The Embarrassing Pharmacy Phone Call . . .

I completely realize that I have no idea what comes out of my mouth.  Some of my friends realize that too.  Okay, all of my friends realize that, some realize it painfully so.  Most of the times it is in person that I embarrass myself.  Sometimes I am fortunate enough to do it on the telephone which I thought would be less embarrassing, but now I question that.

I previously shared a post about talking on the phone and I always say I love you as the last thing I say.  I do this because you never know what may happen.  At that time, I had just talked to 3 family members and then I received a call from Wessie’s lawyer.  YES!  When we hung up I told him I loved him.  Yes, I felt the need to call back and tell him that I did not in fact love him.  I am pretty sure that that made everything worse.  I should have just left it at that and let him figure it out.

Well … Friday, I called the pharmacy to renew some medications.  Unfortunately, I did not do this on the actual call and totally embarrass myself.  NO!  I did it in a more permanent way.  I left a voicemail!!!  Occasionally over the weekend, I have thought of this and wondered what they thought.  It is sad that I did leave my name.  Now they all know who it was.

No!  I did NOT tell them I loved them.  I was going through the spiel … Hi, this is Debbie, the date of birth is blah blah, I would like to renew blah blah and so on.  Then. for some reason, when I was finished with that, I immediately said, “In Jesus Name I pray …” I stopped myself there and stuttered and then just said thank you and hung up.  I was starting to say “In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen.”  I am not exactly sure where I stopped talking but they could figure out what I was going to say, I am sure.

Why in the world did I do this?  That did not even sound like a prayer.  It is not like I am embarrassed that I said that because  I do love Jesus.  It was just not supposed to follow a request like that and that is why it was embarrassing.  I laughed as did the people who heard me make the call.  Later, I thought maybe God realized that I needed Him brought to my mind.  Then I thought that perhaps I needed to pray.  I also thought that maybe the person that took my recording needed to be reminded of Jesus.  For whatever reason, I did do it.  I also did pray.

I only wish that I would somehow ever be able to know what was coming out of my mouth before everyone else does!

4 thoughts on “The Embarrassing Pharmacy Phone Call . . .

  1. The first part of this post reminds me of the time on “King of Queens” when Carrie’s boss was named Doug (her husband on the show is also named Doug) and Carrie was about to hang up with her boss and she said “Love you, Doug.” Then the boss thought she meant it and dumped his fiancee for Carrie! And Carrie had to explain her error, much to the boss’s disappointment! 😀 Great post! We have all done things like that, thanks for sharing.


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