Watch Out For Moving Ribs! ! !

I was going to spend the night with my daughter, Stacy, one night.  I opted to sleep on the couch.  My grandson, Luke, was sleeping in the recliner.  I had this dream that I had this gigantic stuffed dog on top of the bed.  Cody and Shelby each had one when they were little, a blue one for Cody and a pink one for Shelby.  I must have been thinking of that.  In my dream, Wessie and I were sleeping and that dog was in my way. I picked that dog up and went to throw it on Wessie and growled at him.  Haha.

Well, I remember that dream, but what I remember the most is hitting a very hard surface and finding myself on the floor and slightly under the coffee table and my pillow about a foot away from that!  I guess I was actually throwing my pillow at Wessie (who was not even there as I was on the couch) and when I rolled to throw my pillow at him, I actually threw my pillow and then threw myself to the floor!  OUCH!

At first I could not get up and did not really know where I was.  I finally got myself into a sitting position and my grandson was sitting in the recliner.  I looked at him and asked why he was not laughing.  He just shrugged.  (How polite!  I would have been laughing so hard!!)  I got back up on the couch and laid back down and then I recalled that dream.  I asked him if I was talking when I fell.  He said I had not been.  About two or three minutes later, I told him that I had to say that that had really hurt.  Haha!

A couple of days later, I told Wessie that I thought I must have bruised my shoulder blade because it hurt a bit.  It kept getting worse and worse and I finally decided maybe I should see a doctor.  Well, that is when I found I had dislocated a rib.  Really?  Hahaha!  I never even heard of such a thing.  How funny!

I guess it is a good thing I did not break another toe!  What do you think of that, Shelby??!!  Hahahaha!  Do I still have those anger issues and somehow was angry with that dog?

2 thoughts on “Watch Out For Moving Ribs! ! !

  1. Ouch! Isn’t it the worst when you realize you’re hurt more than you first thought? It’s like “this isn’t so bad…” then you realize it is! I hope your rib healed up quickly!


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