Alright, I saw You!

My mother and father hung out with some friends and they had children as well.  We lived out south of town and they lived south of town but way more south than we did.

Our parents would often go play bingo and when they did so, the other couple would bring their children to our house and we would all stay there while they played bingo.  What a great time we had playing with these friends!  There are a lot of good memories of us being together.  There is one memory in particular that I am writing about today, though.  It makes me laugh every time I think of it and I hope you enjoy the story as well.

Back then, we had the stereo players that were consoles and you opened the lid and put on an album and there were huge speakers at either end of the console. I guess I should also say that back then we had albums!  Haha.   I really liked The Guess Who and had that album playing.  It was just background music and we are all playing and talking.  The music was just totally background because none of us really noticed when the music stopped.  However, shortly after the last song had ended, someone yelled loud and clear, “Alright, I saw you!”

When we heard that, we all froze in our tracks.  How scary!  Who was in the house and what did they see???? Who did they see? Tons of thoughts ran through my mind as must have happened with everyone else.  Evidently, not so with my younger brother!  He was quick thinking and quick on his feet!  Haha.  He ran over to the couch and in one smooth move, hopped over it and was behind it in nothing flat!  Not to be out done, I think the rest of us quickly followed suit!  Who knew so many of us could fit back there?!!  If memory serves me, not all of us could and some of us were out of luck, but we were all huddled near each other at least!

After a period of time when nothing happened to us, I think we slowly started coming out from behind the couch.  How scary that was!  How funny it was!  Haha.  My little brother being so quick and running so fast . . . that image still makes me laugh.  We laugh today saying he must have been the most scared. Thinking about it, he must have been the quickest thinking as well.  I hesitate to say the smartest, because he will never let me live that down! I always wonder if I will freeze in fear or react.  I guess he was the only one that reacted that time.

So, who yelled????  Haha.  This is so funny.  At the end of the album, after the music has stopped, someone on there yelled out, “Alright!  I saw you!”  So funny.  I just tried to google to see why they did it, but I do not do such a great job of googling I guess.  I cannot even find out what song it was after.

The album was Rockin’ by the Guess Who.  Following is the album.  I feel like it was at the end of side 2, but now that I have looked it up, I am unsure of myself.  Whatever it was, it was great fun!  By the way, I still love The Guess Who and still listen to them!

Side one
  1. Heartbroken Bopper” – 4:52
  2. “Get Your Ribbons On” – 2:36
  3. “Smoke Big Factory” (Cummings/Winter/Jim Kale) – 3:57
  4. “Arrivederci Girl” (Cummings) – 2:31
  5. Guns, Guns, Guns” (Cummings) – 4:59
Side two
  1. Running Bear” (J.P. Richardson) – 2:19
  2. “Back to the City” – 3:37
  3. “Your Nashville Sneakers” (Cummings) – 2:55
  4. “Herbert’s a Loser” (Greg Leskiw/Winter) – 3:35
  5. “Hi Rockers!” – 6:50
a) “Sea of Love” (Phil Phillips/George Khoury)
b) “Heaven Only Moved Once Yesterday” (Winter)
c) “Don’t You Want Me” (Cummings)


I wonder if I listen, they will still say it?  A lot does get cut when they play the music other than on the album.


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