Thank God For Smart Friends . . .

Once again, Wessie provides the material! We do not need to do anything, just wait for Wessie! Haha.

This weekend, we were building a fence for our daughter. Well, not we, but Wessie and a very good friend of our daughter’s, Dennis. Her children were helping as well. It was a two day project. The fence is finished and looks wonderful I might add!

Stacy, our daughter, and I were just sitting on the deck, watching, supervising, doing a few things. We were just enjoying the day. Dennis’ wife could not come on Friday as she was under the weather. Saturday, however, she did come and thank God for that!

You see, Wessie parked his car in the back yard as it contained his tools. We had the fence almost completed. Gina, Dennis’ wife, brought sandwiches and made them and delivered them to the deck. The boys were sitting and eating and we were all talking. Remember that smart friend I mentioned in the title? It is Gina. We were all talking about how nice the fence looked and Gina agreed and then said, “How are you going to get your car out?” You should have seen everyone’s faces. Mouths dropped open on some, smiles and laughter appeared on others. Haha. We sure are fortunate that she made it over that day!

Luckily, there happened to be one spot that was left open and we were lucky that it did fit through there! Hahaha! Oh, Wessie, I love you!

5 thoughts on “Thank God For Smart Friends . . .

    1. We often say that when Wes was in construction he was like Tim the Tool Man Taylor. Haha. We argue a lot, too, but we also have fun! Lol.


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