The Cutest Cats Ever . . .

My cats were the only two survivors of a litter that was attacked by a dog.  They became my owner when they were 6 months of age.  They are the most loving cats ever.  I have never seen anything like them.  They crave affection more than any cat.  They are not the typical “I will come to you when I want, do not expect more” cat.  When I call their name they come running from wherever they are. They cannot get to me fast enough.

They are never alone.  They stay by each other every second.

Actually, I do not know a lot about cats and your cats are probably just as special but you know how you brag on your own like there are no others.  Haha.  The yellow one is Lemon Breeland and the TortiTabby is Zoe Hart. They are my girls!  This morning they really touched my heart.  Well, they do a lot, but this morning…oh my!

I heard a cat sounding like they had a hairball.  I went out to see which cat it was and it was little Zoe.  She was heaving and Lemon had her little paw around her neck and was looking at Zoe with such concern.  My heart absolutely melted.  It was the same as if your child was vomiting and you were holding their little head.  I watched to be sure everything was going to be okay.  Zoe stopped soon and fortunately there was nothing for me to clean up.  As soon as Zoe stopped and was okay, little Lemon started licking her head and Zoe leaned into her.

Talk about tugging on your heart strings!  I love my girls!



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