I Think She Gets It From Me . . .

There is a place in Champaign called The Bins. From what I understand, it is a store that sells Amazon returns. They just fill all of these bins up and you go through and buy what you like. Some items have never been opened and you have no idea what is in them. There is a desk area that you take that to and they open it. If you do not want it, they tape it back up. The first day, the day they stock it, the cost is $7.00 per item. The price is cheaper each day thereafter. Then they start all over.

This sounded like a really neat store. Shelby had been going to it and was telling us of all the deals she was getting. We decided we wanted to go and picked her up and went there with family and some friends. There were 7 of us in total. The Bins only allows so many people in at a time in case anyone was wondering. We were all browsing along separately, some of us together.

Shelby picks up an item and asks me if I think a certain person would like to have this. I tell her I am not sure. Later, she picks up another item and asks me if I think a certain person could perhaps sell that item. I say again that I am not sure. Then, Shelby says that my voice sure does sound terrible and asks me if my throat is sore. I tell her no and that I am fine. Shelby turns to look at me and . . . IT IS NOT ME that she has been speaking to all along! She has been carrying on a conversation with a total stranger and then insults her voice on top of that! Haha! Shelby was so embarrassed! I thought I was the only one that did things like that!

Like mother, like daughter!

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