Cheese is a Choking Hazard

Let’s rip on old Wessie some more.  Haha.  He sets himself up so.  This is my sister-in-law’s favorite story.  It makes her laugh the most.  The guy loves cheese. This also reminds me of the movie, Uncle Buck.  John Candy is Uncle Buck and he says, ” I don’t know, I can’t get enough cheese.  I feel like a big mouse.”  Wessie is a big mouse!!

Pizza . . . without fail . . . he chokes on it.  Rather, he chokes on the cheese on the pizza. He always, always orders extra cheese.  I feel like he takes too big of bites or something, I have no idea what happens to him.

Anyway, since it is such a frequent thing and he is always okay, we tend to ignore him.  (Poor Wessie, we probably ignore him more than he knows, lol).  One time when the children were very small, we had people over for pizza.  There was a lot of pizza on the counter.  I am pretty sure it was from Jerry’s Pizza, a favorite of ours.  It is sad to say it is no longer there.   We always ordered extra cheese from there and it was so very, very cheesy!

We were lining up to get pizza and Wessie is at the sink choking as usual.  Everyone, being used to him choking, is just trying to get their pizza and get around him.  His brother walks by and makes the comment to him, “Geesh, Wes, go into the other room to die, that is disgusting!”  Haha.  Everyone laughs and goes on around him.  Someone else made the comment, “Come on Wes, chew it up first!” Someone else walks by and says something like, “Move, Wes, that is disgusting.”  Poor old Wessie.

I finally get up to the counter and notice that he is acting different this time.  His face is red and he is really not making any noise now.  I am trying, as short as I am, to wrap my arms around him to help his choking.  I notice it is suddenly very quiet as everyone is busy eating.  I say, “I do not think I am going to be able to do this.  His brother, who is quite a bit taller than Wes even, sees what is going on and rushes over and saves little Wessie’s life!

We have laughed and laughed about how Wes was seriously having an issue and everyone was saying mean things and ignoring him.  My sister-in-law seems to find this to be the funniest story she has heard.  I do not know what she finds so funny about it, but she is amused by all of the people making rude comments and she thinks it is funny how poor Wessie is having an issue and everyone is ignoring him and being derogatory.  She has a weird humor!  Haha.  To be truthful, we all were laughing and laughing about it and still do.

Actually, this probably sounds like a bad story, but if you were there….

2 thoughts on “Cheese is a Choking Hazard

  1. Aw, poor Wes! Lately I can’t eat anything with pepper in it anymore. I usually put ground pepper on my pasta, but recently I seem to “inhale” it while I’m trying to eat it, and it makes me choke. I sit there gagging on the pepper. No more pepper! But sometimes I forget and add it anyway. 🙂 I love extra-cheese pizza so I don’t blame Wes for not giving it up.


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