My Anger Issues?

So . .. in my prior blogs I talk about how I broke my toe and my foot.  These were three separate incidents.  You can go back and read all of the details about them, but to give a shortened version, the first toe break was an attempt to “save” my children.  Haha.

There was a gallon pickle jar, filled with pickles, that we put in front of a gate in the hallway to keep the cats from getting in.  The jar was there because they would take their paws and “snap” the gate making a banging noise trying to get in.  The jar was strategically placed to stop the cats from banging the gate all night and we could then sleep. The two older children were screaming one night and were downstairs (Cody and Shelby). I had to get to them fast as I did not know what was going on.  I could not get the jar to move so I opened the gate and kicked and kicked until it was out of my way.  Well, repeatedly kicking a pickle jar will eventually break your toe.  No surprise news to me.

The second toe break was an accident.  I came out of the bathroom in the dark and accidentally ran into the cedar chest.  All of my toes went one way and the little toe went the other way.  Of course, that broke that toe.

So . . . my daughter, Shelby, had a friend talking about broken toes.  Shelby said that her mother had about 10 broken toes.  A little bit of exaggeration there.  Haha.  Her friend was astonished and asked what made me break so many toes.  Shelby calmly tells her that I broke one toe by kicking a jar of pickles and the other by kicking a cedar chest.  The girl gasps and asks Shelby if her mother has anger issues!!!!

Thanks, Shelby for spreading an inaccurate representation of me!  Hahaha.

2 thoughts on “My Anger Issues?

  1. We used to have to put a duffel bag against the door so our cat Chelsea wouldn’t open it. She could open all the sliding doors and it made a banging sound in the middle of the night. Holly hasn’t learned to do that… yet!


    1. Haha. We put it up because they would come into our rooms and knock things off of the dressers too. Lots of items were broken. Holly will learn, I bet!


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