Yes, I have been gone a long time. In fact, it feels like forever.

I had Covid and was termed a long hauler. Let me tell you, it was a long haul. Still is. I have had so many doctor appointments and tests that it keeps us hopping. We tease and say the doctors do this just to get us out of the house. Believe me, we get out enough! Couple that with the extreme fatigue, trying to keep my job and daily chores, I did not feel much like posting.

I realize that you lose readers by not being consistent and I apologize. But, here I am. It may still be sporadic because I won’t be totally well again. I will have my days and maybe even weeks that I can do nothing. I might tell the story on here but not sure people want to hear it. For now, I wanted to apologize. I do have a story to tell in just a few. I think it is funny, and again, there are those of you who do not understand my humor. I wanted to explain myself before I just started posting again, so here you go!

Love you all! Thanks for reading.

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