Wes And Snakes

So, Little Wessie is a big guy.  Not overweight, tall and muscular.  He is a “tough guy”.  But . . . Wessie and snakes …. not such a tough guy.

The children had a fake, large snake made of rubber.  Wes would have fits when he would stumble upon it.  The children noticed this and would continually hide it places for dad to find.  Dad got mad (actually scared) enough that the snake was never to be found again.  We do not know if he just plain threw it away or cut it up or just what he did with it! The last place that we saw it was wrapped around the stair railing in the living room.  Haha.  That one was the best.  You should have heard him that morning.  We placed it after he went to bed.  Of course, the next morning, I think the entire neighborhood heard Wes.  That was the last we saw of Mr. Snake.

The first we heard of Wes not liking snakes was when we acquired this rubber snake.  He tells the story of a snake at his friend, Dennis and Maralea’s house.  It seems that Wes came to visit them and when he pulled up, a neighbor woman asked him to come over and “remove” a snake that was at her front door.  Wes informed the lady that she was on her own.  He said he was sorry.  He told her he was just as afraid of snakes as she was if, in fact, not more. He said she had groceries to take in and did not want to walk past that snake at her front door.

Brandon, Maralea and Dennis’ son, to the rescue again.  Haha. I posted about Brandon in prior blogs.  He was a little on the small side but absolutely fearless.  At least that was my opinion of him.  He was in Taekwondo and was very good. He just did not put up with nonsense.  He was the type to take care of things.  He had a way of saying exactly what was on his mind whether you wanted to hear it or not.  You had to know him to appreciate this story.

Wes tells the story this way, although, I do not know how it really came about, but according to Wes . . .  Brandon was just a little guy, somewhere around 8 years of age.   Wes said he had arrived at the house about the same time that Maralea and her children did.  They all witnessed Wes talking to the neighbor.  Wes said that while he was explaining his fears to the neighbor, Maralea and the girls, Denise and Missy, were laughing and laughing.

Wes said that he turned away from the neighbor and went on to visit with his friends and he hears little Brandon sigh heavily.  Wes sees Brandon, his head hanging down,  shaking his head in disbelief at Wes while walking toward the neighbor’s  and muttering, “I will go get the snake.” That made everyone there erupt into laughter according to Wes.

To this day, I think that Brandon is Wes’ hero. (I am afraid that may make Brandon’s head even bigger.  I am sorry for this Missy and Denise!) He repeatedly tells this story at the mention of a snake and says I am sorry, but I am not embarrassed at all that a little boy had to go take care of the snake. He says better him than me!



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