Wes’ Phone

A lot of times Wessie will call me from the store or some place when he is out and put someone strange on the phone that I actually know. He does this to embarrass me and perhaps make me look foolish. The game is that I am supposed to guess who is on the other end.

So, true to form, I receive a call from Wessie. I, of course. respond with a hello. The person on the other end has an extremely different voice. I know that they do this to confuse me. Rising up for the game, I completely mimicked the voice. He asked me if I knew this phone number. In my mimicking voice I replied that I did and made some small talk. I am very good at playing along.

This, however, was the wrong thing to do. The guy told me that he was in the bathroom at Walmart and had found this phone. He asked what I wanted him to do with it. Oh goodness! I was so embarrassed for making fun of his voice. I did not know whether to continue on in my mimicking voice or to straighten up and act serious.

I opted to keep the voice so he would not think I was a total jerk and told him to please take it to the service desk. I need to not play so much, but I never learn!

I then called the service desk and had Wessie paged. While I was on the phone the Walmart employee told me a gentleman just picked it up. I hollered for him to wait and asked how he knew it was the correct person. He yelled for Wessie to stop! Haha. He asked what the name of his company used to be. I could hear him respond, “Wesco”. I said that’s him, thanks for you help. I am just glad that Wesco did not say that he did not have a company since he no longer does.

That husband of mine!

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