER BOX!!!

  1. I love it! Your stories are as funny as ever. I can just picture the cat stealing the bear and dumping it in the litter box. And the music giving it away is even funnier!


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