The Mysterious Trash Can . . .

I have no idea why, but this totally makes me laugh.  Last Thursday, the 5th, was my pick up day for garbage.  To my dismay, when I was at work and heard the trucks there, I realized that I did not remember to take mine to the curb.  What a drag, as all three cans were full!

When I got off of work and was driving down our road, I could see a can at the end of my drive.  I thought that perhaps my brother came and took it out or that the company went up to the garage and picked them up!  How nice!  Then, I realized that I had three cans, but oh, well, someone took one!  Yay!

NOT!  There was a can that did not belong to me.  It was one of the large ones that you can rent from the company.  It comes almost to my shoulders and would be too big for me to deal with.  I opened the lid and wow, it really smelled worse than any I have ever used!  I needed to see if it were empty, though.  It was so I came into the house and called the company.  The company had no idea why it was there and said she would schedule a pick up but that it may be a week.

So… time goes by and I did not want my neighbors to complain that I was leaving my can out there all week.  I messaged one neighbor and told them it was not mine.  Haha.  Later I went and moved it a few feet from my drive.  A few days later, my husband moved it further away.  The next pick up day rolled around. Yay!  I remembered to take all of my cans to the curb and they would probably pick up the stranger.

NOT!  The company went up the road and retrieved it and put it back in my driveway!!! Haha.  Unbelievable.  Again, I came into the house and called the company.  I had them laughing.  It was actually sort of fun.  She said she would be sure they came back and picked it up.  She said if it was still there on Friday, to call her back.  She asked what I did with it.  I told her that this time it was across the street. She laughed again.

Today is Friday, it is still there but this time, no one has wheeled it back to my driveway!  I, of course, phoned them again.  They were in disbelief that no one picked it up, but were still laughing with me.  I do not get the local company when I call.  I get some other city and, of course, a different person each time.  This one was laughing too and promised me that she would get it picked up.  She said if not today, at least by Monday.  She laughed and said she hoped they did NOT put it back in my driveway.  I laughed with her and told her that perhaps if it was, we would take it a few blocks away.  She laughed and said I may have to.

Haha!  I do not know why I find it funny, but I guess I am entertained easily.  We shall see the what the fate of the can will be!

3 thoughts on “The Mysterious Trash Can . . .

    1. Well…it is still here! Haha. Another day. I am supposed to call again tomorrow. He may get taken out by a snow plow tonight.


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