Depression Attitude – Part 2

I left off with having talked with the pharmacist. This pharmacist is the best I have ever had! He shared with me his own issues and I even cried for him. He was of such help. My Wessie was totally impressed as well. The pharmacist even mentioned that counseling may help if I ever needed that. He shared how it had helped him. He spent so much time with us and I feel that he went above and beyond.

I told him how I felt like a failure having to take medicine and he explained everything to me in detail and I left there feeling okay, even good, about taking it. He said that even though it was hard for me that the hard part was over and that was in asking for help. I felt even worse because I had never actually thought people needed medicine. I always understood depression meaning that if you were alone or doing things that made you sad like looking at old photos of your deceased family members and things like that, then you would be depressed. I always had thought the key was to get up and occupy yourself. I found that during this, I did not want to even get up. I just would do my job and then lay on the couch and cry or just sleep.

I forget the statistics he gave me but there is a large percentage of people who suffer depression. He also said something like . . . imagine the firefighters and their depression, the first responders and their depression, the veterans and their depression, the doctors, nurses and health care professionals and their depression, the police officers and so on, now magnify what you have imagined he said. Wow! I have never even thought about that. He told me an amount of time that it would take for the full benefits of the medicine, I think 6 months, I do not know. I asked when I could stop taking it after that. He responded by asking me why I would ever want to if it helped me.

Turns out he was correct on all points. I will finish tomorrow with what prompted me to even post these blogs on depression.

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