Have You Given Up On Me? . . .

I am so sorry that I have not been consistent with posting.

When I started this my thought was that I could talk about things that I needed to talk about perhaps to heal or to vent.  I don’t know. . . I started to talk about my family and the beginning of my life and they were such fun little stories.  I had comments that people liked that they laughed when they read my posts.   I had comments that people liked to be taken back to their childhood through my stories.  Therefore, I hesitate to talk about anything sad or something that may bring others down.

I have been going through a time and have not written because it may not be as upbeat.  So, here I am.  I will try to be consistent again.  At the moment we are getting ready for Wessie’s 65th birthday. That will happen tomorrow.  He is once again the same age as me and I am no longer older!  (Only by 4 months but he enjoys saying I am older.)  The children will be here and we will enjoy some much needed family time.  I will post a blog talking about the type of person little Wessie is, complete with some pictures!  I do not know when yet, because I will have to gather information.

Right now I am upset that I am almost out of toilet paper!  Haha.  Well, actually, it is not even funny.  I do not understand why people do that.  Now they have tons of toilet paper and others have none.  Also, there is the fact that some people cannot afford to stock up.  They buy specific items as the need arises.  Now those people have no toilet paper.  Anyway, that is not setting well with me at the moment.  I do not blame the people who can do that for doing it.  I just wish they did not need to take so much.  We are all in this together. Enough of that, things will work out.  Sorry if I made anyone upset with my rant.

Anyway, I will be posting again and if you read this, thank you for hanging in there.  I have lots of material.  Haha.  I just have to feel like talking about it.  Sometime I may perhaps post the more serious stuff, but I do not think people would like to hear it.

Love you all.



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