What I Just Now Learned!!!!

Due to the world situation, I have been afforded the luxury of watching a little more television.

I have always struggled with the issue of meeting an old acquaintance in a shopping center or in passing somewhere.  The struggle is in trying to remember their name.  I hate that more than anything.  It does not mean they were not important to me, it just means I am older and I have to go way back in my rolodex in my brain to come up with the name.

Many times I just avoid the name and say Hey!  Then I hate that because I am home wondering who that was for days!  Sometimes I come up with it and other times I fail.  HOWEVER, there is that time when the person asks if that is your husband or your child or a reference to the person you are with.  It is then that you NEED to know the name so you can tell the person that this is your friend so and so.  UGH!  Embarrassing and awkward to say the least.  I am sure that I am not the only one but that does not comfort me.  It makes me feel terrible.

Well, good news!  On a series that our daughter suggested that we watch we found the solution.  Again, I am slow and usually a bit behind.  You probably all have already figured out how to handle it, but I accept that I am usually the last to know.

A couple was going to a family reunion and she knew she would not remember their names since it had been years since she had seen any of them.  She instructed her boyfriend how to handle it.  She would say to the person, this is my friend, Luke.  She instructed him to shake their hand and say, “And you are?”  OMG!!!! How brilliant!!!!

Why could I not come up with this on my own???!!!  Why did I not watch that show years ago?  That solves most of the issues because I am not alone that often but there may still be that time when I struggle.  Still, I am overjoyed with this solution!

Perhaps some of you are as behind as me and this may be so helpful to you!  And you are?




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