Shouldn’t “Onebody” Be A Word . . .

Think about this . . .  Give it a fair chance . . .  You have these words: Nobody, Somebody, Anybody.  Nobody means no one.  Somebody means some person.  Somebody could be anyone, it is sort of non-descript.   Anybody could be anyone.  Anybody is no one in particular either.

These are not actually the best words, are they?  They do not really refer to a person at all.  Maybe to accurately describe, onebody would be a perfect word.  (Body here is pronounced the same way as in nobody, somebody and anybody.) Onebody would mean one person.  This is saying that you know of one person who did or said whatever. This gives the person sort of a meaning, an existence.  It is onebody.  That means you are referring to a particular person.  An example of the use in a sentences would be,  “So the other day I was walking to the store and onebody said to me…”  See, it works doesn’t it?  Now I feel like there is actually a person.  It was that one person.  I forgot a word up there, there is everybody too!  So, onebody means it is not the whole entire group, it is one in particular.  This sort of makes that onebody someone special doesn’t it?

Why am I bringing this up?  I do not get into a habit of making up words, but…. this has suddenly and for no reason popped out of my mouth more than once.  Well not suddenly, it has been happening for awhile  I have no idea why I use this word or where it came from.  For the life of me, I cannot seem to help it just popping up in conversation.  I know, all of you that know me are saying right now that a lot of stuff suddenly pops out of my mouth for no reason!  Haha! You would be correct.  Most of what pops out of my mouth gets me in to trouble and most of it is totally unexpected.  As they say, I am just as surprised as you are of what comes out of my mouth.

I have noticed lately, though, that my new word, onebody, keeps surfacing.  At the office the other day I even said it to a patient.  I felt so dumb and apologized and went through my speech about wondering how things come out of my mouth, etc.  They were laughing and I, of course, kept rambling on as is my style.  As you can read in the other blogs, or hopefully have already read, when I embarrass myself, I just keep right on going.  There is no stopping me, sad to say. It is okay, really, it does make other people laugh.

Anyway, after great thought, I have come to the conclusion that onebody IS a word.  If not, it should be.  I may possibly get that started because I say it so often now it could catch on.  When it does, remember that it was me!  Debbie Webster!  The use of it makes more and more sense to me.

Here is another example, If nobody likes your blog, that is sad.  If anybody likes it, that is good, but anybody is no one that you know.  If somebody likes it that is better than none, but still no one you particularly know.  However, if onebody likes it….you know of one person!  See, makes sense doesn’t it?  Okay, in a weird way it makes sense.

It sort of has to make sense because onebody keeps coming out of my mouth and I cannot stop myself.  If it did not make sense, that would mean I was senseless.  Haha.  Sorry, I could not help that one.

Okay, so anyway, if onebody would admit that they understand me and the use of this word, I would feel a lot better.  Haha!

2 thoughts on “Shouldn’t “Onebody” Be A Word . . .

  1. I like your reasoning! Onebody could/should probably be a word. This reminds me of the time on “Everybody Loves Raymond” when Debra was mad at Ray (again) and she says “Oh, Ray. Nobody does that!” and Ray protests and says “Ibody!” So I guess to Ray, “Ibody” is a word too, used to describe yourself! 😀

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