Snow. Snow. Snow.

The words are from White Christmas.

“Snow.  Snow.  Snow.  It won’t be long before we’ll all be there with snow.  Snow.  I want to wash my hand, my face and hair with snow.” The cast is Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Vera Ellen and Rosemary Clooney.  They start the song off with each one taking a turn singing “snow” one time each and then they all sing the rest of the song. It is the best movie!

I do LOVE the snow!  However, I worry so much about the people who have to work outside and the drivers, and the truck drivers.  My husband is a truck driver.

We had about 5 inches of snow yesterday, I believe.  We are to get 3 – 5 inches today.  I have to say that I LOVE it!  I do not like the cold and I do not like to worry about everyone. I worry about the first responders who have to get out due to the emergencies, the line workers and others.   I guess there is good and bad with everything.

The world is so, so different when it snows and that is why I love it.  It is hard to describe, the snow blankets the earth and it seems that the sounds are different.  They are muffled or something.  It seems to be quieter out.  The snow plows come by and I love to hear the loudness of them.  I love to hear the scraping.  They even wake you up in the night, but it makes me smile when I hear them.  I even try to get to the window to look out to see their lights.  I may be weird, but I LOVE it.  Even though it is so, so cold, it feels warmer when the snow is down on the ground. It seems as though it sort of insulates the world.

I love to go outside when it is snowing at night and take a walk.  The feeling is the best.  You notice that most of your neighbors are out walking as well.  It is just too pretty and too neat to not go out when it is snowing at night.  The children and my husband and I  would go out as often as we could when it was not way too cold to do so.

It even seems to be that there is a different smell.  It smells so clean and the air feels especially crisp and clear.  I really wish I could describe it but the best I can say is that I feel like the snow makes it seem magical outside.  The beauty of it all, on the trees, covering the grass, the flakes falling, some small and some large, it is all breathtaking to me.

The night becomes daylight with the snow all around.  I always thank God for his large nightlight that he provides us with.  You can see as much at night as you can at daylight when there is snow.  I can get up and see the deer walking down the street.  I know it is dangerous out and I do not like that, but I do thank God for the beauty and the miracle of the snow!




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