Hold The Ladder . . .

We recently had our roof and gutters replaced due to a hail and wind storm.

My brother painted my shutters and he was here today hanging them. Of course I was helping again!

I was handing him the brush and he would brush the dust and spider webs off of the siding and then I handed him the screws and a shutter and he would attach the shutter. My helping saved him trips up and down the ladder.

Some places where the ladder had to be placed were a little precarious. I was so thirsty and it was so windy. I had handed him everything and knew that after this shutter he would have to get down and move the ladder. So . . .

I tell him I am going to get a drink and will be back and I tell him to be careful. I then proceed to walk away. Oh, gosh! …I just keep laughing as I am typing this! For some reason it makes me laugh.

As I am leaving he is saying ok I hope I am ok. If you hear a thud and it is me falling will it make a difference and you will come back sooner? I suddenly stop walking and giggle a bit and ask him if he would mind waiting until I get my drink before he falls.

He said something smart back but I don’t know what it was because I was laughing so hard by then. I guess you had to be there but how silly of me to just walk away in the middle of something important and then him to calmly ask if I would come sooner if I heard him fall.

I guess I have a weird sense of humor.

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