So, it gets really hectic when you are getting supper prepared for 4 children and a husband, especially as you are “plating” as they call it now.  I plated some stuff and the rest I carried in bowls to the table.  My husband’s 14 year old and 10 year old sons were there at this time and our son, Cody,  was about 5 and our daughter, Shelby,  about 3.  I was carrying hot stuff to the table and the kids were all trying to take their seats.

I always told them they did not need to sit at the table and wait with their forks in hand ready to stab at the food.  This statement always made them giggle and laugh. They could come in when they were called or even help me somewhat.  They would just laugh and sit there anyway.  It was sort of cute seeing them all sit there excited about supper,  but not when my husband did it as well.  I mean come on husband, help out!  Haha.

One particular night was especially hectic.  Everyone was starving and everyone was running around the kitchen and table area and being exceptionally loud as they were always in such good moods. It would not have been so bad if they were sitting but they were all dashing around the table and sort of being right in the way.  Right when I had a hot dish in my hand, Shelby came running up to me with her little finger extended and was slightly whining.  I assumed she just wanted me to kiss it, but the boys were all being loud so I could not really hear her.  She kept getting louder and louder.  I yelled at them to please quiet down and they all got louder as if they all needed me to hear something right then and there. I turned to get another dish to bring over and Shelby was still following me with that little finger extended. I was afraid we would collide and I would spill something on her.  I looked and it was not bleeding so I took the final dish to the table.

Finally in frustration, I hurriedly set the plate down, answered two of the boy’s questions and grabbed Shelby’s little finger and kissed it.  She turned her finger around and looked at it and said, “my booger gone!”  Oh my gosh!  I quickly reached for my mouth and sort of started sputtering and wiping my mouth and the boys all erupted in laughter.  Then Shelby giggled and said, “You kissed my booger gone!” We all laughed and laughed and suddenly things were not hectic any longer.  It was just what we needed to take the edge off.  What a fun supper it turned out to be, at my expense of course, but I survived it.

To this day they talk about me kissing a booger and have a great laugh over it!  I miss my babies.

4 thoughts on “I KISSED THAT? . . .

  1. Aw, man, I wish dinner time at my house could have been that much fun! Even with a noisy Italian family all packed into Grandma’s kitchen, we still had to behave. The kids would eat first (usually pasta with butter because one of my cousins hated tomato sauce) Then we were told to go play (somewhere, since we weren’t allowed in any other room but the kitchen) And the adults would get to eat with real utensils. Oh yeah, and no drinking liquids during dinner. Not even water. Water fills you up too much… Shelby’s booger is sounding better all the time! 😀


    1. You are so funny! We would love to have you to dinner! I could not go without liquid though! That would be hard. Italian yum!!! Shelby LOVES pasta!!!


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