The Crab Cloud . . .

We were on our way to the lake for the day.  As we were riding in the truck, I noticed this cloud that was perfectly shaped like a crab wrapping itself around another cloud.  The crab was dark gray around a huge fluffy white cloud.  My mind flashed back to the memories of being on blankets in the yard with the children and finding all sorts of cloud shapes.  We did this  frequently and totally enjoyed it.

I mentioned to Wessie and our daughter, Stacy, how there was this cloud that looked just like a crab but that now he had lost one of his legs and they could no longer really see how perfect it was.  I went back to my memories of cloud viewing and my phone rang.

I answered it and it was Shelby!  She said, “Mom, outside there is this cloud that looks just like a crab!”  I was so excited!!! I excitedly exclaimed  oh my gosh and asked if she could see it from where she was and see it clearly too?? She said,  Well, it has lost one of its legs.”  I was so excited and carrying on and telling Wessie and Stacy and I was just going on and on.  Shelby started laughing.

Then, she told me . . . .  I had apparently pocket dialed her so she just quietly listened and then thought she would call me and play along.  Haha.  She sure got me!!!  It was great!

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