The Hallway . . .

So, Thanksgiving.  I have posted about the past Thanksgivings before and how they have changed since the children grew up and moved out.  So, what to talk about on this Thanksgiving?

I usually like to post happy, fun things that make people smile or even laugh.  However, sometimes that is not always possible.  This will not be sad, sad though.  It is just a reflection.

Thanksgiving was over and as I said, they are different as people have passed away, but they will grow again as babies are born.  The children left and my husband and I were alone for the rest of the week.  I was walking down the hallway and a realization hit me.  It was how the hallway appeared so small now compared to how it was.

I recalled the memories of the children running side by side down the hallway.  At one time, the children could run down the hallway with me alongside them!  The hallway however, being much smaller, would not allow that now.  It sort of made me cry.  Well, who am I kidding, I outright cried.  I miss those little feet running down the hall so terribly much.  I can see them in their various outfits, in their pajamas and carrying their toys.  I can hear their giggles.

Yes, I cried hard.  But !!! . . . I am so thankful for the memories and the blessings of having them to begin with.

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