This little story popped up on my facebook memories and it made me laugh again, so I thought I would share this story here.  It may not make you laugh, but it did me so I am sharing.  Just as a side note, when I reminded Shelby of it, we both were tickled, so here goes.

Also, I started this blog so that the children could look back and find out things that they may have forgotten or not been interested in while we were alive.  Therefore, it seems a good idea to post it.

The facebook posts is following.  The items in the quotations are what appeared on facebook.  The rest is my interjections.

“That hysterically funny/awkward moment . . . Shelby is in the back of the house and I am in the front.  I yell to Shelby, Hey!  Its Cody!  Cody comes in the door saying who else would it be?  Hahaha!”  (He was totally clueless as he often is.)

“Shelby says well she was warning me so we would quit talking about you.  They both laugh and mom says well we were!” (Shelby acted like it was a joke and of course, Cody was sure it was.  Shelby thought she had done a great job of covering up the fact that that is exactly what we were doing.  Then I told the truth, to Shelby’s dismay and shock! Haha!) I forget what all was said when Cody found out we were, in fact, talking about him.  I do not even remember what we were saying about him.  I know that no one was really mad at the other or anything like that, so that is good.

“Even funnier, Cody leaves and comes back a few hours later and when he unlocks the door he comes in and yells, Hey!  It’s Cody!  Haha.  Cracks me up!”  (You have to know Cody and his little bit of a sarcastic humor that he has, but it was really, really funny to all of us! Shelby and I were laughing really hard at this one.  Cody was just smiling and snickering over how funny he thinks he is. )

Then, Shelby commented . . . “Lol.  You had to rat me out!”  I responded  . . . “Ratted us both out!  You were trying to cover up.  I saw no reason to not just lay it out there!  Lol.”

Well, it was funny to me and still is.  I hope you enjoyed it.  I am sure all of you have been caught more than once in a situation where you were talking about someone and tried to cover it up.  Perhaps you could share your memory here.  I feel like it is best just to admit it and take the consequences.  I think some would say it is best to not talk about others.  How hard is that though?


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