Wild Wings . . .

I cannot remember the year for this story, but my sister, myself and my little brother were still living at home. My father, has a sense of humor different than others. It is the BEST humor ever. Just a little information here, first. Sometimes you do not get his humor until later and you think about what he said and go oh yeah and laugh when you are not even around him. Then you feel like an idiot busting out laughing alone and people stare at you. The main thing about his humor is that he is so QUICK!

Anyway, this one in particular …. He had taken his car in to get his brakes fixed as they were not working well. My sister picked him up and brought him home until they called him back and said that the job was finished. I do not remember who dropped him off up there, but someone did and then left.

My father went into the store to settle up the bill. He reached in his pocket and to his dismay, he had not brought his check book with him. Living in a smaller town, everyone knew him. So he said I will run home and get my check book and be right back. They, of course, said okay.

My father came back to the auto shop, pulled into the parking lot and drove right through the front windows and into the store! Wow! The brakes they just fixed did not work at all. What is the likelihood of getting your brakes fixed and finding they weren’t fixed by driving into the place that fixed them! To me, that is the beauty of the story. I guess it should not be as it is sad that they had such damage to their store, but what irony!! What a way to test your brakes.

Back to my father’s humor. He was shaken, but he calmly stepped out of the car, showed his checkbook and said, “I guess I do not need this now. I guess I won’t be using it.” Everyone there laughed. Laughter is a good way to relieve stress and tension. We are so thankful that EVERYONE was okay. How scary.

This story came to mind yesterday as we were with family and it was brought up about Cody working at Buffalo Wild Wings while he was in school in Dekalb. They were at the front door at their stations and suddenly a car came crashing through! He was okay, but a few were injured slightly. One girl was pushed a bit by the car and was a bit airborne for awhile. How scary there too! Talk about Wild Wings!

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