Sweet Childhood Memories . . .

I may have mentioned all of this before, but it is on my mind.

The senses have a lot to do with your memories, certain sounds and songs, certain smells, certain ways we feel,  taste of something,  just walking into a place and having a feeling of a past notion.

We grew up on 10 acres and with the trees and scenery the breezes were the best!  We lived on a sort of incline as well.  Our yard was coveted by the “people in town.”  They would drive by on a hot day, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.  They would stop and ask if we wanted to sit in the yard.  Mom and dad, of course, always welcomed people.  The cousins meant we had more socialization as well, younger, people to play with and as we got older, people to talk with.  Haha.  Dad had built picnic tables and we had wooden benches he built that to this day are more comfortable to me than the lawn chairs, plastic or cloth. There was always plenty of seating and of course the yard!  I have been trying to get my husband to build me a bench identical to that.  It has been 30 years so far but I think I may be making some progress.  We can only hope!

We never had air conditioning and were never hot.  That was, in fact, the coolest house I have ever lived in.  Even having air conditioning now, it was so much better. Cool, fresh air cannot be beat.  Mom and dad had it set up with one of those huge fans in a window blowing out so that it was sucking out the heat and some random fans blowing around the house.  It is amazing how cool that was, of course, there was plenty of shade around the house as well.

I will probably share more of the “senses” memories because for some reason they are surfacing.  Don’t get me wrong, I love for them to come up.  The memories are of great times! This was brought to mind because I had the windows open a few weeks ago and the breeze wafted in and I just had this feeling of being at home with my mom, dad and brothers and sister.  I don’t know what makes it happen, but I am glad that it does! What good days!  Enjoy each moment.


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