Back to Bugs . . .

Today, as I was in my office (at home) working, a bug crawled up to me.  As you know from the camel cricket story, this did not make me very happy.  It was not small but it was not huge.  It was big enough for me to hate it though!  It was one of the ones that would make a good crunch if I killed it.

What in the world were the two cats thinking?!  Getting bugs is their thing.  They love to do this.  Why did they let me down??

I used to cover bugs with things like paper cups, bowls, whatever I could find and save them until my husband got home and then he could kill them. I often thought that perhaps they would suffocate, but they never did.  He was used to coming home and finding them.  He did not understand, but he accepted it.

Later in life, I have learned that I need to kill them rather than wonder where they may be later that day.  (I stopped covering them.  I had decided I would have to get too close to them trying to cover them up.  There is a story to tell later about a wolf spider that made me come to this conclusion.) Ugh!  I will never forget that spider.

I absolutely cannot step on a bug.  That crunch noise just sends me off.  My entire leg feels horrid.  I get chills and can barely stand that my foot is actually attached to my body.  It is like I try to shake it loose.  I make awful sounds and jump around like I am on hot coals barefoot. I really cannot explain it but I just cannot step on a bug.  It makes me shudder, repeatedly. I learned to quickly pull my shoe off and beat it to death with the shoe.  That is much better.  No chills or shaking, just a sick feeling,  sort of queasy.  Of course, if any body parts are left on the shoe, it has to be cleaned.

Sometimes I think about that bug.  I wonder how I would feel if I were just walking around and suddenly a big shoe smashed me.  I get over it quickly though.  I remember that if I were walking around their house uninvited, I guess I would deserve to be stepped on.  They have the entire outside, they just need to stay there.  Anyway, it is rude of them to just come on in.

So, back to this incident.  I had no shoes on!  I do dictation when I work at home, so I have to have the shoe off to be able to find the correct pedal, rewind, play, and  fast forward.  That bug had me pinned in.  I could not get to the door to get to my shoes as it was between me and the door.  I was trying to figure out how long it would take him to get to me, could he fly, could I make it past him and get back before he was gone?  (I just noticed I called it a him.  I guess because guys like to torment and that is what bugs do.  Haha.)

Now I have a mess!  He was moving right along straight to me! I threw a stack of dictation on the floor and smashed down with my hand.  I had to be certain to have enough of a stack so my arm did not have the same reaction to my hand as my leg does to my foot.  Wessie will be home this afternoon and have to clean it up.  The major portion is on the floor, but particles are stuck to that bottom piece of dictation.

Now I have to see him over there most of the day and I cannot type that one dictation until it is cleaned off.  At least I know where he is and that he will not be getting any closer to me.  I wonder if they travel in groups like other things do.  Perhaps I should take the rest of the day off?

4 thoughts on “Back to Bugs . . .

  1. Oh no! I hope it all worked out! When I kill anything (bug, spider, etc…) I try to forget about it ASAP. Otherwise I feel sick, or in some rarer cases, guilty, lol!


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