WHY? . . .

Do you ever wonder what you are thinking?  Or if you are even thinking at all?!!

For instance, one time I added a nice topping of paprika to my oatmeal.  It was not cinnamon after all.  Another time, I was making gravy and it was lumpy.  My mother-in-law said that is not a problem, just strain it.  I was so impressed!  Wow, no more lumpy gravy!  (This only happens to me when I make brown gravy with corn starch, even though I make a paste first).  I immediately grabbed a strainer and strained my wonderful gravy . . . right down the kitchen sink drain!  Dumb!  I just stood there and stared at my loss.  I called my mother later and we had a good laugh. Sad to say, there is an endless list of things like this that I have done.  They always provide me with a laugh, though, so that is good.  I seem to always call someone and share with them and then they have a good laugh.  So, you see, something good comes out of everything!  Haha. I could go on and on here, but I will spare you.

I am hypoglycemic and at times I wait too long to eat and then I am really sick and have to grab something immediately.  Sometimes it just hits you fast and you have to grab anything.  That is no excuse for doing dumb things, though.  I was just throwing that out there.  Haha.

That very thing happened to me this morning and I thought I would grab cereal.  I know, if it is too bad I can drink orange juice or have a spoon of sugar, but i would rather grab something to eat as it will last longer and the orange juice and sugar are just added calories.

I grab my box of cereal and do not even look because I know the color of the box.  Not even looking I have poured myself a big bowl of uncooked rice!  I am just glad that I noticed before I poured the milk!


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