I mean ….

I just was noticing how the children speak today.  Well, I have always noticed, but in particular I have noticed how they use the phrase, “I mean.”

I always have used the phrase “I mean” as a correction.  If I had said look at that red car and it was really a blue car, I would say I mean blue.  I had figured “I mean” meant that you had made a mistake in what you had said and when you said “I mean”, you were saying that you did not actually “mean” what you had said and what you really meant was ….  Haha.  That is a complicated paragraph, but I bet you are following me and you get what I mean!  (Sorry, I could not resist.)

So, back to the children … you might ask them, “How are you?”  They will say, “I mean, I am good.”  You say, “What are you going to do today?”  They will say, “I mean, I thought I would go shopping.”

To my children, I have said what do you mean by I mean?  Did you say something first that I missed hearing?  Were you just thinking and corrected yourself?  Haha.  They will, of course, get a little annoyed but they get my point.

I mean, I was just thinking about it so I thought I would post this!

2 thoughts on “I mean ….

  1. That must be the new thing! In my generation everything was “like”… “I thought I’d, like, go shopping.” Or you’d recap a conversation and you’d say “I’m like ‘Why?’ and he’s like ‘Because'”… He was “like” she was “like” we were all “LIKE”. Like just became a regular word for us and I, like, still use it. 🙂


    1. Lol. I remember. My children did that too! I tried really hard to not follow suit! I mean, like it was really hard.


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