Wessie Is At It Again ! ! !

We got a riding lawn mower from our daughter, Stacy.  I have been on a rider since I was a little girl.  I used to mow my mom and dad’s yard. It was huge as we lived out in the country, so I am no stranger to one.

When Wessie and I lived in the country, I mowed the lawn on a rider as well since Wessie was never home.  When we moved to town, he said I did not need a rider and gave it to my sister.  I have not mowed the lawn since.  (We actually could use the rider!  Silly Wes!) So, when we got one from Stacy, it was nice because now I could again mow the lawn so Wessie has more time on his day off.  He will no longer have to mow the lawn!

I was trying to familiarize myself with the mower because it has been about 22 years now and mowers are different.  He set it all up and said here is the brake, here is where the blade goes, turn the key and go.  I did just that.  All was going well.

I came back to him after making a round and said I could hardly see where I had mowed.  He said I did not have the blade engaged.  I showed him it was where he told me.  He said that was just the height and I had to engage it over here.  (First thing he failed to tell me that would have been helpful.) I went around again and came back to him.  I told him that it went entirely too slow and I was not going to do it if it had to be that slow. I told him he could just do it and that I had no time for that either.

I start to drive off and he comes up and throws a switch up (second thing he forgot to tell me that would have been helpful) and off races the lawn mower!  He moved it from #1 to #7.  I am flying all over the place. I went over bricks, up and down hills and everything all at a very fast pace!!  He is running after me hollering things like …. you are going to hit the car. . . Look out for the car … hit the clutch…. stop…. watch for the car.

I am, of course, doing the best I can to steer.  I am thinking hit the clutch?  There is no clutch.  I am thinking a clutch is what you push in to shift gears on a car and there is no shifting on a lawn mower.  You have to picture him chasing after me and hollering all sorts of solutions.  It was cracking me up. Well, I was laughing but also trying to save my life.  I had no idea our yard had so many small hills and nasty bumps! Haha.

Finally I realized that I should not be listening to him and my common sense kicked in and I hit the brake.  All was well.  I got off of the mower and he asked why I did not hit the clutch when he told me to. I explained to him just what a clutch was and that there was none.  He told me that the brake is the clutch.  I just said I had never heard that and I think he can still mow the lawn.

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