But Wait! There is more!!!

I forgot to mention two other fun things that happened on the fence installing day! Right before our smart friend came, these two other events happened.

Our daughter was trying to turn the gas off on the grill and had to reach behind it. It was backed right up to the fence rail. As she was reaching, the fence rail broke and she was flailing around trying not to fall. Of course, we were all laughing. Sorry, but if an accident is funny looking, I have to laugh as did all of the other witnesses. I will ask them how they are in between the laughter. I am sure I am not the only calloused person like this. Haha. She grabbed the grill in order to not fall off and was able to save herself.

At the same time, her daughter was laughing at her and was walking by and went on to sit down. Well guess what??!! Haha! As she sat down, the chair broke a bit and she fell backwards, her feet going into the air. We could hardly contain ourselves. What fun! Haha. No one was hurt, of course.

Where is the phone when you need a good video! There goes the $10,000.00 prize on America’s Funniest Home Videos.

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